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  Your Favorite Actors and Actresses.
Posted by: PLOTUS - 9 hours ago - Forum: Movies and TV Shows - Replies (1)

This might surprise some..? We all have our favorite actors that we have followed and eagerly watched their work. Just who do you like or adore? 
[Image: 652d40e611311e88422a96aeec86c486.jpg]

[Image: images.jpg]
It seems everyone has some one they gravitate towards, some wizard of fantasy, someone who takes them out of the everyday into a nice reprieve of make believe and imagination.

For woman, I suppose it would have to be Kristin.
[Image: ff828a835eeca731f4cbb3d54f5ee8b2.jpg]
Another that has enchanted me since I was a child, or forever is Lauren Bacall, followed of course with often time co-star Humphrey Bogart

[Image: 13bacall-obit-ss-slide-79-CJ-super-Jumbo-v2.jpg]

[Image: Lauren-Bacall-G36-613x920.webp]
There are certainly actors and actresses that might eclipse these favorites of mine, but they are few. 
It is a life few could handle, fame and sporadic fortune.. but fortunately unlike actors from Greek and later Roman times, these will be immortal.

Who are your Favorites ?  Movie and Theatre ?

All time favorite for me....... Peter Lorre.......

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  UK 1981: Woman Burnt by UFO Laser Beam
Posted by: Wallfire - Yesterday, 02:42 PM - Forum: UFOs, Aliens and Universal Questions - Replies (1)

Im posting this UFO story because I have a question or two about it. Now if the Lady was in a panic and trying to get into the house and was reaching for the door handle that means see was looking at the door handle, ie. looking at the door. So when the beam hit her and paralyzed her how did she manage to turn her head and look at the UFO ?

Also if one looks at the re-enactment photo that is not the position of a persons hand that is trying to open a door, the hand would be more turned  to a point that the beam could not hit that part of the hand. I call BS on this story .So what do people think ?

Quote:[Image: denise.jpg]

On September 10th 1981 Denise Bishop was deliberately bunt by a laser beam emitted by a UFO.
Denise Bishop 23 at the time of her experience had no previous interest in the UFO phenomena.
At about 11:15 pm Denise got out of taxi cab and walked towards her parent´s house in Weston Mill Hill,
Plymouth, UK.

A few steps before reaching the house´s back door she perceives some lights behind the nearby buildings.
Once she reaches the door she is in a position to see what is up there. A large UFO with a width of 35 to 40
meters (125 feet) and a shape resembling the body of a crab is hovering over the houses on the top of the
hill in complete silence.

Her account (1) was recorded by researcher Robert Boyd a few hours later, between 3:15 and 5:00 am:

The object was unlit, and a dark metallic grey, but coming from underneath it and shining down on the
rooftops, beneath it were six or seven broad shafts of light. These were in lovely pastel shades of pink
and purple, and there was also white. I saw all this in an instant, and I was terrified.

I hurriedly reached for the door, but as I put my hand on the handle, from the unlit side of the craft a
lime green-coloured pencil beam of light came and hit the back of my hand. As soon as it touched
my hand I couldn´t move and was stopped dead in my tracks

The beam stayed on my hand for t least thirty seconds, in which time I could only stand and watch the
UFO. I was very frightened, although the UFO was a fantastic sight to see. It was huge and silent.
In fact the whole area around about seemed very quiet.

The green beam which gave off no illumination and was rather like a rod of light, then switched off,
and I continued to open the back door. It was in fact as though a film had been stopped and started

I had been stopped in mid-stride, and when the beam went off I continued with the same movement
as before. I opened the door and rushed into the house. As I did so, I saw the UFO lift up into the sky
slightly and then begin moving away out of my sight.

Rubbing my hand, I ran and told my sister. Together we went outside again, but there was now nothing
to be seen. We went in again and my sister examined my hand, but there was nothing there to see.
I sat down and a few minutes later my sister´s dog began sniffing at the hand and made it sting.
On looking at it again I now noticed spots of blood on it, and after I had washed it I saw that it was burn.

At 2:30 am, on Friday the 11th my sister´s boyfriend, John Greenwell, arrived to pick her up (he had just
finished work for that night as a DJ in a Plymouth night-club) and when he had heard the story he said
we ought to report it to the police.

So he telephoned to the police about it but they did nothing and had no suggestion to make except to
give us the telephone number of Bob Boyd of the Plymouth UFO Research Group.”

Interviews with neighbors provided some further clues. The members of two households stated that on that night
and around 11pm their dogs appeared frightened and nervous. Two days after the incident, Denise´s wound
appeared still very sore.

