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Britain Today.
We've still got a way to go after Brexit to get the country cleaned up and standards raised again.

Quote:Man charged over Brierley Hill cannabis farm double murder.

'A man has been charged with murdering two men who were shot dead with a crossbow in a robbery
at a cannabis factory.

Saghawat Ramzan, 46, is accused of killing Khuzaimah Douglas and Waseem Ramzan in Brierley Hill
on Thursday. Mr Ramzan, of Pensnett Road, Brierley Hill, is due to appear at Wolverhampton Magistrates'
Court on Tuesday.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=7214]
Khuzaimah Douglas and Waseem Ramzan died on Thursday.
Waseem Ramzan, 36, was one of the men who died during the robbery in Brierley Hill.

Police are continuing to question a 23-year-old man who was arrested on suspicion of murder earlier.
Another three people have been released on police bail. Two men, aged 21 and 23, were arrested on
suspicion of conspiracy to rob, and a 42-year-old was held on suspicion of assisting an offender.

Officers investigating the disorder have previously charged a 19-year-old man with conspiracy to burgle
and perverting the course of justice. Det Ch Insp Jim Munro appealed for information and said it was
"an ongoing and constantly developing investigation" ...'

We've importing all sorts of products and not just UK-benefiting commodities.

Quote:Extremist neo-Nazi group to be banned under terror laws.

'Joining the far-right group Sonnenkrieg Divison is set to become illegal, under a proscription
order to be put to MPs. The order would also label two other groups aliases of another proscribed
organisation - the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK).

[Image: attachment.php?aid=7215]
Two Sonnenkrieg members were jailed after encouraging an attack on Prince Harry for marrying
a woman of mixed race.

Laws due to come into effect on Tuesday will also recognise System Resistance Network as an alias
of the already banned neo-Nazi group National Action. Membership of the groups could result in a 10
year prison sentence.

Home Secretary Priti Patel said: "Recent attacks here and in Germany have highlighted the threat we
continue to face from violent extremism. "By proscribing these groups we are making it much harder
for them to spread their hateful rhetoric."

In June 2019, two members of the Sonnenkrieg Division - Michal Szewczuk and Oskar Dunn-Koczorowski
-were jailed after encouraging an attack on Prince Harry for marrying a woman of mixed race...'

And take a look at these masterminds, you can't tell me these guys are the planners!

Quote:Men jailed after 29 immigrants found in van.

'Four men have been jailed for their roles in bringing 29 immigrants to the country.
The Vietnamese nationals including 17 children were found in the back of a removal van on the M5 last year. 
They had been seen getting into the back of the van at Newlyn, Cornwall after getting off a 42ft (13m) yacht.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=7216]
(Top left-to-right) Frank Walling and Glen Bennett were jailed for four-and-a-half years at
Truro Crown Court.
(Bottom left-to-right) Keith Plummer (left) and Jon Ransom were also jailed.

Frank Walling, Glen Bennett and Jon Ransom were jailed for four-and-a-half years at Truro Crown Court,
while Keith Plummer was sentenced to 40 months. Walling, 72, from Colne, Lancashire, owned the yacht
and had sailed it from France with 55-year-old Bennett, from Burnley.

Plummer, 62, from Sheerness, Kent, hired and drove the removal van after travelling to Cornwall in convoy
with 63-year-old Ranson, also from Sheerness. Ransom was found guilty of assisting unlawful immigration
after a trial last year, while the other three defendants admitted the same charge.

One of the adults in the van has been deported but 11 others have disappeared, along with at least three
children, the court heard. Judge Robert Longford told the defendants they were "trading in human misery".

He said: "This was a well organised, for-profit operation. In that van, being carted about like freight, were 29
living breathing, desperate human beings whose plight you cared not one jot for."

he yacht "Johann Sebastian" had sailed from Roscoff in France, and poor weather conditions delayed the journey
meaning they arrived during daylight hours and locals contacted the police.
The vessel was described in court as being "dilapidated".

The van was stopped by police near Cullompton, in Devon, later in the morning‬ of 12 April.
Officers lifted the shutters and found 29 people sitting on the floor...'

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Edith Head Gives Good Wardrobe. 

Quote:Man charged over Brierley Hill cannabis farm double murder.

'A man has been charged with murdering two men who were shot dead with a crossbow in a robbery
at a cannabis factory.

Sounds like this guy should have smoked one and mellowed out a bit, hmm? 

