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  [UK] French Nanny's Badly Burnt Body Found In Garden.
Posted by: BIAD - 3 hours ago - Forum: European Union - Replies (2)

Quote:Two charged with murder of French nanny whose badly burnt body was
found in garden at house in south London.

'A man and woman have been charged with the murder of a French au pair whose burnt body
was found in the garden of a house in south London.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=2533]

Police raced to the Edwardian end-of-terrace home in Wandsworth after parents walking their
children home from school reported a large blaze and “weird-smelling” smoke coming from the
home in south London on Wednesday evening.

A neighbour’s child scaled the back garden gate and saw a bonfire with a man throwing sticks
on the flames. When firefighters arrived at 6.30pm at the property in Wimbledon Park Road,
the body was so badly burned they could not establish the age or gender.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=2534]

The victim has been named locally as Sophie Lionnet, 21, a nanny from Troyes, in north-eastern

Police today charged Ouissem Medouni, 40, and Sabrina Kouider, 34, of Pulborough Road,
SW18 with her murder. Ms Lionnet looked after Ms Quider's three-year-old daughter and son
aged six at the flat.

Neighbours said Ms Lionnet had been living in London for 14 months in order to learn English.
A shocked neighbour who lived upstairs told the Standard: “We complained to our landlord the
day before about a bad smell. It was like a gas leak.
He came in and had a look around but didn’t see anything.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=2535]

“That family kept to themselves mostly, I remember once they came in complaining about our
washing machine leaking into their flat.

“They seemed quite normal but they always do. We would hear them having really loud arguments
below there would be a woman’s screams.”

A mother-of-two, 51, whose home backs on to the garden where the charred remains were found
said her children saw a man poking what they thought were “sticks” on to a fire.

She told the Standard: “We saw the bonfire smoking up. 
“My little boys looked over and saw this man sweeping some wood into the burning stuff. He told me
it was just a ‘big pile of black’. “I didn’t think much of it they did odd things at odd times anyway.
I only ever really saw the French nanny and the kids.”

A friend told the Daily Mail: “She came here to learn English, but found it very difficult here.
“Sophie had been unhappy for a long time – so unhappy she left to stay with one of her few
friends for two nights last month.

“She had finally decided to go home though, and had just asked her mum to send her £40 so
she could afford the fare.
“She was supposed to have gone back on Monday. She never arrived."

Ouissem Medouni and Sabrina Kouider will appear at Wimbledon Magistrates' Court today...'


'...“They seemed quite normal but they always do. We would hear them having really loud arguments
below there would be a woman’s screams.”...'

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
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  The Truth About What's Happening in Texas
Posted by: Mystic Wanderer - Yesterday, 07:38 PM - Forum: The Enlightened Ones or The Powers That Be - No Replies

The man in this video is telling what he witnessed after going to Texas to help rescue people after Hurricane Harvey passed through.  IT AIN'T PRETTY, PEOPLE!

He spoke about how the government is filming some officials saving a few people to use as propaganda for CNN and Fox news, while the real truth is that they are blocking roads and not letting some people out, then opening damns on them. He spoke of how they are shooting people and letting their bodies wash out to the ocean, and how FEMA really is using Walmart in 'their' plan.

This is an eye-opener that everyone needs to watch.  STAY INFORMED, STAY AWARE, AND STAY ARMED!


He talked about how the convoy of boats were being attacked on their way to Texas by "someone" who was trying to stop their rescue mission, which I saw in a video on Face Book during this time. Someone had rammed one of the boats and caused a terrible accident. I looked for the post, but I must not have saved it.

He also spoke about how the government said it was spraying for mosquitos after the waters receded, but he said this wasn't mosquito spray, but Agent Orange, and other toxins.  I did find that video saved in my FB news feed (below).

Don't believe what the MSM are telling you! 

The Powers That Be are trying to take over our country!

(Click on the picture to watch video)

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  Strange Mystery in Colorado: Veterans Suddenly Lose Their Hearing
Posted by: Mystic Wanderer - Yesterday, 05:16 PM - Forum: Off Topic - Replies (2)

Yes, this is a truly odd story, one worth sharing.

Are our veterans being targeted for some type of government experiment? 
Is it a side affect of a new sonic weapon 'they' have been using?
Could it be a form of mind control technology?

Read this article and see what you think.

Here is the story:

Quote:Now this one is truly odd, because apparently at least one of these veterans claims to have seen Gurhka troops in northern Colorado:

Quote:For some time now, Dave Hodges of the Common Sense Show has been reporting on strange events taking place in Northern Colorado. Last year, before the presidential election, Hodges reported on sightings of foreign mercenaries and elite military personnel from Nepal known as Gurkhas in that part of the state. He pointed out at the time that Gurkhas were specially recruited by the British army in the mid-19th century because they are elite, highly trained soldiers. Interestingly, he noted, Gurkhas are trained to fight against guerrilla forces. What, he wondered, were they doing in Northern Colorado?

Which brings us to the mystery of the sudden hearing loss:

Quote:Now, another shocking, baffling and confusing development has arisen in the same area of the state: At least 15 otherwise healthy veterans have suddenly gone completely deaf.

Paul Martin, a friend of Hodges, recently contacted him to inform him of the strange development. An unnamed friend of Martin who lives in this area and is a very healthy veteran, had suddenly woken up one morning to find that he had totally lost his hearing. When he visited a good VA hospital in the area, they ran several tests but could find absolutely nothing wrong. One of the doctors there informed the man that he was the 15th person from the region that had experienced the exact same bizarre thing.

There's more:

Quote:What could be going on to cause 15 healthy men to “suddenly and dramatically lose their hearing?” he asked. Since a major catastrophic event would have affected the whole region and non-veterans would have been affected as well, Hodges and Martin believe that veterans are being specifically targeted. (Related: American Legion endorses medical marijuana for veterans.)

The men have been collecting eyewitness and photographic evidence of the foreign military activity taking place in Northern Colorado for some time. In addition, some of the show’s listeners have submitted similar evidence from Southern Wyoming.

With this in mind, Martin and Hodges suspect that this could be a military beta test for a new weapon.

Making Hodges even more suspicious is the fact that when Martin was conveying the story to him on the phone, they were suddenly and dramatically disconnected, and Hodges had a hard time getting him back on the line.

