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  Valiant Thor: Your Friendly Pentagon Alien
Posted by: Wallfire - 05-15-2019, 01:02 PM - Forum: UFOs, Aliens and Universal Questions - Replies (5)

I have read a lot about this story,and to be honest its a bit strange. Below is another version of the story. I often use the Skeptoid web site to get the other side of story's . 
Think about it, this all happened during the cold war. I dont think the government would ever tell that they had a alien walking about the place. 

Quote:by Brian Dunning

Filed under Aliens & UFOs
Skeptoid Podcast #675 
May 14, 2019
Podcast transcript | Subscribe


[Image: share-facebook.png] [Image: share-twitter.png] [Image: share-reddit.png]
Today we're going to open the book of great legends from the realm of UFOlogy, and turn to the story on Valiant Thor, a benevolent Venusian who lived among us for three years in the late 1950s. The story is passionately believed by a few proponents, and has been promoted as fact on TV shows such as Ancient Aliens and dramatized in the 2013 film short Stranger at the Pentagon. Today we're going to look at the facts of the story and the context in which it was told, and see if we can conclude whether Valiant Thor truly did visit the Earth.
The story of Valiant Thor did not exist until 1967, when it was revealed to the world in the book Stranger at the Pentagon by the Rev. Frank E. Stranges (1927-2008), and several other books in the decades since. Stranges was a traveling Christian evangelist who also wrote books about UFOs and gave lectures at UFO meetings. A deeply religious man, Stranges believed that aliens visited the Earth in order to spread the word of God. In Stranger at the Pentagon, he wrote that he was concluding a sermon one day when a mysterious woman showed up and invited him to the Pentagon. There he was introduced to Valiant Thor, an alien who had come to Earth to offer us all the technologies we'd ever need, plus to caution us against nuclear weapons. The two became fast friends and spent much time together, during which Stranges learned Val's whole story.
Val and his companions were from Venus, and had landed on March 16, 1957, with a 3-year mission to invite the Earth to join the interstellar community, who had had their eyes on us ever since the atomic bomb blasts in World War II. Val was brought to meet President Eisenhower and Vice President Nixon, who put him up in an apartment at the Pentagon. He traveled and met with many government officials. Then, at the end of his mission, he dematerialized on March 16, 1960.
Science fiction fans among will you immediately recognize this as the plot of the 1951 movie The Day the Earth Stood Still. But that's just the first of many red flags festooning this tale, perhaps the largest being that we now know Venus is far from being inhabitable by any life, and wouldn't really make its residents part of "the interstellar community" anyway. Another red flag is that although the TV show Ancient Aliens described Stranges as "A federal marshal and chaplain who had top secret security clearance at the Pentagon", he never worked as a marshal or in any type of government or law enforcement, never worked at the Pentagon, and certainly never had "top security clearance". He claimed to be the Assistant Deputy Director of the California State Marshal Association, which does not exist. California has no state marshals.
There are other problems with Stranges' credentials. His author's biography says that he received a bachelor's degree in theology plus Ph.Ds in both psychology and philosophy from Faith Theological Seminary in Florida. Faith Theological Seminary is a real accredited religious college, but does not offer Ph.Ds in either discipline. In his later years he began also claiming a Ph.D in Criminology from the National Institute of Criminology in Washington, D.C., but there is no such institution. There are several unaccredited universities with similar names overseas, but none of them offer Ph.Ds at all. Nevertheless, Stranges has written as "Dr. Frank E. Stranges" ever since. With so many problems right out of the gate, who would give his book any credence?
Stranger at the Pentagon had exactly two people who have corroborated its contents: Harley Andrew Byrd who wrote the book's foreword, a self-described Project Blue Book investigator and nephew of Admiral Richard Byrd; and Laura Eisenhower, the great granddaughter of the president who worked with Valiant. However, it turns out both of them are poor sources.
"Harley Andrew Byrd" is probably not who he says he is. Records on Ancestry.com can't really confirm or disprove the possibility that Admiral Byrd had a nephew by this name, but his story requires that he would have held a senior role at Project Blue Book with top security clearance and over a year of training behind him, all by the age of 18. When he went on Art Bell's Coast to Coast AM radio show in 1995 it went south very quickly. He told ridiculous stories of Admiral Byrd's adventures, including that the admiral entrusted him as a young boy with secret diaries telling of his contacts with aliens and Nazis. One listener wrote:

Quote:[Harley Byrd] talks nonsense, makes all manner of bizarre claims about greys, sasquatch, Aryans, and other alien types, and assiduously commercializes the whole for profit... Harley Byrd is actually a huckster [who] merely poses as Byrd's grandson to sell these bogus diaries.

