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  An Idiosyncrasy
Posted by: NightskyeB4Dawn - 11 hours ago - Forum: Daily Chit Chat - Replies (9)

I am drawn to broken things like a moth is to flames.

I was at a medical facility today. I saw a group of people at the coffee machine and I could tell something was wrong.

After ease dropping for a bit, I figured out they did not know how to operate the machine.

A worker came by, and they asked her to help. She looked at the machine and told them that it was not working because something had to be done to the machine to make it work, and she did not know what to do. 

She told them there was another machine on the other side of the building. Three of the people were too old to make it to the other side and back before their names were called for their appointments, so they did not go.

Now this is where my idiosyncrasy kicks in. The moment I heard someone say , "the machine is not working", I was on high alert.

A broken machine, is my greatest joy, especially if it does not belong to me. So of course I had to take a look at it.

I was not familiar with the machine, but it did not take too long to figure out the problem.

As soon as I got the machine working, it was found out there was no creamer. I could not leave them in a lurch. So I checked the cabinets. All empty. So I walked to the other side, checked the cabinets and found the stash, and brought creamer back to the other side.

Of course they all were happy to have their coffee and cream. I was happy that I was able to be of assistance, and to rescue another machine. One asked me if I worked there. I told her no, just a visitor. She said, "Too bad." "They should hire you."

I can't save them all, but I was able to save that one.


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  Causes and Consequences
Posted by: 727Sky - Yesterday, 10:53 AM - Forum: War, Peace and Inbetween - Replies (2)

Some of you already know some of the details presented in the following Video with regards to the current conflict with Russia and Ukraine. Yes it is a long video but you can skip to around the 30 minute mark if you so desire; this is one of the better presented cases of cause and effect IMO that I have heard.

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Posted by: MisterSpock - Yesterday, 05:43 AM - Forum: General News and Events - Replies (6)


What a truly dim view on this type of news, this isn't the first time and won't be the last time.

I'm tired of seeing crap like this rejoiced from the right.

It's so obvious and really not a sign of any shift in politics. It's simple and one dimensional.

Looking at news like this as a win for the right is so naive. These companies that are fleeing the biggest west coast shithole isn't a sign of any change, it's solely being done based on the balance sheet.  That is all.

These same companies that are part and parcel of the degradation of this country aren't leaving because of some big change of heart. They are doing it to lower their expense line so they can pump their profits. In the short term, it's financial, in the long term they will infect their new home with the same leftist, fascist commie politics that destroyed their last home.

To think this is a "win" is ridiculous. It's just rats fleeing a sinking ship.

For example, bill gates is a POS no matter where his company calls "home"(pays taxes). I don't know why these blue check mark tards get all excited about these moves.

I'd rather these rats stay in their home and go down with the ship and the environment they created.

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  Where The Crawdads Sing
Posted by: NightskyeB4Dawn - Yesterday, 03:11 AM - Forum: Movies and TV Shows - Replies (2)

This was one of the best novels I had read in a long time. I could actually read it again.

Now I fear they are going to take a fabulous book, and make a horrendously awful movie. It is scheduled to be released July 15th. Not sure about this one.

When I read a book, if it is good, I completely immerse myself in the book. I see, smell, hear, and taste every sight and sound, the book generates.

I just saw the trailer, and I am not feeling it at all.

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  Road Trips
Posted by: DuckforcoveR - Yesterday, 02:02 AM - Forum: The Sports and Travel Zone - Replies (9)

As some of you may or may not know, we are a Road Trip/ Food family. Never had experiences as a kid with this stuff, so decided one day to start a new tradition with my kids. Since 2014, we average about 45,000 miles a year in a truck to chase down food paradise hot spots in the USA. 

Tons of memories, the kids love it, 32 states and counting, and I couldn't be more blessed with these troopers that love seeing this great land and all of the hidden gems. 

However, with that said, Dad also plans his own trips to add to the bucket list. I bought a Harley and have a dozen bike trips on the docket, I bought a yacht and have some sailing trips planned... wait, I didn't buy a yacht, scratch that, had too much to drink and had dreams again the other night...

Either way, saw this and just died laughing. Mind you, may need help from 2 of my 3 favorite G's to verify (Google and @gordi ) but if this is legit I'm totally bringing the Harley on an international trip!

[Image: img-1-1656339052975.jpg]

Legit or not, what's the best trip you've taken, OR the best trip you can imagine taking? Not opposed to air travel stories, but curious to hear from true wanderers and be inspired. 