The good news is that one of the affected men recovered his hearing after 30 days of total deafness. Doctors are hopeful that the same thing will happen with the other people in the group.

In other words, this hearing loss is (1) inexplicable and (2) selective in that it apparently targeted a number of U.S. veterans tracking alleged foreign troops on American soil. And again, as in the strange case of the American embassy in Havana, the suspicion has fallen on an alleged new and secret weapons technology, an allegation which in this instance gains some traction since a phone conversation was in which this hypothesis was being discussed was suddenly disconnected.

So is it connected to the Cuban mystery, as Mr. H.B. suggested in his email to me?

A few things would suggest it is not, namely that to my knowledge, hearing loss has not been one of the things that the victims in Havana seem to have suffered, at least, not until recently. If anything, in that case we have reports of victims hearing all manner of odd noises, and hearing them only in certain places of a room at that, noises from grinding sounds to high pitches, and so on.

Could this be a form of mind control on certain targets?

Quote:That said, however, there is a way in which these phenomena might be connected. Recall in my blog earlier this week about the strange mystery of the Cuban embassy "sonic weapon," I pointed out that remote mind manipulation via electromagnetic interferometry on the brain could establish beat frequencies that could be used to stimulate, or dampen, certain areas of the brain. Indeed, there are even allegations in the literature one mind control technologies capable of stimulating these regions to the extent that an individual can be made to hear voices inside their head.
I wrote of this possibility, in fact, in Genes, Giants, Monsters, and Men. It stands to reason that if these technologies actually exist, then it might be possible to use the same means to stimulate temporary and possibly even permanent deafness. And if that is so, then indeed there may be some sort of connection between these strange cases of "sudden deafness" in Colorado, and the equally strange events at the American embassy in Havana.

Joseph P. Farrell goes on to show how these cases could be related to the symptoms experienced by diplomats at the American embassy last year, which could offer a connection to what is going on.

Due to the length of this article, I ask you to go read it in it's entirety here: A STRANGE MYSTERY IN COLORADO: VETERANS LOSING THEIR HEARING SUDDENLY

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  Did Congress Know About Hurricanes Irma and Jose in January 2017?
Posted by: Mystic Wanderer - Yesterday, 03:40 PM - Forum: The Enlightened Ones or The Powers That Be - No Replies

Hmm... well, as I've been saying all along, "they" know how to manipulate and control the weather, and they've been doing it for many decades, even as far back as the Vietnam war.

It does appear the Powers That Be were planning these hurricanes a long time before they formed. They even had them named already!  

This video is less than 13 minutes, so watch it and see if you think it provides some evidence to those who are still skeptics.


Any thoughts?

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  Four Largo City Employees Lose Jobs After Abandoning Posts During Hurricane Irma
Posted by: Wallfire - Yesterday, 02:00 PM - Forum: Lawsuits and Legalities - Replies (1)

They were paid and agreed to do the job, so I see no problem with them been fired. But I do agree that it would of been hard to be away from family during the storm

Two city of Largo employees were fired and another two resigned after they abandoned their posts as Hurricane Irma hit Florida earlier this month, according to a [url=http://www.tampabay.com/news/localgovernment/four-largo-city-employees-lose-jobs-for-not-working-during-hurricane-irma/2338345]report
 in the Tampa Bay Times.
The four government employees worked in the public worksdepartment and were considered emergency responders.
All four of them signed an agreement in May — shortly before hurricane season in Florida begins — acknowledging that they knew they were emergency responders, according to the Times.
All four employees told the paper that they chose to be with their families instead of showing up to work, even though the city provided shelters for employees and their families.
One fired employee, 58-year-old Brian Nutting, told the paper that he spent the storm at his house with his wife because they were worried the shelters wouldn’t have room for their dogs. Nutting, a longtime city employee, added that he was expecting a three- or five-day suspension but didn’t think he would actually be fired.
“It was like a sledgehammer hit me right between the eyes,” Nutting said. “I didn’t think they’d be that harsh to someone who has dedicated services to them for 24 years.”
City Manager Henry Schubert disagreed. “Termination is fair to the other employees who did come to work and fulfilled their responsibilities to be able to provide service to the public,” Schubert told the paper. “I think just about everyone would prefer to be home with their family.”

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  HELLO and WELCOME to Howprotectmyselffrombeinframed
Posted by: gordi - Yesterday, 09:14 AM - Forum: The Welcome Mat - Replies (2)

Hi @Howprotectmyselffrombeinframed

Welcome to our little bunch of Rogues!

We don't allow any Porn or Spamming, but apart from that we're a pretty relaxed bunch.
There are loads of interesting threads for you to browse through, please add some of your own if you feel that way inclined!

Why not tell us a little about yourself and your unusual username (and email address!)?

The Bar is located down the hall, just past BIADs Graphics Lab...... that's where you can get avatars and graphics custom made for FREE! (Just don't ask about the dude in the Red Dress....)

If you need any help finding your way around - just ask any of the Mods or Staffers!


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  Harassment As a Political Weapon
Posted by: Wallfire - Yesterday, 07:04 AM - Forum: Social Unrest and Justice - Replies (2)

Is anyone safe ????

Thanks to a recent speech by Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, more people are discussing the real world repercussions of the eight-year war on due process waged by the Obama Department of Education. Out of that discussion, there is a consensus emerging, which recognizes that basic due process protections must be restored on our university campuses. These changes are particularly needed in the context of campus sexual harassment and sexual assault tribunals. But once due process is restored, we need to vigorously pursue campus prosecutions against those who knowingly and maliciously accuse others of sexual assault and/or sexual harassment. Proactive measures are particularly needed to combat false charges of harassment that are politically motivated as the problem has now reached epidemic proportions on many campuses.
This politicization of harassment did not start with Anita Hill – but she did accelerate a dangerous trend that was already in progress. After the relatively unknown law professor accused Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment she became a household name. Other professors were watching as she profited from those politically motivated accusations. Thus, it was just a matter of time before such accusations started to spread throughout academia. Here is a brief history of how the problem has manifested itself at the mid-sized liberal arts university where I teach.
1995. A feminist philosophy professor was personally offended by another professor’s argument that there should be different degrees of rape – because she thought all rapes were equally horrific. Thus, instead of trying to persuade him to adopt her point of view, she reported him to the Dean of Arts and Sciences for allegedly creating a hostile work environment. It is worth contemplating the chances that she would have bothered reporting him if they were arguing about degrees of homicide rather than degrees of rape. 
[/url][url=https://townhall.com/political-cartoons/2017/09/22/153061]VIEW CARTOON

1999. A feminist criminology professor was upset by her department chairman’s decision to run for a second term. So she tried to defeat him by standing up in the middle of a department meeting and accusing him of sexual harassment – both orally and in writing. In her written supporting documents, she also accused him of harassing three other unnamed women. The charges were investigated and found to be false. She was not reprimanded or disciplined in any way.
2001. The aforementioned criminology professor leveled three more accusations of harassment against another professor who had criticized her publicly for making the first four false accusations. These new accusations were also investigated and found to be false. This brought her career total to seven false sexual harassment allegations. Nonetheless, she was retained without any disciplinary consequences.
2006. After making her eighth false accusation of harassment, the aforementioned criminology professor was finally investigated. At long last, a memo partially documenting her history of making false claims was placed in her personnel file. No other disciplinary action was taken.
2015.  Feminist students were angered after campus police prevented them from shutting down a pro-life demonstration by forming a “human chain” around the peaceful protestors. They then decided to monitor the social media page of the professor who had reported them to the police. Offended by the contents of the professor’s Facebook page, several of the feminists contacted the Division of Student Affairs and leveled charges of harassment. Multiple charges were made in retaliation against the professor for expressing his First Amendment rights in a private forum. All of the charges were summarily dismissed. None of the students were disciplined.

2016. A sociologist finally crossed gender lines to become the first male professor to level a false accusation of harassment for political purposes. Ten days after one of his colleagues was cleared of a speech-related harassment charge, the sociologist tweeted out the false accusation to CNN anchor Anderson Cooper. Fortunately, because the obscure Marxist had only five Twitter followers, there were minimal reputational damages resulting from his malicious and defamatory tweet. Notably, both the sociologist and the original accuser made their accusations in retaliation against constitutionally protected speech with which they disagreed. The sociologist may have lost his man card but he kept his job.
Reasonable people must surely agree that this nonsense has to stop. One way to stop it is for the Department of Education to demand that universities crack down on false accusations of harassment. At minimum, they should tell universities to start firing professors who make false charges of harassment that are clearly malicious and politically motivated. If they refuse to crack down, these schools should lose federal funding.

Of course, the Department of Education, like most other federal agencies, should not exist and should be abolished. Short of that happening, the least the bureaucrats can do is help us get a few tenured sociopaths off the public payroll

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  Welcome to the Real World: Knockoff Iron Man
Posted by: Armonica_Templar - Yesterday, 01:35 AM - Forum: Short Stories - Replies (2)

"Gar man," taking off his mask.. "That armored car was easy as h#ll.. This is hundreds of thousands of dollars.. We did it bro.."

"Did you have to kill the guard Wisp," A hispanic kid takes off his mask? "I said not to ice him.. The it will bring the Heroes out.."

A man lands on the hood of van crushing it, "His name was Jack Smith.. He had a wife with two kids.."

"Gar,"The thugs have thier weapons drawn, "If it aint the white bread Commander.." Wisp open fires with his energy weapon knocking the Commander off the hood, "We have families too.. I am sick of you white boys trying to re enslave the black man.."

A five point star stabs into Wisp hand, "Race has nothing to do with this.." The Commander has rolled back up, "You killed a man who was just doing his job.. Trying to feed his family.."

Gar yells, "Wisp I told you this would bring them down on us.."

Gar's energy discharge hits a shield causing the energy to disapate..

The fight proceeds slowly as one by one the four thieves fall..

Wisp tries to crawl away only for the commander to pick him up, "Why.. Why did you kill the man? You had the money.."

"He was white and deserved.." Wisp is dropped by the Commander as a sharp metal piont comes out the front of the Commander's chest..

The Commander looks down as the metal twist out of his chest..

"I.. I did it," A man in weird  looking gear responds.. He laughs as an electronic voice speaks, "I F#$%ing did it!"

Wisp gets up and kicks the down dying Commander.. "Thank you brother.. "

The man looks at Wisp and shakes his head, causing Wisp to stop..

The same twisted blade goes through Wisp chest, "Why.. We.. We.."

"Oh this is a mugging.. I Go by K.I.M.," The Electronic voice coldly speaks.. "I watched you steal the money Wisp is it.. "

"What," Gar is waking up as he watches Wisp fall to the ground after the blade withdraws..

"Second I am white.. Third.. You killed a man doing his Job.." K.I.M. responds as the Commander tries to move, "Oh Commander.."

"Listen.. They are just," A sword falls and beheads the Commander..

Woozy Gar tries to get, "F#$% me.. D@#$.."

The bloodied twisted blade pierces Gar's head.. His eye somehow dislodge and was pinned to the ground..

One of the other  thieves tries to get up.. K.I.M. Thows the other two sided sword accurately pinning the man to the van..

K.I.M withdraws the triblade from Gar.. Walking over to the other Thief, he repeats the process..

The last one is still out cold.. He takes the mask off the person and pauses.. "Well welcome to a F#$%ing diverse world.. An Asian female.." K.I.M. shakes his head after he scans her, "Pregnant.. She cant be more then 15.."

Reaching into a belt he takes out a rag and puts it over her mouth..

"Breath it in honey.." K.I.M. follows it up by placing a device on her forehead, "You had to be F#$%ing Pregnant.." Frisking her he finds a pouch and takes it out, " Jennifer Patel.. With an Address.. fifteen."


"So you finally decided to join the world of the living," An older Asian man spoke with disdain..

"Honey.. " A white woman put her hand on her husband's shoulder, "Jennifer Darling.." The woman pulls out the chair, "HAVE A SEAT!"

Looking down at her clothes, "Step mother I.. I can explain.. Dad."

"Why you are so drunk you cant get into the house.. Or why you have a pregnancy test with positive," Mr. Patel glares.. "I did not work my fingers to the bone for you to get knocked up and.."

A knock came from the door.. Mr. Patel went to the door.. Seeing it, "Mr. Gutez.. now is a bad time.."

"My son is dead..He was found headless.. He was last seen with your daughter and Carter's boy.." The Angry hispanic man yelled, "The police are on their way.. They say my boy robbed an armored car and killed the commander.."

Jennifer goes running past the door to the bathroom.. The sound of her puking reaches the door..

"Mr. Gutez.. When we got home last night my daughter had been drinking.." Mr. Patel was loud as an unmarked police car pulled up.. As the Officer's got out, "She broke into our Alcohol chest and got drunk.." The cops hear this as they walk up and are greeted by the sound of puking, "As you hear.. She is paying the price.."

"Mr. Gutez," One of the officers spoke.. "We told you not to be here.."

"That little B#$%^ knows what happened to my boy.. He is not a killer," Mr. Gutez was upset..

As her father and the law argued, Jennifer had tears fall down her face.. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a piece of paper, "What the F#$% is.."

"The stars were in your favor last night.." The note has something else on the back, "You live only because you are now a mother.. I advise you to deny.. Deny.. Deny.."


"Protestors are outside Justice hall demanding answers from the Militia.." The reporter spoke, "Tape footage was found from one of the Dead teens with the Commander using the N-word.."

"Those kids were criminals," Another newscaster spoke.. "They helped some unknown villian kill the Commander.. I for one do not buy this.. It's the commander.. Next thing your gonna say is the commander has secretly been a nazi all this time earning our trust.. "

"I am not saying that.. But the footage is pretty clear and can be heard as one Garth Gutez shot the commander.. Some are claiming in self defense.."

"Self defense.. They killed a guard.. Police had a lead, but an inside source said the woman was home at the time.." The man shook his head, "The militia is investigating.."

Half of Everyone listening in the bar had a black armband on mourning Commander.. Arguments where raising up with those that did not have arm bands on..

The bouncers had to remove several people..

A male sat watching the TV screen ignoring them..

A waitress walked over sitting a drink down, "Here you go honey.." She sat down as she watched the news with him, "It is sad.. He was a hero so many looked up to.. To be a racist all these years.."

"Raquel," The man sipped his drink.. "Looks like Johnny is very busy tonight.."

Raquel shook her head, "Mr. Moriarty.." Raquel laughed not meaning to at the name, "I am sorry.. Your parents must have been A$$es.. Named you Arthur H. Moriarty.."

On the tv screen "We will find out what happened.." A woman wearing a mask spoke forcibly, "I have known the Commander for years.. This is not his behavior.."

"The Raptor," Moriarty looked at the screen.. "Worlds greatest investigator.."

"Thats right.." One of the drunk men with the Commander's arm band's on yelled, "He aint racist.. And what does the N-word matter.. You people use it all the time with each other.."

"Mother F#$%er," One of the equally Drunk black men yelled.. "He killed teenagers.. He was caught on tape.."

Johnny tries to get between the two men but is knocked out cold..

"Why dont you try calling me that name and see what happens," The black man and his friends are all standing..

"My god," Raquel calls out as the african american males draw blades.. "Johnny they will kill him!"

Quietly Arthur walks over, "Excuse me good sir.."

"Look another nazi is trying," The speaker freezes as he is staring down a side arm..

"Kill them.. We got your," The white boy freezes when a second gun is in his face..

"Johnny.. You all right," Arthur Moriarty calls out..

The hispanic Bouncer gets up, "Thank you.."

"Now.. I am gonna say my piece.. I cant believe just who F#$%ing stupid you two are.. Malcom X himself warned you of days like this.." Arthur spoke to the four froozen men, "You are divided and look how easy it was.."

"We are not stupid," Both men with guns in their faces responded..

"Really.. Dude we both know that no god D@#$ kid could have killed the commander.. A war veteran from WWII and then Korea and Vietnam.." Arthur shook his head, "Have either of you considered that this whole D@#$ thing is a set up.. A supervillian probably offed him.. Forged the recording on the cell phone.. Killing all of them.."

The Balck man frooze, "Please.. It.. A villain would have been taping his victory and posting it every where.."

"Yeah.." The white man yelled, "Those kids .. It was a robbery.. They killed that man.."

Shaking his head walking away, Arthur put his guns up.. "Have at it you inbred idiots.."

"You aint so big with out those guns out," The black man spoke.. "We.."

"Please.. Look at what this supervillian accomplished.. Not a single one of you have considered.. Where the F#$% is the money.." Arthur's comment made the friends standing strat looking at each other, "You were right Mr. Commander Supporter.. It was a robbery.. The crap you heard was probably designed to cover it up.. Four people died and you idiots are arguing over a word.."

"I am not a F#$%ing idiot," The African American male calls out but his friends are ignoring him..

"Dude he has a point.. Where is the money?" Taking a deep breath, "If this was a set up.."

One of the Commander Supporters spoke, "He would not be shouting it from the roof tops.."

The two people look at each other, "Raptor.. "

The pissed off caucasian American spoke," We can take them.."

"Naw.. Man's right.. Who ever did this killed the Commander and .. And those kids in cold blood.." The man's drinking buddy put away his weapon, "The raptor.."

The other Black guy put up his weapon, "Will be hunting for this person.. The money Bro.. Where is it?"

Arthur walks back to his table and downs his drink, "It is how I would do it.." Opening his wallet he takes out four hundred dollars.. "Raquel.. A round of drinks on me.."

Taking his arm, "Listen Arthur.. Uhm my boyfriend cant pick me up tonight.. Can I bum a ride from you?"

"Sure," Arthur Moriarty looked at the Television screen..

"Raptor is deadly serious," The Camera caught the man with jelly fish tentacles coming from his back as he floated in the air.. "Blue.."

A blue haired Female swallowed hard, "She is .. Raptor.. Raptor.."

"Blue stay out of my way.." Raptor turned around with tears in her eyes, "Out there is the monster that killed my husband.. I know your listening.. I will not stop till I find you.. Do you understand? I will hunt you down like a dog.."

Arthur Moriarty sat back down, "Raquel.. I need a refill.. Make it Scotch and Jack.. On ice.."

The people at the bar found out the next round was on the man who ended the fight... "Cheers," Everyone called out as Arthur nodded to him..

Johnny walked over after the two problem children were quietly escorted out.. "Arthur.. If the cops come buy.. Those guns.. Go out the back.." Seeing Arthur looking at the screen, "I would not want to be in that man's shoes.."

Looking at his feet, "Niether would I.. What is Raquel deal?"

Raquel brings Arthur back his drink with change, "Mr. Moriarty.."

"Keep the changed but keep me refilled," Looking at her.. "You might be driving tonight.."

"Thats cool," the waitress walked away..

"Be careful.. Her boyfriend is mean and Jealous," Johnny spoke coldly..

"You dont say," An idea crossed Moriarty's eyes.. "You do not say.."

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  Did NASA Accidentally “Nuke” Jupiter? (old story)
Posted by: Wallfire - 09-21-2017, 08:00 PM - Forum: JFK, the Moon and the Truth out There - No Replies

This is such a good story, but its not true.

[Image: Nuk-ivy-king.jpg]
Did NASA Accidentally “Nuke” Jupiter?

By Richard C. Hoagland
© 2003 The Enterprise Mission

On September 21, 2003 NASA deliberately directed its amazing, still-functioning Galileo spacecraft to make one final, 108,000 mph suicidal plunge into Jupiter’s vast atmosphere.  Thus ended the incredibly successful eight-year unmanned NASA Galileo mission … which had returned against all odds an array of phenomenal new information on Jupiter and its “mini-solar system of moons” … in a literal, most fitting “blaze of glory.”

[Image: GalileoSpacecraft.jpg]

The intent of this unfortunate decision was to protect Europa, one of those Jovian moons.    Galileo’s repeated Europa observations (below) over the course of its highly successful eight years have all-but-confirmed an extraordinary model, first proposed and published by this author in 1980, and reproduced here: that, beneath its several-miles-thick ice cover, Europa still harbors a liquid water ocean … an ocean potentially teeming with 4.5 billion year-old alien life!
  [Image: crescenteuropa_vg2.jpg]

NASA’s decision to finally terminate Galileo via a fiery plunge into Jupiter, was designed in 2002 to prevent any possible biological contamination of this remarkable environment from a future random collision with the spacecraft, once its fuel was exhausted.  The recommendation, from the National Research Council’s Space Science Studies Board’s“Committee on Planetary and Lunar Exploration” to NASA re the Galileo “problem,” noted “This [procedure] is necessary to safeguard the scientific integrity of future studies of Europa's biological potential….”

[Image: 010300europa.jpg]
*     *     *
When NASA announced its “Galileo into Jupiter” option, among those to publish immediate, serious objections (and later to repeat them on “Coast to Coast AM”) was an engineer named Jacco van der Worp.  Van der Worp claimed that, plunging into Jupiter’s deep and increasingly dense atmosphere, the on-board Galileo electrical power supply – a set of 144 plutonium-238 fuel pellets, arrayed in two large canister devices called “RTGs” (Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generators – see image and schematic, below) – would ultimately “implode”; that the plutonium Galileo carried would ultimately collapse in upon itself under the enormous pressures of Jupiter’s overwhelming atmosphere—
[Image: RTG.jpg] [Image: Galileo%20Engineering.jpg]
Triggering a runaway nuclear explosion!
Van der Worp further argued that this fission reaction might well initiate a much larger thermonuclear fusion reaction in the deuterium (heavy hydrogen) making up a significant percentage of Jupiter’s atmosphere – ultimately, igniting Jupiter as the solar system’s second sun!
Needless to say, NASA (and essentially all other observers, including myself!) thought these ideas “well beyond the fringe” ….
Fast-forward the film to almost one month later … October 19, 2003.
On that night, an amateur astronomer in Belgium, Olivier Meeckers, secured a remarkable composite “Webcam” image of Jupiter through a small refracting telescope (inverted, as in a telescopic view, below).  On the image, a dark black “splotch” showed up on the southern edge of Jupiter’s well-known “North Equatorial Belt,” trailing a fainter “tail” southwest (image center).
[Image: jupiter-10-19-03-Meekers-CL-1.jpg]
Half an hour later Meeckers took a second set of frames, resulting in a second composite (below, right).  The “splotch” clearly was still present, though Jupiter’s fast atmospheric rotation had obviously moved it several thousand miles further east.
[Image: jupiter-10-19-03-Meekers.jpg]
Over the next few days, Internet stories began to appear regarding the “new Jovian mystery.”  And, they contained key phrases like, “experts captivated” … and “researchers scratched their heads about what they'd found.”  From these reports, it was clear that seasoned amateur and professional astronomers alike were totally perplexed by the discovery … and didn’t have a clue as to the cause.
Almost ten years earlier – in July, 1994 –equally dramatic black markings had suddenly appeared in Jupiter’s atmosphere (below).  Then, the cause was crystal clear: the impact of some 21 pieces of a stunning celestial object named “Comet Shoemaker/Levy 9.”
[Image: Shoemaker-Levy9-HST.jpg]
Unlike those clear cometary impacts, following Meecker’s images on October 19, 2003, astronomers immediately discounted “impact” as a likely explanation for the new “black splotch”; for one thing, unlike the case of the Shoemaker/Levy 9 fragments, nothing approaching Jupiter large enough to cause such a highly visible marking had been plotted by any observers in the months leading up to this sudden new appearance.
“It’s a shame,” I thought, “that Galileo isn’t around anymore … to take some really close-up measurements of this thing—“
I suddenly realized that everyone had apparently forgotten one well-known impact that HAD taken place … just a month before the appearance of this “splotch” -- the plunge of the Galileo spacecraft into Jupiter, September 21, 2003!
Because … I also now remembered something else: those bizarre “doomsday” warnings from Jacco van der Worp.
Could the new, totally unknown marking on Jupiter be the visible signature of precisely the kind of event van der Worp had warned about …a Galileo nuclear explosion?  Could van der Worp, against all odds, actually have been right about Galileo’s “final mission?!”
I began to do some digging.
*     *     *
What van der Worp had suggested, in terms of Galileo, was merely a variant on the now well-known design of the “Fat Boy” plutonium nuclear weapon used against Nagasaki at the end of World War II -- an “implosion” plutonium reaction (below).
In order to bring the sub-critical pieces of plutonium-239 together in a bomb fast enough for a catastrophic fission reaction to take place, in the original Los Alamos design Seth Neddermeyer (one of the Manhattan Project scientists), following on an idea by Richard Tolman at CalTech in 1943, began working on a novel but almost impossibly difficult idea (in 1943) for smashing plutonium pieces together in mere millionths of a second.  Such a device was called an “implosion mechanism,” and became the key to the success of the plutonium bomb.  At its simplest, it consisted of several layers of carefully shaped high explosives, wrapped around the central sub-critical masses of plutonium (below).  When triggered, the resulting high energy explosive shock waves (below, right) drove these plutonium pieces closer together in a highly compressed, spherical configuration -- resulting in a sudden transformation of the many plutonium pieces into a single “supercritical” mass … and a resulting runaway nuclear explosion.
[Image: LAP-110.jpg]
The Fat Man bomb (named after Winston Churchill!)-- consisting of about 14 lbs of highly refined plutonium-239 -- produced an energy equivalent (“yield”) of approximately 21,000 tons of exploding TNT, at an efficiency of approximately 17 % (analysis revealed that only about 4.5 lbs of the 14 lbs of plutonium actually fissioned on implosion, before the explosion itself drove the remaining plutonium apart).  The highly sophisticated geometry of the high explosives wrapped around the plutonium core, and the micro-second electronic circuitry needed for its precise detonation, were ultimately the determining factors for a successful chain reaction in this type of implosion plutonium weapon. 
Van der Worp had argued that in Jupiter’s dense, high-pressure atmosphere, the creation of an implosion in Galileo’s plutonium capsules was almost naturally assured … without any complex high-tech explosive triggers or ancillary mechanisms.  He had written:
The plutonium pellets aboard are protected against unexpected pressures (not Jupiter’s atmospheric pressures though). Since the craft will be traveling so fast (107,000+ mph), the pressure will increase suddenly. The upper crust of Jupiter’s atmosphere is gaseous hydrogen and helium about 600 to 700 miles thick (2% of the radius of the planet), followed by a more liquid substance of the two, and much further in, a more metal version (so it is guessed). At only 125 miles down the pressure is already 23 bars (Galileo would go from 1/2 bar to 23 bars in 4 seconds). If the craft is traveling at 107,000+ miles/hr, and the pellets (not the craft) last 20 seconds in Jupiter’s hostile atmosphere before imploding, they would have traveled approximately 500-600 miles inward if one accounts for the craft slowing down after entry. This is about the thickness of the more gaseous part of the atmosphere (this is assuming a perpendicular entry). At this point, the pressure would be in the thousands of bars because the increase is exponential, not to mention the temperatures generated at this speed would be tremendous ….
A quick survey of Internet nuclear weapons design sites indicated that a plutonium alloy (like the plutonium-238 dioxide ceramics carried in Galileo’s RTGs) “undergoes a phase transition to the alpha state [highest density] at relatively low pressures (tens of kilobars, i.e. tens of thousands of atmospheres) ….”
In other words, the physics of implosion dictates that extreme external pressures, reaching tens of thousands of Earth normal atmospheres (1 “bar”), can initiate supercriticality in certain plutonium alloys.  In a weapon, this is achieved by a carefully shaped charge -- to drive explosion shockwaves inward … imploding the metal to “supercriticality.”  In the Jovian context, this pressure naturally exists … beginning about 600 miles below the visible cloud decks -- far in excess of anything Galileo was expected to encounter on entering Jupiter’s upper atmosphere in September, 2003, before being totally destroyed.  Van der Worp, in proposing about a nuclear explosion after the first few seconds of Galileo’s entry, had apparently vastly underestimated the efficiency of friction in Jupiter’s increasingly dense atmosphere, which would slow the various components to a virtual standstill, long before they reached these critical “crush depths.”
So, even on reexamination, van der Worp’s ideas seemed irrelevant to the mystery of Jupiter’s new spot—
Until … I thought about the “time lag.”
Galileo slammed into Jupiter’s atmosphere September 21st.  Meeckers photographed his mysterious “dark marking” October 19th.  If Galileo, by creating an explosion, was somehow responsible for this new blemish … why the one month lag between these two events?  Van der Worp’s scenario had a Galileo plutonium explosion happening almost as soon as the spacecraft hurtled into the Jovian atmosphere ….
Suddenly, I realized that this was the missing puzzle piece – apparently not fully appreciated even by van der Worp; that time lag could be the key to resolving this entire “Galileo bomb” scenario … and the mystery of Jupiter’s “new spot.”
It all hinged on how far into Jupiter the spacecraft (or, more accurately, it’s plutonium canisters) would have to plunge – intact! -- before encountering external atmospheric pressures sufficient for “implosion.  In other words, how long would it have really taken Galileo’s plutonium -- assuming it survived its fiery entry in the first place – to have fallen ~600 miles …?
I began to sketch out a possible scenario.

September 21st: Galileo enters Jupiter’s atmosphere at over 30 miles per second.  It is traveling almost in the plane of Jupiter’s equator, at an angle of about 22 degrees to the horizontal (below).
[Image: Galileo%20Demise-2.jpg]
As the more fragile parts of the spacecraft disintegrate from the enormous entry temperatures and pressures, its two 4-ft long, 124-lb RTGs – each containing 72 individual plutonium-238 capsules – separate from the main spacecraft.
Soon, the relatively fragile aluminum housing of the two RTG canisters also melts away, releasing the 144 individually sealed plutonium-238 capsules … to continue plunging deeper into Jupiter’s atmosphere on their own.
Because of their high-temperature, multi-layer containment – each capsule is clad in iridium (melting temperature 4435 F), encasing a floating boran-graphite membrane (melting temperature 6422° F) , in which the plutonium-238 pellets are individually sealed -- most of the plutonium capsules are NOT destroyed by Galielo’s violent entry, but in fact survive … and slow to an aerodynamic fall in the thickening Jovian atmosphere.
The multiple layerings of iridium and graphite have acted like individual heat shields [similar to the much larger (and heavier) Galileo Probe -- which successfully entered Jupiter’s atmosphere December 7, 1995].  After slowing to sub-sonic speeds, the shielded capsules would have free-fallen through Jupiter’s increasingly dense atmosphere ... until the outside pressures inevitably caused them to implode.  The key question then became: how long would it take each free-falling iridium/graphite capsule to reach “crush depth” – the depth where the outside pressures are tens of thousands of atmospheres, ~600 miles below the clouds?  The depth where those pressures would cause the plutonium-238 capsules to undergo a sudden phase transition, to literally implode … initiating a violent nuclearreaction?
*     *     *
The rate of a free-falling object in a planetary atmosphere is governed by an elementary equation, known as “Stokes law.” 
V = (2gr²)(d1-d2)/9µ
V = velocity of fall (cm sec-¹),
g = acceleration of gravity (cm sec-²),
r = "equivalent" radius of particle (cm),
dl = density of particle (g cm -³),
d2 = density of medium (g cm-³), and
µ = viscosity of medium (dyne sec cm-²).

What this translates to is this:
For a given atmospheric density, an object of a given mass and surface area, under a given gravitational acceleration, will fall at a given rate.  Denser objects (less surface area for their given weight) fall faster than lighter ones (this is due to simple air resistance, and NOT any non-Newtonian aspects of the laws of gravitation!).  If the atmospheric density increases as an object falls to greater depths, the rate of free-fall is slowed in direct proportion to the increasing density.  To a first order, increasing atmospheric pressure is approximately proportional to increasing atmospheric density, and thus a decreasing rate of free-fall.
In other words, the higher the outside gas pressure on Jupiter… the slower Galileo’s capsules would fall.
For a 6-foot, 200-lb human in Earth’s gravity, surrounded by its one bar atmospheric pressure, the final rate of fall is approximately 120 miles per hour – called its “terminal velocity.”  On Jupiter, with a cloud-top gravity about 2.4 times Earth’s, and an upper atmospheric pressure less than a tenth of Earth’s, the initial rate of free-fall for an object with a similar mass-to-surface area (like Galileo’s RTGs) would be about 3000 mph.  But, by the time the RTGs had disintegrated and released their 144 plutonium individual capsules, the atmospheric density/pressure would have risen to several times the Earth’s, and the surface area to weight ratio of the smaller plutonium capsules (1.5-inch by 1-inch cylinders) is MUCH greater than for the RTGs themselves.  This would cut their free-fall velocity by a corresponding amount … to around 150 mph at this altitude. 
*     *     *
As the capsules continue to fall deeper through the primarily hydrogen atmosphere, the surrounding pressure/density continues to rise, to thousands of times Earth’s surface density and pressure.  The capsules are now falling at a constant rate, approximately one mile per hour …as the atmosphere transitions to an incompressible fluid,liquid hydrogen (below).
[Image: Jup-Interior.jpg]
At this ultra-slow “terminal velocity,” it takes the Galileo plutonium-238 capsules on the order of 700 hours – a month! to fall to a depth inside Jupiter (~700 miles below the visible clouds) where the outside pressure of the surrounding liquid hydrogen literally crushes the plutonium capsules into a supercritical state—
At this point, one of the capsules randomly implodes … and initiates, via the resulting shockwave and intense neutron shower, a runaway nuclear chain reaction in all the other surviving capsules, now spread in a spherical falling “cloud” a few tens of miles across ~700 miles below Jupiter’s visible “surface.”  The resulting cascade nuclear detonation of all the surviving capsules totals several tens of kilotons….
[Image: Apache1024c20.jpg]
A single month ….
The simultaneous detonation of over 40 lbs of plutonium-238, over 700 miles below Jupiter’s cloud tops, instantly creates a superheated “bubble” of “million-degree plasma” deep inside Jupiter, tens miles across.  Initially, this bubble has an expansion pressure of over fifty million atmospheres per square inch.  Because the outside Jovian “mantle” pressure is approximately ten thousand atmospheres at this depth, the plasma sphere rapidly expands … to a diameter over fifty times as great ... until the inside and outside pressures equalize.  Because of the extreme low density inside this super-heated sphere, and the higher Jovian gravity (2.4 times “Earth normal), the buoyancy forces are immense.  The “bubble” immediately begins to ascend toward the visible surface, 600 miles above -- rising at an extraordinary rate of several hundred miles per hour ….  [In the “Ivy Mike” 1952 nuclear test in the Pacific (above), the fireball rose to a height of 57,000 feet in only 90 seconds – which translates to a velocity of over 400 miles per hour!  In the much higher pressure Jovian environment, the ascent rate of such a high-temperature, low density plasma bubble could well be ~1000 miles per hour, before slowing drastically as the “bubble” nears the top of the visible (lower density) atmosphere ….]
At this rate of ascent, the bubble (also constantly expanding, as the surrounding atmospheric pressure lessens – until it is several thousand miles across) breaks the “surface” of the Jovian atmosphere within an hour or two of detonation.  The horizontal shear inside Jupiter’s atmosphere has also moved it north, away from the plane of Galileo’s entry, until it is trapped by the streaming atmospheric eddies that form the North Equatorial Belt (below) -- where it emerges as a visible phenomenon. 
[Image: Jup-Winds.jpg]
The intense temperatures of this nuclear plasma upwelling immediately dissociate the surrounding neutral molecular “contaminants” of Jupiter’s high altitude troposphere and stratosphere – water, ammonia and methane are instantly broken down into their component atoms.  It is here that the unique “signature chemistry” which has revealed this incredible scenario takes place ….
The carbon released from the dissociation of millions of tons of CH4 (methane) and other carbon-rich molecules floating at the highest levels in the vast Jovian hydrogen/helium atmosphere as “minor” constituents, with no significant reservoir of free oxygen available to turn it into C02 (carbon dioxide), when it cools condenses into countless micron-sized pure carbon particles – “lamb black” … soot!  Such particles, even though their total numbers are relatively trivial on the scale of Jupiter’s atmosphere, are extremely effective at absorbing visible wavelengths of light all across the spectrum ….
It is this unique, dark “carbon” signature – appearing as a dark black “splotch” in the highest levels of the Jovian cloud belts (below) -- which has given this entire, incredible scenario away ….
[Image: jupiter-10-19-03-Meekers-CL.jpg]
*     *     *
Critics, of course, will raise all kinds of objections to this bizarre scenario.  Many we have raised ourselves – like the low probability of Galileo’s plutonium even surviving entry – at 108,000 miles per hour! – to reach the necessary “crush depth” for implosion. 
A far more serious objection is that the nuclear fuel Galileo carried – plutonium-238 – while ideal as a sustained heat source for making electricity via thermoelectric technology, is NOT traditionally viewed as a fissionable material appropriate for creating nuclear explosions.  The plutonium isotope vastly preferred for the original “Fat Man” weapon was plutonium-239 – which, by not emitting an excess of neutrons prior to achieving supercriticality, allowed the construction of an actual implosion plutonium weapon.
However, a little-known US nuclear weapons test, carried out underground at the Atomic Energy Commission’s Nevada test site (now operated by the Department of Energy), demonstrated in 1962 that “reactor-grade” plutonium – a mix of isotopes, including plutonium-238 – could be successfully imploded.  Because of the extended Galileo mission, and the pre-production of the plutonium-238 fuel capsules before its launch (coupled with their unique design – which incorporated a layering of neutron-emitting uranium-234 into their construction), long-term creation of significant quantities of highly fissionable plutonium-239 across the fifteen years since the mission was launched cannot be ruled out of the eventual Galileo plutonium ceramics … by the time they were deliberately plunged into Jupiter.
So, did any of this really happen?
The deliberate destruction of Galileo to “save” Europa, and the sudden appearance of “a mysterious dark splotch” on Jupiter just one month later -- precisely time enough to get the entering plutonium down to a depth where it could catastrophically implode – is truly a remarkable “coincidence.”  Admittedly, this is strictly a case of circumstantial evidence: radioactive debris can’t be analyzed in Jupiter’s atmosphere remotely; no one has demonstrated that plutonium-238 can make a “bomb” under Jovian conditions; and there are major questions regarding the capsules even having sufficient mass for a runaway nuclear reaction, that is, if they survived entry … let alone falling intact to a depth sufficient to implode.
But, television is replete these days with highly publicized legal cases where a defendant is tried -- for murder, no less – based on strictly circumstantial evidence alone … like, a single strand of hair.  The case for “something extraordinary” happening to Jupiter -- with NASA inadvertently behind it -- is based on a chain of far more solid evidence at this point.
And then, there is the troubling absence of key evidence ….
One of the lingering mysteries surrounding the sudden appearance of Meecker’s “new dark splotch” has been the seeming total non-curiosity exemplified by the professional astronomical community. 
In 1994, a new “white spot” suddenly appeared in the clouds just north of Saturn’s equator.  Within days, professional astronomers world wide were imaging the new disturbance with an eye toward understanding its origin and evolution – culminating in a stunning time lapse movie acquired by the Hubble Space Telescope itself (see frame, below).
[Image: Saturn-White%20Spot-1990.jpg]
Where are any of the scores of professional astronomical images – including those from HST – which should be flooding the Internet over this discovery, documenting the “enigmatic new phenomenon” that just appeared on Jupiter?!
High quality, early observations of remarkable astronomical events are standard operating procedure, especially in the case of planetary atmospheric phenomena – which can rapidly change, or even disappear entirely if early observations aren’t secured in the first few days.  Yet, by all accounts, for this new phenomenon on Jupiter, all observations have been left totally to the amateur community ….
Is it possible that the professional “insiders,” those at the major observatories (which get most of their funding from NASA anway) -- including NASA’s own Space Telescope Institute -- know perfectly well how this atmospheric spot arrived on Jupiter … and have been quietly told not to “immortalize” another monumental miscalculation by NASA … particularly, at this politically sensitive time?
*     *     *
Finally, if you discount all these ideas as simply “too far out,” there is one final scenario which neatly fits the evidence currently at hand … conceived many years ago in “2010:Odyssey Two” … from the fertile imagination of my old friend, Arthur Clarke.
[Image: Discovery-Spot.jpg]
For those fans of Arthur who love a good “conspiracy” -- especially if it involves our favorite space agency (anyone we know ..?) -- these observers may now discern the completion of a long-term, hidden goal in this enigmatic Jovian data … here.