Laura Eisenhower is, however, who she claims to be; but is perhaps not the best expert. Her website lists her as "a Global Alchemist, Researcher and Intuitive Astrologist". She says:

Quote:My global work has been about opening Natural Stargates and assisting in the activation of the 13th gate through consciously being a part of the grounding of the Mother Arc energies into the Earth core.

She counts herself part of the "disclosure" movement among UFOlogists who believe the government is withholding evidence of aliens. She describes her role in the disclosure:

Quote:...My piece has to do with exposing an attempted recruitment I went through, to go off planet to a Mars Colony in 2006 and also in revealing the energies and Galactic History of the Great Cosmic and Earth Mother, who is supporting our growth as we heal, activate and transform together — into the Crystalline Silicate Matrix.

The closest to evidence of anything in Stranges' book is a series of photographs that he reproduced, which show a group of a dozen or so clean-cut young people gathered in chairs at some kind of outdoor event. Stranges said they were taken a month after Val's arrival, at an informal UFO gathering at the High Bridge, New Jersey farm of Howard Menger, a sign painter who claimed to be a lifelong alien abductee. Stranges identifies four of the people seated as Val, Donn, Jill, and Tanyia, all members of Val's crew. These photos are widely available online, but other than the photographer's name being given as August C. Robert, I was able to find no information about them whatsoever. As far as being useful evidence goes, it's an unremarkable photo of anonymous people, with no verifiable provenance.
Today, according to Stranges, Val Thor and his entire crew are still aboard their spacecraft, VICTOR ONE, parked near the shoreline of Lake Mead in Nevada. Stranges explained to host Tracie Austin on the Let's Talk Paranormal radio program why you wouldn't be able to find it:

Quote:FS: Now it's surrounded by a force field, and the only way you could possibly find that ship is if you look for a circle of dead insects, but the wind would probably drive them away by the time you got there.
TA: So is there a depression there, sort of like a crop circle depression?
FS: You won't see it, because it's heavy gravel.

There's an odd turn to the Valiant Thor case found in a number of articles written on the case's history, and it's that Frank Stranges had a brush with the FBI. In 2010 the FBI published to their Vault website the response to a Freedom of Information Act request for their file on NICAP (National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena), an association of UFO enthusiasts. In 1962, NICAP's secretary, Richard Hall, wrote to J. Edgar Hoover the following:

Quote:Enclosed is a report prepared by this committee on Dr. Stranges which may be of interest. The letters cited in our report, including two in which the writers state Dr. Stranges implied he was associated with the FBI (underlined in red), are available for inspection here.
We also have a thick file of letters from Dr. Stranges, or about him, which are not cited in the enclosed report. We would be glad to make this material available to the FBI and to furnish copies of any pertinent documents.

The files include some internal communication in which the San Francisco FBI office was advised to find Stranges and "admonish him against implying that he is or has been connected with the FBI." Their report back stated:

Quote:Dr. Stranges is an evangelist. Based on his background, numerous addresses and organizations which he has had and the fact that he claims to have talked to an individual from the planet Venus, it appears that he may also be something of a confidence man.

However, of the charge that he'd been impersonating an FBI agent, they found:

Quote:During the investigation no one was located who had actually heard Dr. Stranges make any such allegation although it was generally conceded that he had left a number of people with such an impression.

And no further action was taken. Hall seems to have been something of a snitch, as the FBI Vault documents on NICAP include at least one other case in which he wrote to the Bureau advising them of petty crimes of one sort or another committed by other former NICAP members. He claimed a former member named Lloyd Blair had stolen a woman's car and swindled her out of some money, an incident that would seem to be of no concern to the FBI, and certainly not Hall's business to report to them. It's hard to make a judgement about Hall's motivation based on just two cases of snitching, but it's possible he was simply trying to discredit former members of the organization.
We do know that NICAP really had it in for Stranges; his name appears often in their publications, and always with great derision. In their "review" of Stranges' 1965 documentary film Phenomena 7.7 about the famous Lonnie Zamora UFO case, Hall wrote:

Quote:...But this is not the worst. The film, we have learned, was produced by "Dr." Frank. Stranges, evangelist, who frequently uses contactee stories in platform discussions of UFOs. Several years ago, before NICAP knew of Stranges' activities, he became a NICAP member. Later, he claimed personal friendship with the director, though they had never met, and implied NICAP approval of his contactee reports. NICAP canceled his membership, returned his fee, and has disavowed any approval of his UFO claims... We have heard 7.7 is being offered for TV use, and we have informed network heads of the facts. If Phenomena 7.7 is scheduled at your local theater, please show this statement to the manager.

The final point I'd like to make is one that carries, I think, a lot of weight. In the decade between the time he says he met Val and the time he published Stranger at the Pentagon, Frank Stranges published at least two other books about UFOs: Flying Saucerama in 1959 and New Flying Saucerama in 1966, plus he produced at least two documentary films about UFOs: Strange Sightings in 1964, plus Phenomena 7.7 we already mentioned. If he truly had spent months discussing the cosmos with a real alien emissary — the most important event in the history of our race — why would he never have mentioned the fact once in any of these other works? Also during those years, he set aside his alleged work at the Pentagon with this astonishing interplanetary contact, and founded the International Evangelism Crusades with his father. Why?
The answer, of course, is that he simply hadn't thought up the story yet. Rev. Stranges' Stranger at the Pentagon was, like so many other parts of his life, pure fiction. He was a small-time UFO author who hoped that the inspiration he drew from The Day the Earth Stood Still would make him a big-time UFO author. And, in a weird sort of way, it worked.

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  Our Prayers, Love and Support for Senona
Posted by: guohua - 05-14-2019, 04:35 AM - Forum: The Lit Candle Hall - Replies (7)

enona needs our Prayers and Loving Energy and Thoughts.
She has had very major bad news in her life regarding her someone she Loves Dearly and has been together for 33 years. 

[Image: healinglightgraphic.gif]

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  Rashida Tlaib, On the Holocaust
Posted by: Wallfire - 05-13-2019, 10:12 AM - Forum: Off Topic - Replies (1)

Not a lot I can say about this one

Quote:by Philip Klein
 | May 12, 2019 09:07 AM


Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., has made yet another shocking and historically ignorant claim: That thinking about the Holocaust gives her a "calming feeling" because her Palestinian ancestors provided a "safe haven" for Jewish victims of the tragedy.
Tlaib, a close ally of Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., who is no stranger to anti-Semitic controversies herself, made the latest statement on a podcast called "Skullduggery" in an episode titled "From Rashida with Love."
"There’s always kind of a calming feeling I tell folks when I think of the Holocaust, and the tragedy of the Holocaust, and the fact that it was my ancestors — Palestinians — who lost their land and some lost their lives, their livelihood, their human dignity, their existence in many ways, have been wiped out, and some people's passports," Tlaib said just after the 28 minute mark. "And just all of it was in the name of trying to create a safe haven for Jews, post-the Holocaust, post-the tragedy and the horrific persecution of Jews across the world at that time. And I love the fact that it was my ancestors that provided that, right, in many ways. But they did it in a way that took their human dignity away and it was forced on them.”