A week after the incident she had a fully formed scab over her burn. After 3 months she was left with a pale mark
resembling a birth mark.

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  Covid-19 - Infected chief physician went to work - i
Posted by: Wallfire - 12-01-2020, 09:10 PM - Forum: Breaking News - No Replies

From the info I have been able to get, she was a non native Swede, but I stress its only the info I can get. But if im honest I cant see a Swedish doctor doing this

Quote:A female chief physician at Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg went to work despite obvious symptoms of covid-19. In two working days she managed to infect 13 people. The doctor has reported Ivo and may now be fired.

It was in October that the woman who fell ill with covid-19 went to work as usual. She claimed that she had antibodies against the virus, but according to the Ivo report, she has never been tested for this or for infection.
After the doctor had been at work for two days with covid-19, 13 people fell ill in the ward where the woman works. It involves one patient, two relatives and ten employees.
During the two days, the female doctor received several requests to go home because she showed clear symptoms of covid. She chose to ignore the requests and continued her work at the clinic closely with other care staff and patients.
It was only during an employee interview with a superior who noticed the covid symptoms that the doctor was ordered to leave the hospital. But by then she had already infected a large number of people.
According to the same manager who is also behind the report that has been made, the doctor has shown "repeated reckless behavior" and the recommendation is therefore that she be fired.

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  The Strange Disappearance of Agatha Christie
Posted by: Wallfire - 12-01-2020, 07:57 PM - Forum: Off Topic - Replies (4)

So many dark things here, so something a bit lighter. If I remember right Dr Who did a story about this

Quote:In 1926 the renowned crime novelist Agatha Christie was involved in a mystery that sounds like the
plot of one of her own novels. One freezing cold December night, Christie disappeared without trace
from her home in Berkshire, only to reappear eleven days later claiming that she had no memory of
where she had been or what she had done.

Unlike the fictional crimes unravelled by her famous sleuths Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple, this
puzzle has never been solved satisfactorily.

[Image: 3000.jpg?w=150&h=90]

At 11am on the morning after Christie’s disappearance a Police Superintendent in the neighbouring
county of Surrey was handed a report on a ‘road accident’ at Newlands Corner, just outside Guildford

 Christie’s car had been found halfway down a grassy bank with its bonnet buried in a clump of bushes
and no sign of the driver apart from an abandoned fur coat, seeming to imply that she had not intended
to go far.

From the start the police hinted that they suspected suicide, although this seemed an unlikely theory.
At the age of 36 Agatha Christie appeared to be an enviable figure. She was an attractive redhead with
a burgeoning career as a novelist, who lived with her husband, Colonel Archibald Christie, in a magnificent
country house.

What nobody knew, however, was that Christie’s life was not as perfect as it looked.
Her husband had recently fallen in love with a younger woman and told his wife that he wanted a divorce.
On top of this the death of her mother had been another psychological shock and Christie was sleeping badly,
eating erratically and appeared on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

In true detective novel fashion, the plot thickened when it was reported that some female clothes had
been found in a lonely hut near Newlands Corner, together with a bottle labelled ‘opium’. But this proved
to be a false alarm and the ‘opium’ turned out to be a harmless stomach remedy.

Another interesting touch of mystery was added when Christie’s brother-in-law revealed that he had
received a letter from her whose postmark indicated that it had been posted in London at 9.45am on
the day after her disappearance, when she was meant to be wandering around the Surrey woods.

It was 11 days after Christie’s disappearance that the head waiter at a hotel in Harrogate, North Yorkshire,
looked more closely at a female guest and recognized her from newspaper photographs as the missing

The Colonel travelled up on the first train as soon as he heard and was surprised when his wife appeared
not to know him. A doctor later confirmed that she was suffering from temporary loss of memory and
she shortly recovered full use of all her faculties, although she never confirmed what happened during
what came to be known as her ‘missing eleven days’.

There are many aspects of this ‘disappearance’ which do not seem to add up.
When Christie vanished she had been dressed casually, indeed almost dowdily, in a knitted skirt and
cardigan yet, when she was found, she was dressed stylishly and had £300 on her.

It is hard to believe that her amnesia was so complete that, while staying in comfort at a hotel, she was
able to read accounts of her own disappearance, look at her pictures in the papers and still not even
suspect her identity.

These discrepancies led many journalists at the time to wonder whether the whole affair had been a
publicity stunt – after all, following the widespread coverage, Christie’s next novel sold more than
twice as many copies as her last. From then on her career only went from strength to strength and
she was to become the century’s most successful crime writer.