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  Crimes of the Future...
Posted by: EndtheMadnessNow - 06-28-2022, 09:25 PM - Forum: Daily Chit Chat - Replies (3)

I dunno where to start on this one, but damn, some pervasive evil horrors and bored billionaires. Make sure you understand what you're reading/looking at because you can't develop effective resistance strategies for what you don't grasp.

[Image: 7LYx3LX.jpg]

"We are making God as we are implementing technology that is ever more all-knowing, ever-present, all-powerful, and beneficent."

Quote:One of the most powerful yet unremarked-upon drivers of our current wars over definitions of gender is a concerted push by members of one of the richest families in the United States to transition Americans from a dimorphic definition of sex to the broad acceptance and propagation of synthetic sex identities (SSI). Over the past decade, the Pritzkers of Illinois, who helped put Barack Obama in the White House and include among their number former U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker, current Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker, and philanthropist Jennifer Pritzker, appear to have used a family philanthropic apparatus to drive an ideology and practice of disembodiment into our medical, legal, cultural, and educational institutions.

I first wrote about the Pritzkers, whose fortune originated in the Hyatt hotel chain, and their philanthropy directed toward normalizing what people call “transgenderism” in 2018. I have since stopped using the word “transgenderism” as it has no clear boundaries, which makes it useless for communication, and have instead opted for the term SSI, which more clearly defines what some of the Pritzkers and their allies are funding—even as it ignores the biological reality of “male” and “female” and “gay” and “straight.”

The creation and normalization of SSI speaks much more directly to what is happening in American culture, and elsewhere, under an umbrella of human rights. With the introduction of SSI, the current incarnation of the LGBTQ+ network—as distinct from the prior movement that fought for equal rights for gay and lesbian Americans, and which ended in 2020 with Bostock v. Clayton County, finding that LGBTQ+ is a protected class for discrimination purposes—is working closely with the techno-medical complex, big banks, international law firms, pharma giants, and corporate power to solidify the idea that humans are not a sexually dimorphic species—which contradicts reality and the fundamental premises not only of “traditional” religions but of the gay and lesbian civil rights movements and much of the feminist movement, for which sexual dimorphism and resulting gender differences are foundational premises.

Through investments in the techno-medical complex, where new highly medicalized sex identities are being conjured, Pritzkers and other elite donors are attempting to normalize the idea that human reproductive sex exists on a spectrum. These investments go toward creating new SSI using surgeries and drugs, and by instituting rapid language reforms to prop up these new identities and induce institutions and individuals to normalize them. In 2018, for example, at the Ronald Reagan Medical Center at the University of California Los Angeles (where the Pritzkers are major donors and hold various titles), the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology advertised several options for young females who think they can be men to have their reproductive organs removed, a procedure termed “gender-affirming care.”
[Image: 675LsNY.jpg]

Article continues: The Billionaire Family Pushing Synthetic Sex Identities

I have personal history with Andy Grove. Article will make your eyes pop-out.

There are no "gender children."

There are boys and girls. Period!

The rest is corporately engineered propaganda. The only reason "transgenderism" has entered the cultural lexicon, all our institutions and the law, is corporate profit. It has nothing to do with human rights and more so about funding eugenics & frankenstein R&D projects for global domination.

Those at the pinnacle of the global LGBT corporate juggernaut come out of banking & investment, not human rights. BlackRock employs both a former Federal Reserve vice chairman & a former head of the Swiss National Bank.

There is no "transgender" community that pushes an ideology of body dissociation around the world—at lightning speed—into language, law, institutions, and the media simultaneously. We are governed by oligarchs at the highest echelons of finance, and they have a vested interest in the gender industry.

"Gender identity" ideology is not politically separate from business. Business is no longer separate from politics. We in Western cultures are governed by billionaires in finance who drive policy through our political institutions. A facade of democracy shrouds the oligarchy we live in, just like the gender performances in gender ideology shroud the capitalist profiteering from the colonization of human sex.

Gender identity also works as a grooming apparatus that dissociates us from our sexed reality. The language and laws being changed, even in our medical institutions, for "gender identity" ideology are based on the deconstruction of sex. The gender performances in gender ideology obscure the corporate mining of our reproductive capacities for profit. We are being reduced to parts—no longer men and women—but breasts, penises, vaginas, wombs, eggs, and sperm that can be bought by either sex, for either sex.