[Image: ?]

Yeah, sounds like you guys have a way to go, but this is just the beginning. Things can start to get better now.
In Detroit, this probably isn't news. In London, it's down-played but does occur. But in Glasgow?!
Things are changing for the worse.

Quote:Man pointed loaded gun at Glasgow bar bouncers.

'A man has admitted pointing a loaded gun at bouncers outside a Glasgow bar.
Francis Smith, 32, pled guilty to presenting the Slovakian-manufactured Grand Power self-loading
pistol outside Nico's in Sauchiehall Street.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=7227]
Francis Smith pointed a loaded pistol at Nico's door staff.

At the time of the incident, on 21 December last year, the street was said to be busy with passers-by.
Smith, appearing at the High Court in Glasgow, also admitted two contraventions of the firearms act.
Prosecutor Angela Gray said there had been an incident earlier in which Smith was allegedly assaulted
outside the bar.

She added: "The accused shouted; 'I'm going to get a gun and shoot you.'" The threat was not taken seriously.

Smith returned to his room at the Blue Triangle accommodation in nearby Holland Street, where he kept the
gun wrapped in a towel in a drawer. A video was shown in court of Smith returning to Nico's and pointing the
gun at door staff Benjamin Bibby and Stewart Edwards.

Ms Gray said: "Given that it was the week of Christmas, Sauchiehall Street was busy with pedestrians
 As the accused approached Nico's bar he was holding the handgun.

"Someone in the vicinity shouted 'gun' as a warning. With his arm outstretched the accused pointed the handgun
towards Mr Bibby and Mr Edwards. "Benjamin Bibby immediately approached the accused and began to wrestle
the handgun from him. He was assisted by Mr Edwards and another door steward."
She added: "The accused was disarmed and restrained on the ground until police arrived."

In a search of Smith's room, police found a single bulleted cartridge on the floor, five cartridges in a money tin and
a further five inside a knotted latex glove. Defence QC John Scullion said: "Given the circumstances a custodial
sentence is inevitable."

Sentence was deferred by Judge Sean Murphy QC until next month for background reports and Smith was remanded
in custody...'

He needs to learn that you never point a gun at anyone unless you're willing to use it.

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Edith Head Gives Good Wardrobe. 
This is where we're at, the ability to release one's own responsibility as an individual and then blame
everything and everyone around them when desired things go wrong. Whoever's teaching the kids
this way of thinking must believe it's a success.

But personally, anything the Tavistock group is involved in is always suspicious.

Quote:NHS gender clinic 'should have challenged me more' over transition.

'A 23-year-old woman who is taking legal action against an NHS gender clinic says she should have been challenged
more by medical staff over her decision to transition to a male as a teenager.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=7248]
Keira Bell: 'I should have been challenged on my transition'.

A judge gave the go-ahead for a full hearing of the case against the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust.
Lawyers will argue children cannot give informed consent to treatment delaying puberty or helping them to transition.
The Tavistock said it always took a cautious approach to treatment.

Gender identity charity Mermaids said that people face a long wait for access to such services, that they can save lives
and that very few people regret their decision. The clinic based in Hampstead, north-west London, which runs the UK's
only gender-identity development service (GIDS), added that it welcomed an examination of the evidence in this
contentious area.

Keira Bell is one of the claimants and will give evidence in the judicial review, which is likely to be heard in early summer.
The second claimant, known only as Mum A, is the mother of a 15-year-old girl with autism, who is awaiting treatment at
the clinic.

Keira describes being a tomboy as a child. When asked how strongly she felt the need to change her gender identity,
she replied that it gradually built up as she found out more about transitioning online.
Then as she went down the medical route, she said "one step led to another".

She was referred to the Tavistock GIDS clinic at the age of age 16. She said after three one-hour-long appointments
she was prescribed puberty blockers, which delay the development of signs of puberty, like periods or facial hair.
She felt there wasn't enough investigation or therapy before she reached that stage.

"I should have been challenged on the proposals or the claims that I was making for myself," she said. "And I think that
would have made a big difference as well. If I was just challenged on the things I was saying."

A year after starting the puberty-blockers she said she was prescribed the male hormone testosterone, which developed
male characteristics like facial hair and a deep voice. Three years ago, she had an operation to remove her breasts.
"Initially I felt very relieved and happy about things, but I think as the years go on you start to feel less and less enthusiastic
or even happy about things.
"You can continue and dig yourself deeper into this hole or you can choose to come out of it and have the weight lifted off
your shoulders."

'Too young'
She decided to stop taking cross-sex hormones last year and said she was now accepting of her sex as a female.
But she was also angry about what had happened to her in the last decade.
"I was allowed to run with this idea that I had, almost like a fantasy, as a teenager.... and it has affected me in the long
run as an adult. "I'm very young. I've only just stepped into adulthood and I have to deal with this kind of burden or radical
difference -in comparison to others at least."

Keira's lawyers will argue that children cannot weigh up the impact such a treatment might have on their future life, including
for instance, on their fertility. Former staff at the clinic have raised concerns that teenagers who want to transition to a different
gender are being given puberty blockers without adequate assessment or psychological work.

It has been claimed that children as young as 12 have received the drugs, which block the hormones that lead to puberty-related
changes like periods or facial hair. But she also understands why teenagers arrive at the clinic deeply distressed and desperate
to change their gender.

"I did say the same thing years ago when I went to the clinic. I would say it was saving me from suicidal ideation and depression
in general and at the time I felt it relieved all those mental health issues I was feeling, alongside gender dysphoria."
She described her family life as difficult. She also believes if she had felt more accepted by society as she was then, she might
not have wanted to changer her gender.
She added that she wouldn't have wanted to listen to voices of caution when she was younger.

"I feel I could say anything to my 16-year-old self and I might not necessarily listen at that time. And that's the point of this case,
when you are that young you don't really want to listen. "So I think it's up to these institutions, like the Tavistock, to step in and
make children reconsider what they are saying, because it is a life-altering path."

Dr Polly Carmichael is the consultant clinical psychologist who runs the Gender Identity Development Service. She praised Keira
for speaking out, but insisted the clinic did have a thorough assessment process.

'Really complex'
She described their approach as cautious and said they work closely with children and their families to reach the right decisions
for them, with fewer than half of those seen going onto take puberty blockers or cross-sex hormones.

"This is a really complex area with strong feelings on all sides. And at its centre, the young people we work with -they come to us
in often really great distress around their sense of themselves. "We're talking about identity here, their identity, and a feeling that
their gender identity does not match that body."

She believes the judicial review, when it happens, will be an important opportunity to ensure the evidence around treatment and a
child's ability to consent is thoroughly examined. "This is a heated debate at the moment. And I think taking a step back -and having
an external considered review of the evidence and people's feelings about the most appropriate way to support young people
-can be nothing but beneficial at this point."

Waiting time
Gender identity charity Mermaids provides support to trans and gender-diverse young people and their families.
Its chief executive, Susie Green, has defended the current process, which she said was based on years of research, and said
she hoped the judicial review would "shine a light" on young people's experiences.

She told BBC News that many people who approached the charity were "very distressed" and that research had suggested
puberty blockers could help reduce rates of self-harm and suicide. And she said it was "not proportionate" to take away services
because of "a very small number" of people who regretted undergoing medical intervention.

"In the first instance the waiting time is well over two years and when young people get into the service there is then a process
which takes well into a year before medical intervention is considered," she told BBC News. "The process is very detailed they
get a lot of information about the benefits, the pitfalls and the projected outcomes of what comes of any kind of medication.
So they make informed consent and that underpins the NHS."

NHS England is an interested party in the legal case. It has already announced an independent review of its policies on the use
of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones. It describes this as part of a planned examination, which will be undertaken by a
panel of independent experts...'

Fuckin' demons... utter fuckin demons.

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Edith Head Gives Good Wardrobe. 
At some point in the future, identity politics will have to face up to its failings.

We're living in a time when merit is seen as merely an acquirement that those with strong character
achieve through hard work and resolve and those who've experienced failure -usually due to their lack
of conviction, always seem to fall back on external reasons for success or failure.
We're all capable of winning and losing, but it has little to do with what we look like.

This allows all kinds of people in through the doors of improvement and abuse what we consider
mature leadership. For the sake of genuinely vulnerable and weak in our society, I hope that point in
the future comes soon.

Quote:Met Police sacks Supt Robyn Williams over child abuse video.

'One of the UK's most senior black female police officers has been sacked after her conviction for possessing
a video clip of child abuse. Supt Robyn Williams was ruled by Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner
Helen Ball to have committed gross misconduct.

At a fast-track misconduct hearing, