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  50's & 60's maybe a 70's Car Commercials
Posted by: guohua - 11 hours ago - Forum: Daily Chit Chat - Replies (4)

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  Oil Shortage ??
Posted by: 727Sky - Today, 03:56 AM - Forum: Humor, Jokes & Pranks - Replies (1)

Quote:A lot of folks can't understand how we came to have an oil shortage here in our country.

Well, there's a very simple answer.
Nobody bothered to check the oil.
We just didn't know we were getting low.
The reason for that is purely geographical.
Our OIL is located in:
Coastal Florida
Coastal Louisiana
Coastal Alabama
Coastal Mississippi
Coastal Texas
North Dakota
And Texas


Our  dipstick is located in the White House!

Any Questions?

NO? Didn't think So.

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  Feel-Good Video of the Day!
Posted by: Schmoe1 - Today, 03:18 AM - Forum: Animal House - Replies (5)

A praying mantis devours a horse fly.  Back to hell, you little piece of shit  minusculebeercheers

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  So Portland Ore, is Complaining
Posted by: guohua - Today, 02:40 AM - Forum: General News and Events - Replies (4)

Last year Portland Oregon voted to Defund their Police,,,,,

Quote:Portland City Council defunds police bureau by $15 million
The Portland City Council has passed the 2020-21 budget 3-1, after failing to pass it last week. Included in the budget are plans to cut at least $15 million from the police bureau, eliminating 84 positions.
Quote:On Wednesday, Eudaly voted no again, and said her primary concern a week earlier had been that Portland was not reducing the overall number of police officers. She had proposed cutting many more positions within the police bureau.
Defund the Police

Okay, Now Portland Oregon has a problem and they are Whining about it.

Quote:Portland, Ore., Can’t Find Police for Unit to Fight Rising Murder Rate
 Gee, Stupid, I wonder Why!!??
Isn't Portland the Democrat City of Utopia and Love and Nonviolence??
Quote:Leaders in Portland, Ore., are looking to combat the city’s rising homicide rate by resurrecting a police unit focused on gun violence. But after a year of growing tension within the department, they can’t find enough officers to join.

Really, Why????
Quote:“They’re demonizing and vilifying you, and then they want to put you in a unit where you’re under an even bigger microscope,” said Daryl Turner, head of the union that represents Portland’s officers.
Portland SUCKS

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  Oe might reconsider the vaccine...
Posted by: Wrabbit2000 - Yesterday, 02:35 PM - Forum: General Health Topics - Replies (10)

Well, I got my jab. As shocking as that may be, for how outspoken I've been on the topic. Why, for, so, one may reasonably ask? 

It dawned on me..... There might be something wrong with this situation, and we may have stubbornly stood on the wrong side of it, just as we were projected and supposed to do. 

Consider this..... We know, as historic fact, the people taking over our nation are not only familiar with the concept of mass purging dissent, they consider it a necessary part of the revolution required to move into their Utopian society. You know the one, where Unicorns crap 4-leaf clovers and munchkins tend the fields where they come from. 

Again, lets circle back to this Covid thing. I've died of it once. A year ago last April. Acute Respiratory Failure was the official condition on the paperwork. Suffocating on open air...is the actual process I went through. Covid IS real, and it is a real pain in the chest for anyone with weakness to that malady or preexisting infection or other illness making chest problems likely or ongoing. So, theories of Covid being a nonstarter are, themselves, nonstarters. I'm living proof of it. Pun intended.

Yet......these RNA 'vaccines' aren't working ....quite obviously. You're more likely to contract it without a shot ....but that is about 180 degrees ass backward to how a vaccine is supposed to protect and look to those who've had one. Less likely? I mean, thanks.... Vegas seems to have better odds on a Roulette table. 

Let me be Jen here for a moment and circle around again to that whole purge concept. Lenin's Russia, Stalin's Russia, Mao's China, Tiananmen Square, right down to the little junior versions like North Korea and Cuba......the party poopers need dumped and wiped clean...and they are. Efficiently, if not cleanly. 

So, in Amerika...would scores be put against walls and shot? No... Oh hell no. They'd better either make those executions damn near overlapping in time for being overnight and preempting the reaction...or make the first ones damn good for value because half of America WOULD call that, finally, at long last, ENOUGH and bring hell on home as a reminder of what Americans do with tyrants. Yes...we really did cross a river, at night, while they slept, on Christmas eve, to sneak attack and ambush like the dastardly dudes we are in a real fight. We'll do it again, too! Merry Christmas, Uncle! You look a little ill....here, a shot for ya! (smirk)

So... How.... How how how.... If only there were a way to cull the weak, older losers sucking off social security and Medi- programs with nothing left to produce for the State.....and wouldn't it be, like, Commie like cool if somehow, there were a way to get American dissenters at or around the same time? After all, commie life needs to settle down pretty quick, or commies can't commie their police state very well. So.... yes.. How do we kill those nursing home level leaches and the loud mouth Trumpers .... Oh.... Wait a moment here. . . . . .

By George, I think I have an idea. Hold my beer while I dial up a delivery from Wuhan, China. They have a bug lab that has just what the new Amerika ordered! ....AND (LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY) The loud ones will not only self identify...but, by the time its over, will DEMAND they remain unprotected, leaving the good, faithful, compliant comrades alive to repopulate Utopia! So............ Don't get that shot, after all...Commie types are counting on that rebel streak to insure the streaks die once and for all. ....and perhaps this shot isn't about C-19 Delta...but a variant we haven't seen yet or a new bug from the same family? Hence...partial effect now...but too little to think this was ever the end result intended by the moonshot program to crash develop one.

............Just thoughts to consider here....because, up to now? Even the conspiracy theories trying to explain the contradictions and outright B.S. of this Covid pandemic leave big gaps of logic and just brush over their own contradictions. This one? .....

This theory? ....Perhaps the wildest of all...absurd....too grand and evil to be real......and, but, didn't someone once say, Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat? Bold, indeed....even. . . .audacious. 

Carefully consider this shot. Use critical thinking, no matter the side you're on today. Remain open to re-evaluating the situation as it changes or becomes clear in different ways. In the end, facing our mortality having taken or not taken this shot, we will each live with the decision we made. For better or worse....in a situation where we KNOW we don't have all the information, nothing is quite as it seems, and the only certainty seems to be that its a zero sum game. We can feel sure of that much. One side will lose, and one will survive. I think we're seeing that starting to play out in ways even a year ago would have seen as surreal.

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  Disband the FBI ?
Posted by: 727Sky - Yesterday, 09:35 AM - Forum: Hot Button Issues - Replies (5)

The problem with the FBI, CIA, NSA is they can go after anyone, even those in government (Trump ?) and cause such a problem there is very little recourse even though all the charges are like Russia Russia Russia happened with Trump.

Quote:[Image: picture-5.jpg]by Tyler Durden

Friday, Jul 30, 2021 - 11:00 PM
Authored by Chris Farrell via The Gatestone Institute,
The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) continues its downward spiral into terminal corruption. Sadly, the scandals, criminality and ethical abuses of the organization are largely ignored by the American public and by the institutions of government charged with oversight and correction. Outrage after outrage is reported, hearings are held, Inspector General reports are issued -- but the systemic corruption is never really tackled and dirty cops skate away virtually unscathed.
[Image: 1505.jpg?itok=5bAEmcGC]

This situation is constitutionally unacceptable, corrosive to public trust in law enforcement, and a threat to the survival of the republic.
In the past few days alone, we have learned that the October 2020 Michigan governor kidnap plot was largely a creation of the FBI; a "senior FBI official" was on the take from media organizations; and another assistant director was in a "romantic relationship with a subordinate" and involved in "other misconduct."
The leadership failures documented by the Office of the Inspector General are now almost standard and part of a tiresome media drip-torture for the public to endure.
Meanwhile, the FBI had the audacity to issue a Stasi-like tweet urging "monitoring of 'family members and peers' for extremism."
Remember: what we learn about the FBI in the press are only the stories that are SO outrageous that the FBI cannot keep a lid on them and is forced to make disclosures via a toothless Inspector General report -- but never anything that results in a criminal indictment. Imagine what the ordinary day-to-day misconduct in FBI offices across the country could be. And these scandals don't just amount to "bad press" – in several of these, federal courts scourge the FBI for lawbreaking. Additionally, Inspector General report after report details FBI abuses such as whistleblowers being retaliated against and ignoring "high-risk" employees who fail polygraph tests.
There are still apologists for the FBI. Some seek to defend the organization with the rationalization that "it's always been that way." That sort of thinking is a cynical effort to inoculate and immunize real criminality as something normal and regular. "Get used to it kid, that's the way of the world," they offer with a shrug and a grin. Others, like Sean Hannity, cling to the "just a few bad apples" excuse. That sort of FBI cheerleading flies in the face of a litany of systemic abuses and pervasive abusers. The FBI ran a coup against President Trump. It failed. The following got away: Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page, Clinesmith, Pientka, Brower, Baker, et al. Any real consequences for attempting to overthrow the government of the United States? No.
In May 2018, veteran reporter Eric Lichtblau of Time magazine wrote an article titled, "The FBI Is in Crisis. It's Worse Than You Think," wherein he detailed:
Quote:"The bureau, which is used to making headlines for nabbing crooks, has been grabbing the spotlight for unwanted reasons: fired leaders, texts between lovers and, most of all, attacks by President Trump ... internal and external reports have found lapses throughout the agency, and longtime observers, looking past the partisan haze, see a troubling picture: something really is wrong at the FBI... other painful, more public failures as well: missed opportunities to prevent mass shootings that go beyond the much-publicized overlooked warnings in the Parkland, Fla., school killings; an anguishing delay in the sexual-molestation probe into Olympic gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar; and evidence of misconduct by agents in the aftermath of standoffs with armed militias in Nevada and Oregon. FBI agents are facing criminal charges ranging from obstruction to leaking classified material."
Four years later and the situation has not improved.
Let us go back to the Michigan governor "kidnap plot" for a moment. The entire operation was an anti-Trump political smear job -- and was called into question for being exactly that back when the story broke in October 2020. Now we find out that the FBI was running at least a dozen paid "confidential informants" in the plot. It was a plot they dreamed up. It was actually a rehash of an Obama-era 2010 FBI plot by the so-called "Hutarees" that fell apart in court.
The FBI worries about "entrapment" in these cases because the FBI must demonstrate that there is reasonable suspicion that the subject in a case is about to be or is engaging in criminal activity. The government then allows the criminal/terrorist the opportunity to commit the act. In these cases, the FBI has good reason to worry.
More disturbingly, this is nothing new. Look at the "Herald Square Bomber" case as another instance in which the FBI identifies, recruits, trains, dispatches and then arrests the very informant they recruited in the first place. The FBI appears to have fabricated plots and terrorists to advance their own agenda and statistics. It looks, walks, and talks like "entrapment." Are there really no other bad guys out there for the FBI to go after? They need to focus on this modus operandi?
Questions are now being raised as to whether the FBI had a role in the Capitol Hill protests of January 6, 2021. When one examines the FBI's involvement in the Trump-Russia collusion hoax; Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) abuses; standing by idly while in possession of Hunter Biden's Ukraine and Burisma-laden laptops, while President Trump endured a second phony impeachment; and the frame-up of Trump's National Security Advisor, Lieutenant General Michael Flynn – it is not too difficult to imagine. And that is just the problem: It is not difficult to imagine. It should be an "impossibility."
The FBI needs to go away. It should happen in an orderly and thoughtful process, over a period of months. Congress should authorize and create an investigative division in the U.S. Marshals Service and open applications for law enforcement officer seeking to be rigorously screened, vetted and then accessed into the new organization. Similar action was taken before in the very creation of the FBI. It is now time to clean house and restore the public's trust in the "premier investigative agency" of federal law enforcement.


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  What if This is it?
Posted by: Mystic Wanderer - 07-31-2021, 10:32 PM - Forum: Off Topic - Replies (22)

Time to put on your tin foil hat friends as I take you on this journey of "what if?"  

What if... the powers that be know we are about to be hit by a solar flare large enough to take down our grid, so they come out with hints that Russia, or hackers, are going to take it down?  That way, the people will be in agreement to go after Russia in a full-scale war? 

The narrator in the video below says we'll be hit sometime in August; he predicts August 17. 
(There's that number again!)  
He also says this large solar pulse could possibly be followed by large rocks hitting the moon and Earth. When they hit the earth, it will start massive fires. 

Sounds like Revelations is here if this man is correct. 

Time to head to the bunker?   tinyhuh 

Fear porn?  I don't know, but we only have a couple of weeks until we find out.  tinyshocked


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  The Choice is Yours.
Posted by: Tarzan the apeman. - 07-31-2021, 01:06 AM - Forum: Rogue Herbal Revolution - Replies (4)

In my little town, they are recommending we go back to wearing the dreaded mask. I went through and read about a hundred comments and found this.

ME: CDC, should I get poke if I already had Covid?

CDC: “Yes, you should be poked regardless of whether you already had COVID-19. That’s because experts do not yet know how long you are protected from getting sick again after recovering from COVID-19.”

ME: Oh, okay, we don’t know how long natural immunity lasts. Got it. So, how long does poke-induced immunity last?

CDC: “There is still a lot we are learning about COVID-19 pokes and CDC is constantly reviewing evidence and updating guidance. We don’t know how long protection lasts for those who are poked.”

ME: Okay … but wait a second. I thought you said the reason I need the poke was because we don’t know how long my natural immunity lasts, but it seems like you’re saying we ALSO don’t know how long poke immunity lasts either. So, how exactly is the poke immunity better than my natural immunity?

CDC: …

ME: Uh … alright. But, haven’t there been a bunch of studies suggesting that natural immunity could last for years or decades?

CDC: Yes.

NEWYORKTIMES: “Years, maybe even decades, according to a new study.”

ME: Ah. So natural immunity might last longer than poke immunity?

CDC: Possibly. You never know.

ME: Okay. If I get the poke, does that mean I won’t get sick?

BRITAIN: Nope. We are just now entering a seasonal spike and about half of our infections and hospital admissions are poked people.

ME: CDC, is this true? Are there a lot of people in the U.S. catching Covid after getting the poke?

CDC: We stopped tracking breakthrough cases. We accept voluntary reports of breakthroughs but aren’t out there looking for them.

ME: Does that mean that if someone comes in the hospital with Covid, you don’t track them because they’ve been poked? You only track the UN-poked Covid cases?

CDC: That’s right.

ME: Oh, okay. Hmm. Well, if I can still get sick after I get the poke, how is it helping me?

CDC: We never said you wouldn’t get sick. We said it would reduce your chances of serious illness or death.

ME: Oh, sorry. Alright, exactly how much does it reduce my chance of serious illness or death.

CDC: We don’t know “exactly.”

ME: Oh. Then what’s your best estimate for how much risk reduction there is?

CDC: We don’t know, okay? Next question.

ME: Um, if I’m healthy and don’t want the poke, is there any reason I should get it?

CDC: Yes, for the collective.

ME: How does the collective benefit from me getting poked?

CDC: Because you could spread the virus to someone else who might get sick and die.

ME: Can a poked person spread the virus to someone else?

CDC: Yes.

ME: So if I get poked, I could still spread the virus to someone else?

CDC: Yes.

ME: But I thought you just said, the REASON I should get poked was to prevent me spreading the virus? How does that make sense if I can still
catch Covid and spread it after getting the poke?

CDC: Never mind that. The other thing is, if you stay unpoked, there’s a chance the virus could possibly mutate into a strain that escapes the pokes protection, putting all poked people at risk.

ME: So the poke stops the virus from mutating?

CDC: No.

ME: So it can still mutate in poked people?

CDC: Yes.

ME: This seems confusing. If the poke doesn’t stop mutations, and it doesn’t stop infections, then how does me getting poked help prevent a more deadly strain from evolving to escape the poke?

CDC: You aren’t listening, okay? The bottom line is: as long as you are unpoked, you pose a threat to poked people.
ME: But what KIND of threat??

CDC: The threat that they could get a serious case of Covid and possibly die.

ME: My brain hurts. Didn’t you JUST say that the poke doesn’t keep people from catching Covid, but prevents a serious case or dying? Now it seems like you’re saying poked people can still easily die from Covid even after they got the poke just by running into an unpoked person! Which is it??