In any case, stay tuned ….

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  Antifa Professor Called For Killing Police Officers
Posted by: Wallfire - 09-21-2017, 12:44 PM - Forum: Political News and more - No Replies

If this is true, I find it very very worrying. People need to read about Stalin, what he was and what he did only then will they understand what the "left" wants and what it will mean to all of us.

Last week, The Daily Caller published a story on John Jay College of Criminal Justice professor Mike Isaacson, who posted numerous tweets justifying antifa violence and advocacy of anarchism and violence against the police.

The professor, who was placed on administrative leave on September 15, has not yet been fired by the institution.
TheDC was alerted by Far Left Watch to a host of tweets by Isaacson that were only just brought to light Wednesday. The tweets, some of which were deleted following coverage of Isaacson in the media, call not only for Antifa protests, but for killing the police.
In a tweet dating to August 30, Isaacson wrote “Off the pigs” in response to a HuffPost article that claimed the police allowed white supremacists to “terrorize” Charlottesville.
In a separate tweet dating to August 18, Isaacson suggested burning down police stations “with an accelerant.” It was written in response to a post about Texas police who were cleared of wrongdoing for performing a cavity search on a female suspect.
In a series of now-deleted tweets throughout 2017, Isaacson posted one-off comments about dead police and service members, including a suggestion about “killing superior officers” in the military to “stop war.”
[Image: the-point.png]Mike Isaacson on Twitter (Screenshot: Twitter)
[Image: overthrow.jpg]Mike Isaacson on Twitter (Screenshot: Twitter)
Responding to YouTuber Laci Green’s tweet about the Women’s March’s decision to choose a convicted cop murderer, Assata Shakur, as a figurehead of the movement, Isaacson tweeted:
“Dead cops are good, Laci.”
[Image: dead-cops-are-good-laci.png]Mike Isaacson on Twitter (Screenshot: Twitter)
Like many other Antifa supporters and far-left extremists, Isaacson holds a positive opinion of Shakur, a member of the Black Liberation Army who was convicted in 1977 for first-degree murder in the shooting of State Trooper Werner Foerster. She was given political asylum in communist Cuba.

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