Christie divorced the Colonel (who wed his fancy woman) and in 1930 married Professor Sir Max
Mallowan. But for the rest of her life she refused to discuss her disappearance, and would only grant
interviews on condition that it was not mentioned.

This then, is one Agatha Christie mystery that resolutely remains unsolved.

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  I Think Our Hawk Has Lost Its Mate
Posted by: NightskyeB4Dawn - 11-30-2020, 10:41 PM - Forum: Animal House - Replies (11)

I noticed her flying back and forth across the homestead, early this morning, screeching, agitated. I don't normally see them so early in the morning, but they hang close, and they always hang with me when I mow, hoping I will send a mouse, snake, or mole, their way.

I had business away from home so I was gone the whole day. As soon as I started up the drive, I saw her. Still flying to and fro, agitated and screeching.

I haven't seen him, so I am praying that she has not lost her mate.

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  The Welsh & The Virus In The Valleys.
Posted by: BIAD - 11-30-2020, 10:24 PM - Forum: Europe - Replies (10)

First the Welsh devolved Government promised its people that their Covid rules would safeguard
them from the virus. Then they locked down the nation and called a 'firebreak', to last from 23rd
October until the 9th November. Assurances were given that this control was necessary and should
do the trick.

Of course, power and control doesn't work with ceding to given-promises.
Apparently the Covid flu lives in booze now.

Quote:Covid: Alcohol ban for Welsh pubs and restaurants from Friday.

'Welsh pubs, restaurants and cafes will be banned from serving alcohol from Friday and will be
unable to open to customers beyond 18:00 GMT. First Minister Mark Drakeford announced the
new rules to tackle a rise in coronavirus cases.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=8721]

Business groups said the move would devastate Wales' hospitality industry, with closures "guaranteed".
Indoor entertainment and visitor attractions, including cinemas, museums and galleries, will also have to shut.
Businesses can offer a takeaway service after 18:00, and if they have an off-licence can sell takeaway alcohol
up until 22:00.

The Conservative leader in the Senedd, Paul Davies, said the national approach from the Welsh Government
was unfair on areas with low Covid rates. Plaid Cymru said hospitality was "paying the price" for a lack of stricter
measures after the firebreak lockdown ended on 9 November.
Mr Drakeford said without changes there could be between 1,000 and 1,700 preventable deaths over the winter.

The first minister said firms hit by the restrictions would be offered £340m in support which he claimed was
"the most generous package of financial assistance anywhere in the UK".

Mr Drakeford told a press conference: "I know these new restrictions will be difficult, coming as they do at the
one of the busiest times of the year for the sector. "Unfortunately, we continue to face a virus which is moving
incredibly quickly across Wales and a virus that will exploit every opportunity when we spend time with one another."

The case rate has risen from 187 per 100,000 people over seven days on Friday, to 210 cases per 100,000
people, Mr Drakeford added. The restrictions come into effect at 18:00 on Friday, and are similar to the restrictions
on hospitality within level three areas in Scotland.

However the rule allowing four people from four different households to meet indoors in pubs and restaurants will
stay in place.

The decision will be reviewed on 17 December.
Bingo halls, bowling alleys, soft play centres, casinos, skating rinks and amusement arcades will also have to close.
Meanwhile current restrictions on travel into England, implemented while a lockdown is in place over the border, are
being reviewed.
The first minister said he would make a further announcement later this week...'
BBC: (More in link)

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
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  And the hate goes on
Posted by: Wallfire - 11-30-2020, 04:05 PM - Forum: General News and Events - Replies (30)

Quote:We need to turn Trump Hotels into prisons for his supporters’ — Radical left-wingers like Keith Olbermann call for purge of Trump supporters
Some on the left are calling for "reeducation camps", stuffing Trump supporters into Trump hotels converted into prisons, and even firing squads

November 30, 2020
editor:JOHN CODY
Extreme-left media personalities in the United States are calling for Trump supporters to imprisoned and re-educated, as they eagerly await Joe Biden’s presumptive presidential inauguration on Jan. 20, 2021.
In a recent video segment posted to his YouTube channel, Keith Olbermann, a former sports and political commentator at ESPN and MSNBC, respectively, called for the many buildings owned by US President Donald Trump’s to be converted into prisons for his supporters.
During his melodramatic, hate-filled rant, the extreme-left political commentator accused the Trump administration of being "criminally guilty" of trying to privatize the federal government, "criminally negligent" in the deaths of 250,000 Americans, and  "criminally liable" for what he described as the "current attempted coup".

“We also want as many members as possible of this corrupt, immoral, anti-democratic, outgoing administration indicted, arrested, tried, and imprisoned,” Olbermann said.
“We want enough of them in there that they can hold reunions and birthday parties. We want the prisons so filled with Trumps and Trump flunkies and Trump apologists and Trump enablers that we have to convert Trump buildings into new goddamn Trump prisons.”
Although Trump was often accused of "authoritarian" behavior and even called a Nazi, the left-wing figures such as Olbermann are now openly calling for mass incarceration of his political opponents. However, he is far from the only left-wing extremist with authoritarian proclivities to pursue this kind of rhetoric.  
Other blue-checked marked extremists like David Atkins, a regional director for California Democrats and an elected member of the Democratic National Committee, alluded to the suggestion of Trump supporters being sent to re-education camps.
“No seriously… how *do* you deprogram 75 million people? Where do you start? Fox? Facebook?” Atkins asked in a Twitter post. “We have to start thinking in terms of post-WWII Germany or Japan. Or the failures of Reconstruction in the South,” he added.

Atkins then called Trump voters a “conspiracy theory fueled belligerent death cult against reality and basic decency” that “people are gonna try to figure out how to defend themselves” from.
Further down on the same thread, another verified user called for “Nuremberg trials”.

Others called for “reeducation camps for those salvageable” and “firing squads for irredeemable malcontents”.
Since 2016, the mainstream press has played a crucial role in legitimizing violence against Trump supporters.
In light of the violence committed against Trump supporters at the ‘Million MAGA March’ earlier this month, Republicans on the House Oversight Committee last week called for a hearing into the matter.
Far-left extremists were seen attacking Trump supporters – including women, children, families, and the elderly – as the made their way back to their cars and hotels after the march, Remix News reported.
Shortly after Nov. 3, prominent Democrats were promoting a Trump Accountability Project, which would blacklist Trump supporters and people who worked for the administration, which was backed by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.
Jennifer Rubin, a Washington Post columnist, threatened that they have a "list" of those who worked for Trump in echoes of the kind of purges seen in Soviet and Nazi times of political opponents. 

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  This solar cycle looks like it is going to be a big one
Posted by: 727Sky - 11-30-2020, 01:01 PM - Forum: General News and Events - No Replies

In spite of what some have theorized it is beginning to look (to me anyway) that this solar cycle is going to be a bugger ! With earth's measured weakened magnetic protectorate field it ain't gonna take much to turn the lights off if we are hit with an X something solar flare. This time of year or anytime of year it could be problematic if the rumors of lights out for an extended period of time are true. Maybe the government sponsored articles telling everyone to have emergency supplies has a bit of stronger reasoning that just bad weather ?

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  Heart transplant recipients pick-up memories and traits of donors
Posted by: Wallfire - 11-30-2020, 10:42 AM - Forum: Physical Health - Replies (1)

About 9 years I had my first blood transfusion, months after it I noticed that I had a strange fear of heights. This was new to me as I have always done climbing and have often been up high. It got so bad that I had to give up climbing and stop going any where near high places. After a few years this fear eased and im more or less ok now. But age now stops me from climbing.
About a little over a year ago I had another blood transfusion, this time I have noticed that my love of spicy food has changed, I dont like it as I use to. Its all a bit strange.
I wonder if the need for hunters and some fighters to drink the blood of there victim's has anything to do with this. It not enough to kill but a true hunter must take the soul/memories of the victims.