CDC: That’s it, we’re hanging up now.

ME: Wait! I just want to make sure I understand all this. So, even if I ALREADY had Covid, I should STILL get poked, because we don’t know how long natural immunity lasts, and we also don’t know how long poke immunity lasts. And I should get the poke to keep a poked person from catching Covid from me, but even if I get the poke, I can give it to the poked person anyways. And, the other poked person can still easily catch a serious case of Covid from me and die. Do I have all that right?

ME: Um, hello? Is anyone there?

(Copied & paste from someone else)

So for me, it comes down to if you want to get the poke then get the poke, if you don't want the poke then don't. I do wish however that the CDC would get their heads out of their asses and let people get back to living their lives.

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  Twitter Bans Six Election Audit Accounts
Posted by: Mystic Wanderer - 07-30-2021, 06:20 PM - Forum: Political News and more - Replies (4)

Big Tech just gets more embolden under this tyrannical regime. Now they have banned the accounts that were posting results from the election audits. 
Why would they do that if there was nothing to hide? 
Anyone with common sense knows the true answer. 

Quote:Twitter is claiming that the real reason it banned six accounts dedicated to the audit of 2020 election ballots in Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin, Nevada and Pennsylvania is because the accounts were “spamming” the platform.

The banned accounts included @ArizonaAudit, @Audit_PA, @AuditGeorgia, @AuditNevada, @AuditWisconsin, and @AuditWarRoom.

The bans came on on the same day that Congress began its partisan, Democrat-led Jan 6th proceedings, a day after PayPal announced it would work with law enforcement to monitor “extremists,” and a day after an online counter-terrorism organization of which Twitter is a member announced it would shift its focus from Islamic extremism to the “far right.”

A spokeswoman for the company claimed that the accounts were “permanently suspended for violating the Twitter rules on platform manipulation and spam.”

Twitter’s rules state that operating multiple accounts with overlapping use cases, such as identical or similar personas or substantially similar content, is prohibited.

As Breitbart News reported yesterday, the bans came as Republicans intensify efforts to audit ballots in 2020 swing states.
Spam?!  Really?   smalltappingfoot
The real reason is because they don't want the public to be able to find a place that's reporting on the corruption in these blue states. Most people are too lazy to go searching for it if it's not on Twitter/social media/MSM. 

ETA: You can still find audit results/reporting on Steve Bannon's War Room on Rumble, OAN, RSBN, and The Epoch Times. They are all probably on Rumble, or their own website. 

I'm so over the corrupt media, politicians, and government in general. I just want my country back to the one I loved when I was growing up; that's all. 
Read more here: Twitter Sucks!

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  8.2 Quake Hits Alaska
Posted by: Mystic Wanderer - 07-30-2021, 05:47 PM - Forum: Forces of Nature - Replies (2)

The largest earthquake in 50 years hit Alaska this past Wednesday with a jolting 8.2 on the Richter scale!
There was little damage, which is unbelievable for such a large quake. 
I guess Poseidon was just giving us juvenile humans a warning to straighten our act up.  tinywondering

Quote:Some 380 miles to the west, off the coast of the Alaskan Peninsula, a magnitude 8.2 earthquake had just ripped through this part of the planet—the biggest temblor the U.S. has seen in more than 50 years. The event, which struck just after 10 p.m. local time on July 28, jolted nearby shores and sent landslides rushing down the steep coastal mountains. 

Luckily, the quake caused little damage. It struck far from dense population centers and only caused rough seas. But such a large event would be devastating elsewhere. A magnitude 8.2 earthquake is nearly as large as the biggest earthquake thought possible along the San Andreas fault. 

I find it strange that a tsunami warning test had just been implemented a couple of hours earlier.  There always seems to be a test or training exercise shortly prior to major events like this. 
Why?   minusculethinking

Quote:A slowly oscillating wail cut through the sunlit summer night outside Kasey Aderhold's house in Homer, Alaska. The same siren had sounded just hours before as a test of the tsunami warning system—but this time the danger was real.

The tsunami warning has been lifted now. 

Read more on this story here: Source

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