The gender industry has nothing to do with inclusivity, except for those parasites. It is about corporate profiteering.

Which is more likely outcome?
- elites are grooming the next generation to dissociate from their sexed reality in prep for the virtual world they are intent on creating.

- international banks, trillion dollar corporations, legal entities, & gov's care about the rights of people who think they’re not male or female?

You have seized, in the name of God, the

Child’s crust from famine’s dole;
You have taken the price of its body
And sung a mass for its soul!
- Voltairine de Cleyre, “The Gods and the People” (1897)

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  Airline Troubles
Posted by: NightskyeB4Dawn - 06-28-2022, 06:51 PM - Forum: Political News and more - Replies (7)

I gave up flying a number of years back. I only fly if I absolutely have to.

Now the only way you will get me on a plane is if it is life or death.

I have had four friends that had their flights cancels in the last month. One was so delayed for a family wedding that they had to rent a car and drive.

I am not paying that kind of money to roll the dice for my flight.

After watching these videos from YouTube showing some of the encounters, I definitely do not want this experience.

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  The Promise
Posted by: MalevolentTwitch - 06-28-2022, 04:12 PM - Forum: Social Unrest and Justice - Replies (7)

Something that @727Sky posted in the Countdown to Apocalypse thread about food shortage reminded me of a quote. Now, I will paraphrase the concept instead of trying to remember the quote exactly and subsequently butchering it... But the concept is that in the real world, the measure of volatility isn't in the stock market, it's at the dinner table.

"Civilized" society has a very long and storied relationship with stability and security. That's the whole point of any society. People banding together so that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts...

To tangent for a minute, this is one of things I get a kick out of with most "standalone" preppers. You know the ones I'm talking about. But there hits a point banding together in one form or another becomes a necessity. No one individual can master all of the skills needed to truly thrive. Yes, I know a lot of individuals that can survive, but surviving isn't thriving. If it were, humanity would have never formed tribes or agrarian societies, but I digress.

...This banding together always ultimately comes with some form of order. And with order comes a hierarchy. There is always a chieftain, chairman, council, etc. There is always leadership. There are also always rules by which an ordered society functions. Even in Slab City, there are still rules.

That order comes with it the promise of hope, of an easier life, less fear, etc. However, that order also comes with the threat of violence. If you break that order, some form of violence is usually the result. This goes both ways. A perfect example of what I call "Top-bottom" threat of force is why we pull over for law enforcement officers. We do so because if we don't, some form of force will inevitably result. But there is also "Bottom-Top" threat of force. And that is what I will be discussing today.

Bottom-Top is when the "people" have finally had enough. Sure, there will always be pockets of dissent. There has to be in order for society to maintain a proper course. The current hot topics surrounding the 2A and abortion are perfect examples of this. There, of course, will always be the Molon Labe / Cold Dead Hands / Don't Tread on Me crowd. There will always be individuals that scream and cry about their "rights" to whatever. But honestly, they're outliers. Most individuals in any society will ultimately accept whatever laws and regulations come from the Top purely for the stability and security of ordered society.

That is unless, the promise of hope, of an easier life, less fear, etc... is broken. What breaks that promise most often? Food on the dinner table. "A hungry man is an angry man." History has proven that time and time again. This is the final straw. In fact, when we distill it down to it's most basic component, food is what created society. And the lack of food is what destroys it. Be it planned, unexpected, caused by arrogance, it doesn't matter.

The availability and promise of food is the lynchpin that all of society has always hinged on. And those that are paying attention are watching that promise be broken.

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  We are at the "hide the data" phase of the energy crisis
Posted by: EndtheMadnessNow - 06-28-2022, 12:36 AM - Forum: General News and Events - No Replies

[Image: 6ga8XdA.jpg]
[Image: gIrZ0Ly.jpg]


[Image: TP4XJFv.jpg]

A "voltage irregularity" at the EIA, is nice bit of irony. Sounds a little too convenient. LOL.
“We are desperately trying to figure out how to lie about the the fuel prices we report just like we lie about the Consumer Price Index.”

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  How to break the back of the woke public school system
Posted by: 727Sky - 06-27-2022, 09:10 AM - Forum: Daily Chit Chat - Replies (2)

One thing about society is there is usually an opposite and equal reaction to the pendulum of certain choices. I for one have never thought of such a plan but so far this sounds good to me..

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