[url=https://www.historydisclosure.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/surreal-402830_640.jpg][Image: surreal-402830_640.jpg]
There are many irrefutable accounts of heart transplant recipients acquiring the memories and traits of their donors. Reports suggest that heart transplant recipients have hesitated to share their cases as their stories do not fit the mainstream worldview of human potential and nature. The same applies to their friends and families and more so with surgeons and health providers. In all the cases below, recipients did not have prior information of their donors as such information is kept confidential.
Acquiring new tastes and meeting donor in her dream
A few days after the transplant Claire Sylvia gave an interview. When asked what she would like to do she replied that she would like to have a beer. Her reply surprised her as she was not keen on beer. With time she developed cravings for green peppers and KFC nuggets. She later began to have recurring dreams about a man with the name Tim L. who she felt was the hear donor. She searched the obituaries and was able to identify Tim and eventually meet his family which confirmed that he was the donor and loved beer, green peppers and nuggets (1)
Recipient develops unusual musical tastes
A 47 year-old foundry worker after receiving the heart of a black teenager killed in a drive-by shooting developed a love for classical music. Being biased the worker did not think much of it as he expected that a black teen would only listen to rap music. Later on he discovered that the teenager was a violinist and was found dead holding his violin(2).
Recipient recounts the murder of her donor
An eight year-old girl who received the heart of a murdered ten year-old girl, began having recurring dreams of an actual murder. The girl was taken to a psychiatrist which concluded that the girl was recounting a real incident. After contacting the police they were able to provide clues (time, weapon, place, clothes worn by murderer and what the little girl said to him) that lead to the convinction of the murderer of the eight year old girl (2).
A change in sexual preferences 
In this case the donor was a 19 year-old woman killed in a car accident. The recipient was a 29 year-old gay woman diagnosed with a heart problem.
The donor woman was health conscious, vegetarian and enjoyed having relationships with men. After the operation and for some time the heart recipient could feel the accident every night on her chest. Her doctors did not give her a medical explanation on why this would happen. Also the donor stopped eating meat and junk food and although previously gay she became attracted to men; changed into a feminine woman and got married declaring that she stopped finding women sexually attractive (3).
Donor had visions of her recipient before his death
The donor was an 18-year-old boy killed in a car accident. The recipient was an 18-year-old girl diagnosed with endocarditis and subsequent heart failure.
The donor liked to write poetry. A year after his death, the parents decide to clean-up the room and find a collection of poems. Among them there was a poem that spoke of him seeing his own sudden death. The parent went on to discover lyrics of a song the deceased son had written titled “Danny, My Heart Is Yours”. The song described  how he felt about being destined to die and give his heart to someone. Furthermore, he had decided to donate his organs at age 12.
After the transplant, the recipient felt more energy. It was verified that her name was “Danny”.  She was drawn towards playing music (picking the guitar; the instrument played by the donor boy) and singing. When she wrote her first song, she sang about her new heart as her lover’s heart. She believed that the donor was her lover from a previous life that had come to save her life. (4)
Receiving traits and fears from the donor
The donor was a three-year-old girl who drowned in the pool at the mother’s boyfriend house while under the supervision of a babysitter. The girl’s mother had gone through an ugly divorce and the father never attempted to see his daughter after the separation. After the accident,  the mother and father felt guilty for not spending time with their daughter.
The recipient, a nine-year-old boy who had no idea who the donor was reporter of receiving information from a girl who was sad and afraid and wished that parents would not abandon and neglect their children. The recipient’s mother reported that her son had become very afraid of water and would not talk about it. (5)
What  lies behind this phenomena ?
In a nutshell, the theory behind this phenomena is that memory is accessible or processed through the cells and since the heart possesses cells similar to the brain and it has been proven that the heart sends information to the brain it may be possible that information about memories and traits may be transferred to the recipients brain. Therefore, in the cases described above heart transplant recipients receive information through the donor’s heart after it has become part of their body both consciously and subconsciously.
It is also worth noting that there have also been similar cases reported with transplants of other organs. According to Pearsal, kidney, liver and other organ recipients also indicated changes in sense of smell, food preference and emotional factors but these phenomena were usually temporary and could be associated with medication and and other factors of transplantation.(6)
The documentary that follows includes interviews with recipients and medical professionals explaining the phenomena and its implications on how we perceive the heart’s purpose as an organ (something more than just a pump) and its relationship with our brains.

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  Black activists struggle to separate themselves from anarchists
Posted by: Wallfire - 11-29-2020, 08:49 PM - Forum: General News and Events - Replies (35)

This is a long one so the link gives the rest.

Quote:By Jonathan Levinson (OPB) and Sergio Olmos (OPB)
Nov. 23, 2020 4 p.m. Updated: Nov. 26, 2020 2:37 a.m.

Standing on the steps of Revolution Hall this summer in Portland, Devin Boss held a bullhorn and spoke to a crowd of thousands packing the streets around the building.
“As soon as we lock arms like this night here, we show them they ain’t untouchable. Y’all gonna get touched, y’all gonna see those bars,” Boss said, railing against police impunity. “When MLK was assassinated do you remember how they marched? It wasn’t one day. It wasn’t two days. It was weeks.”
Devin Boss speaks to a crowd of thousands gathered at Revolution Hall after a racial justice march through Portland on June 1, 2020.

Jonathan Levinson / Jonathan Levinson

The crowd, standing shoulder to shoulder for more than a block in every direction, erupted in cheers. Demonstrators sat on the tops of cars and the roofs of buildings.
It was just before midnight on June 1. Two days before, a few thousand demonstrators had marched about four miles from Peninsula Park in North Portland to the Multnomah County Justice Center downtown, kicking off a months-long uprising in Portland against systemic racism and police violence.
more at the  link

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