There are so many historical inaccuracies in one statement that it's difficult to even know where to start. But to highlight a few:
— The Jewish presence in the area currently known as Israel dates back thousands of years, and the modern migration of Jews back there pre-dated the Holocaust by many decades, starting with the migration of Jews from Yemen in 1881.
— With the Balfour Declaration of 1917, the British government supported the establishment of a Jewish state in the area, an idea rejected by Arabs.
— In 1937, the British Peel Commission proposed a two-state solution to Jews and Arabs, which the Arabs once again rejected because they could not accept any Jewish presence in the region.
— During World War II, the Palestinian leader at the time, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Muhammad Amin al-Husayni, met with Adolf Hitler and allied with the Nazis. As the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum recounts, "al-Husayni collaborated with the German and Italian governments by broadcasting pro-Axis, anti-British, and anti-Jewish propaganda via radio to the Arab world; inciting violence against Jews and the British authorities in the Middle East; and recruiting young men of Islamic faith for service in German military, Waffen-SS , and auxiliary units. In turn, the Germans and the Italians used al-Husayni as a tool to inspire support and collaboration among Muslim residents of regions under Axis control and to incite anti-Allied violence and rebellion among Muslims residing beyond the reach of German arms."
— After World War II, when the Jewish people declared the state of Israel, their official proclamation said, "We appeal - in the very midst of the onslaught launched against us now for months - to the Arab inhabitants of the State of Israel to preserve peace and participate in the upbuilding of the State on the basis of full and equal citizenship and due representation in all its provisional and permanent institutions." Instead of choosing to live peacefully, however, Arab leaders encouraged Arabs to flee Israel, and the next day, the young nation was invaded by Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, and Iraq.
— The terrorist group the Palestine Liberation Organization was founded in 1964, three years before Israel occupied the West Bank in the Six Day War, territories that we're now led to believe is at the heart of the conflict.
So, to sum up, Tlaib's claims that her Arab ancestors provided a "safe haven" to Jews after the Holocaust ignores the Jewish presence in the region and efforts to establish a Jewish state that predated the Holocaust, ignores that her ancestors allied with Hitler at the time of the Holocaust, and ignores decades of violence and terrorism directed at Israel both before, during, and after the Holocaust.
It should be noted that she was making this claim in the context of arguing for a one-state solution, the goal of which has always been for Arabs to overwhelm the Jewish population, and then force them as a minority to be governed by the people who are currently launching rockets at them.

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  Greta Thunberg is a prophet of our time
Posted by: Wallfire - 05-13-2019, 09:24 AM - Forum: The Great Climate Change Debate - Replies (2)

Well now we know that climate change has become a religion and now has its prophet. Does this mean that this young girl is now the true prophet from God and if so the muslims wont like it. A new prophet and a woman as well.
Another thing why are all the feminist not shouting because its called "man made! Why not human made or woman made ???
The text below is a google translate version 

Quote:[Image: thunberg.jpg?itok=IXpvIMSY]
Greta Thunberg during a demonstration in Rome on Good Friday. Photo: Alessandra Tarantino / AP / TT

  • 2



We must listen to the message from Greta Thunberg. For the message comes from God, the debaters Anna Ardin and Joakim Kroksson mean.
This is a debate article in the Church magazine. The opinions expressed in the text are the writer's own.
We want to claim that Sweden has a prophet who is active - right now. She is called Greta Thunberg and is fully comparable to the Bible's prophets. They use a similar prophetic strategy that can be summarized in some points:
  1. Please acknowledge your call
  2. Listen to God's voice and be open to the truth
  3. Talk about the harsh reality of people and those in power
  4. Preach repentance and show hope
  5. Live as you learn
  6. Do not give up

1. Once the Prophet has realized what to do, eventually choose to do so. A true prophet releases the feeling of right and wrong that all people have deep down. She stands on a box and screams out her message to anyone who wants to hear. Or sit outside the Riksdag with a sign.
2. As children of all times have done, the Prophet sees that the emperor is naked. See that it is not enough a vegetarian day of the week or a few percent emission reduction. A five-year-old understands that we must stop letting out, as Greta said in Skavlan. For us as Christians, we want to say that all truths come from God, and these truths can (as in the Hebrew Bible) come in revelations or (as for Greta) through crystal clear science.
3. The Prophet calls out that the Emperor is naked for people and rulers. Even when people do not want to listen, even when threatened with the truth. Many prophets and apostles were murdered when they became too uncomfortable for power. Anyone who has power wants to keep it and does what it can to do it: suspicion, ridicule, mockery of the net.
4. Something radical must happen, the people are on the wrong path. A prophet preaches repentance and concretely explains what people need to do. A prophet distributes information and describes that it is meaningful to turn around. Describes that we play a role. Around preachers, prophets, and charismatic people have always gathered people who are impressed and want to do the same. It's a great force. When there is something clear to do, let baptize, stop flying or school strike, people can and want to join in!
5. Religious, moral and political leaders have always struggled to succeed according to their ideals. But the biggest ones really try and seem to succeed quite well. Jesus told his disciples to sell everything and did not own himself either. Greta is vegan, does not fly (even though she is currently traveling a lot) and has a stop.
6. A prophet is persistent. Sometime the Prophet steps up on the box for the first time and hardly anyone listens. She sits down with a sign and get to care first. With the conviction that it is right, the Prophet continues his task until people not only have taken but also turned around!
In addition, a prophet often plays outside normal social norms. The Prophets rarely come as a compromise candidate through established power channels, but come just as they stand. John the Baptist, Prophet of the New Testament, dressed in camel hair and eating grasshoppers. He lived in the desert and behaved in various ways that were perceived as extremely strange. Greta has Aspergers and sees the world "in black and white," she says herself. It gives her other eyes many of us others.
And the very point of a prophet, the very point of this article, is never to pay tribute to the individual, not to pay tribute to Greta, the point being that we must listen to the message, because the message comes from God. It requires radical conversion to a fossil-free life and society.
Anna Ardin 
deacon in Equmenia church 
Joakim Kroksson 
environmental diploma in the Swedish Church

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  Strange Crossbow Deaths In Bavaria.
Posted by: BIAD - 05-12-2019, 09:05 PM - Forum: General News and Events - Replies (1)

One can only assume more than one crossbow was used, nuh?
That's if it was a suicide pact.

Quote:Germany: Three Bavaria hotel guests found dead from crossbow bolts.

'German police are investigating the deaths of three people who were found in a hotel
impaled by crossbow bolts.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=5753]
The traditional German hotel is situated in Bavaria, a rural area popular with hikers.

Hotel staff discovered the bodies in a room alongside two crossbows, the German news
agency DPA reported The relationship between the three victims -a man in his fifties and
two women aged 30 and 33 -was not immediately clear.

The hotel is on the banks of the Ilz river, on the edge of the Bavarian city of Passau near
the Austrian border.There was no evidence to suggest that another person was involved
in the deaths, DPA reported.

Another hotel guest, who was staying in the hotel for a short break, told local newspaper
Passauer Neue Presse that it had been a "completely quiet night".
The hotel manager said the three dead, who were all German, had planned to stay for three
nights but had not ordered breakfast...'

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
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  We are alone......NOT !
Posted by: 727Sky - 05-12-2019, 09:57 AM - Forum: Science and Space...the Other Final Frontiers - Replies (2)

If you take the shear number of stars and galaxies how could anyone think we are the only life in the universe ?

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  Democratic leadership
Posted by: 727Sky - 05-12-2019, 09:12 AM - Forum: Daily Chit Chat - No Replies

Quote:Democratic leadership 

In all her years in congress Elizabeth Warren introduced 110 bills.  2 passed. 
Cory Booker introduced 120 bills.  0 passed. 
Kamala Harris introduced 54 bills. 0 passed. 
Bernie Sanders is truly special. He never held a job until he was finally elected mayor at age 53. He lived off of welfare and four different women, had a child out-of-wedlock with one and the three marriages did not work out. In all his years in the Senate, he introduced 364 bills. 3 passed. Two of those were to name post offices. 
If you want to know what kind of leader Bernie is, Go to Wikipedia, it’s a long report. The following is condensed: Bernie Sanders’ father was a high school drop-out, who tormented his family with rants about their financial problems. He blamed society and economic inequality for his plight, though as a white male in a middle class neighborhood, he was hardly among the downtrodden.  This was Bernie’s inspiration to take up the cause of economic justice, though he would spend half of his life as an able-bodied college graduate living off of unemployment checks, and the women in his life, between odd jobs. 
By his own admission, Bernie was not a great student, starting at Brooklyn College and transferring to Univ. of Chicago, but his enrollment kept him protected from the draft.  He joined socialist organizations and dabbled in far-left communist politics, gaining national notoriety by petitioning the school to let students have sex in the dormitories. This was before birth control and abortion were legal, when there were still very serious repercussions for women if the condom broke, but that didn’t stop him from crusading against those silly rules that were an obstacle to his own satisfaction. 
He participated in the 1963 March on Washington, a few demonstrations, and was arrested once, but his activism for civil rights ended when he became obsessed with socialism.  NOT “democratic socialism”, but oppressive far-left Marxism.  Bernie married his college sweetheart, Deborah Shilling, and spent his small inheritance on a summer home in Vermont on 85 acres. The shack had a dirt floor and no electricity, maintaining his proletariat credibility, but not impressing his new bride. He refused to get a steady job, so his wife didn’t stick around long, divorced after 18 months.
The Viet Nam war was escalating, and when the next draft was announced, Bernie applied for a conscientious objector deferment. His deferment was denied, so he dodged the draft by having a kid out of wedlock in 1969 with his new girlfriend, Susan Mott, even though he STILL wasn’t working, and had no way to support the child.  By the time his draft number came up, he was too old to be drafted anyway. 
He continued to subsist on odd carpentry jobs and unemployment checks, and occasionally selling $15 articles, including the one about how women fantasize about gang rape.  He still refused to get a steady job to support his child.  His girlfriend left him.  In 1988 he married Jane Driscoll,and took a cold-war era honeymoon in communist USSR. His new wife supported Bernie financially through his many attempts to win a public office, and shared his radical leftist political views. They visited the pro-Soviet Sandinista Government in Nicaragua known for their human rights violations, support for anti-American terrorists, and the imprisonment and exile of opponents.  Bernie blindly overlooked the carnage to stand with fellow socialists. 
They traveled to Cuba in hopes of meeting Bernie’s hero Fidel Castro, but access to him was denied.  Bernie Sanders managed not to hold a full-time job his entire life or vote in a single election, until he finally ran for Mayor of Burlington at the age of 40. After several failed elections, he finally won the office of Mayor of Burlington, VT, and eventually a Senate seat, which he has managed to keep off and on. 
For all of his years representing Vermont, Bernie Sanders passed a total of three bills, and two of them were for naming post offices.  He’s a draft-dodging deadbeat dad, a globe-trotting communist dilettante, and a petulant detractor of hard-working honorable Democrats. 
His one skill is yelling about how unfair the world is, and how everything SHOULD be. But he has no plans for how to make it happen, and no idea what goes on in the rest of the world or how to deal with problems overseas. His excuse for not having a foreign policy or national security plank on his platform: “I’ve only been campaigning for three months.”  His socialist friends are bitter about what they see as a betrayal of their values by Bernie’s pursuit of the Democratic nomination. 
His former wife and girlfriend run when they see reporters and will not speak to the press. Bernie’s past, including a brief stint living in a kibbutz in Israel is cloaked in secrecy. (It worked for B Hussein Obama.) Former employees and coworkers describe him as hostile and belligerent.  All of the Democrats in Vermont’s government endorsed Hillary Clinton.
The people who know Bernie best cannot stand him.  His supporters cannot explain how he is qualified to be president. As for his detractors, we can only watch in horror as this Nader 2.0 works an appalling act of sabotage on the Democratic Party.

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  How many Muslims won Political office
Posted by: 727Sky - 05-12-2019, 09:01 AM - Forum: Daily Chit Chat - Replies (1)

Quote:How Many Muslims Won Political Office
The Numbers May Surprise You!..................WAKE-UP AMERICA!! 
Rashida Tlaib (D)
MI 13th Congressional District
Keith Ellison (D)
MN Attorney General
Ilhan Omar (D)
MN 5th Congressional District
Andre Carson (D)
IN  7th Congressional District
Sheikh Rahman (D)
GA State Senate District 5
Safiya Wazir (D)
NH State House Merrimack 17 District
Robert Jackson (D)
NY State Senate District 31
Nasif Majeed (D)
NC State House District 99
Mujtaba Mohammed (D)
NC State Senate District 38
Mohamud Noor (D)
MN State House District 60B
Jason Dawkins (D)
PA State House District 179
Hodan Hassan (D)
MN State House District 62A
Charles Fall (D)
NY State House District 61
Ako Abdul-Samad (D)
IA State House District 35
Aboul Khan ®
NH State House Rockingham 20 District
Abdullah Hammoud (D)
MI State House District 15
Abbas Akhil (D)
NM State House District 20
Sam Baydoun (D)
MI Wayne County Commission District 13
Sadia Gul Covert (D)
IL Dupage County Board District 5
Sabina Taj
MD Howard County Board of Education
Mohammad Ramadan
NJ Passaic County Board of Education
Cheryl Sudduth
CA West County Wastewater District Director
Babur Lateef
VA Prince William County School Board
Assad Akhter (D)
NJ Passaic County Board of Chosen Freeholders
Abdul “Al” Haidous (D)
MI Wayne County Commission District 11
Shahabuddeen Ally
NYC Civil Court, NY County
Sam Salamey
MI District Courts, District 19
Rabeea Collier
TX District Courts, 113th District
Halim Dhanidina
CA Court of Appeal, Second Appellate District, Division Three
George Abdallah Jr.
CA Superior Court of San Joaquin County, Office 12
Adel A. Harb
--------------------------- --
In breaking these down by state


Cheryl Sudduth – West County Wastewater District Director
George Abdallah Jr. – Superior Court of San Joaquin County, Office 12
Halim Dhanidina – Court of Appeal, Second Appellate District, Division Three
Maimona Afzal Berta – Franklin-McKinley Board of Education
Javed Ellahie – Monte Sereno City Council
Al Jabbar – Anaheim Union High School District Board of Trustees
Ahmad Zahra – Fullerton City Council District 5
Aisha Wahab – Hayward City Council
Ali Taj – Artesia City Council
Farrah Khan – Irvine City Council
Sabina Zafar – San Ramon City Council
Amira Dajani Fox ® – State Attorney
Sheikh Rahman (D) – State Senate District 5
Sadia Gul Covert (D) – Dupage County Board District 5
Andre Carson (D) – 7th Congressional District
Ako Abdul-Samad (D) – State House District 35
Sabina Taj – Howard County Board of Education
Rashida Tlaib (D) – 13th Congressional District
Abdullah Hammoud (D) – State House District 15
Abdul “Al” Haidous (D) – Wayne County Commission District 11
Sam Baydoun (D) – Wayne County Commission District 13
Adel A. Harb – Wayne County Circuit Court
Sam Salamey – District Courts, District 19
Ilhan Omar (D) – 5th Congressional District
Keith Ellison (D) – Attorney General
Hodan Hassan (D) – State House District 62A
Mohamud Noor (D) – State House District 60B
Siad Ali (D) – District 3 member of the Minneapolis Board of Education
New Hampshire
Aboul Khan ® – State House Rockingham 20 District
Safiya Wazir (D) – State House Merrimack 17 District
New Jersey
Assad Akhter (D) – Passaic County Board of Chosen Freeholders
Alaa “Al” Abdel-Aziz – Paterson City Council Ward 6
Mohammad Ramadan – Passaic County Board of Education
Alaa Matari – Prospect Park Borough Council
Dawn Haynes – Newark Public Schools School Board
Hazim Yassin – Red Bank City Council
Mohamed Khairullah – Prospect Park Mayor
Salim Patel – Passaic City Council
New Mexico
Abbas Akhil (D) – State House District 20
New York
Charles Fall (D) – State House District 61
Robert Jackson (D) – State Senate District 3
Shahabuddeen Ally – NYC Civil Court, NY County
North Carolina
Mujtaba Mohammed (D) – State Senate District 38
Nasif Majeed (D) – State House District 99
Mohamed Al-Hamdani – Dayton Public Schools Board of Education
Jason Dawkins (D) – State House District 179
Rabeea Collier – District Courts, 113th District
Salman Bhojani – Euless City Council Place 6
Babur Lateef – Prince William County School Board
Haseeb Javed – Manassas Park City Council
Mo Seifeldein – Alexandria City Council
Those judiciary wins are extremely significant considering how judges don’t seem to be concerned about the Constitution anymore and look to foreign law and “precedent” in many of their rulings.
However, numbers from a report by Hamas-CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) in coordination with JETPAC indicates that a high percentage of Muslims voted in 2018.
The report claims:
97% of Muslim voters participated in this year’s midterm election.
• 88% of Muslim voters primarily voted for the Democratic Party candidates and 17% for Republican Party candidates.
• 56% of Muslim voters consider themselves liberal on social issues, while 26% consider themselves conservative.
• 33% of Muslim voters consider themselves fiscally conservative, while 50% consider themselves liberal.
• 26% of Muslim voters who primarily voted for Democratic candidates perceived themselves as being conservative on social issues. Moreover, 36% perceived themselves as being fiscally conservative.
• 78% of Muslim voters thought Islamophobia and anti-Muslim sentiment in the U.S. increased while 17% thought it decreased in the past year.
• 88% of Muslim voters who primarily voted for Democratic Party candidates thought Islamophobia increased in the past year. Conversely, only 33% of Muslim voters who primarily voted for Republican Party candidates thought Islamophobia increased in the past year.
• 53% of Muslim voters became more interested in politics since the 2016 presidential election, while 34% maintained the same level of interest in politics and 13% became less interested in politics.
• 65% of Muslim voters have become more actively involved in politics and/or civically engaged since the 2016 presidential election, while 25% have not.
• Out of those Muslim voters who have become more actively involved in politics and/or civically engaged since 2016 presidential election:
• 50% have primarily donated money to a political or social campaign.
• 55% have primarily donated their time by volunteering with a local charity or civic-minded or religious organization.
• 48% have primarily donated their expertise by using their skills and/or network to advance social/political engagement.
• 27% have primarily been involved in another way.

If you don’t think they have an agenda to conform America to Islam, you really do need to pull your head out of the sand.
Article posted with permission from The Washington Standard

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  Gotta be the answer
Posted by: 727Sky - 05-12-2019, 08:06 AM - Forum: Daily Chit Chat - Replies (1)

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  The BBC DJ and The Prince Of Class.
Posted by: BIAD - 05-11-2019, 09:35 PM - Forum: General News and Events - Replies (4)

This one has been the token of the week with the MSM, and it meant killing one of their own.

Quote:Danny Baker in 'police probe' over ‘racist’ Harry and Meghan tweet.

Danny Baker is believed to be at the centre of a police probe after he tweeted a photo that was described as racist.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=5745]

'The shamed DJ was immediately sacked from his job on BBC Radio 5 Live after tweeting a photo of a chimp in
reference to Prince Harry and Meghan’s newborn son.

The image –showing a well-dressed monkey standing between an equally smartly-clothed couple -is said to have implied
the primate is Harry and Meghan’s child.

Baker expressed his regret over the tweet, saying he had not intended it to be construed as a racial remark about
Baby Archie –claiming he was instead making a reference to class.
But he later acknowledged how it could have offended some black people and said he regretted sending it.

However, it is thought the Metropolitan Police is now looking into the incident after a complaint was made.
Without naming Baker, a spokesman for Scotland Yard said: “An allegation has been received by the Metropolitan Police
Service on Thursday, 9 May in relation to a Tweet published on the 8 May. 
“As is routine, the allegation will be reviewed and assessed by specialist officers.”

Baker has apologised for the tweet, although said he thought the BBC had “thrown [him] under the bus” by firing him.
He said previously: "Following one of the worst days of my life I just want to formally apologise for the outrage I caused
and explain how I got myself into this mess. "I chose the wrong photo to illustrate a joke. Disastrously so.”

He added later: "I would like once and for all to apologise to every single person who, quite naturally, took the awful connection
at face value. "I understand that and all of the clamour and opprobrium I have faced since. I am not feeling sorry for myself.
I f****d up. Badly.

"But it was a genuine, naive and catastrophic mistake. There is of course little media/twitter traction in such a straight-forward
explanation. "The picture in context as presented was obviously shamefully racist. It was never intended so -seriously who on
earth would 'go there'?"...'
The Daily Star:

And Mr. Baker has a point. Unless you perceive black people as 'monkey-like', only then could the image fall into the category
of offensive. That's the problem at the moment, black people are deemed victims by those who need to salve their weird inner
-guilt by accusing everyone else of being racist.

But in this case, Danny Baker messed-up by taking a swing at class. This whole constant global outrage is about those who are
seen as lesser realising they being seen in that way. The word 'deplorable' comes to mind!

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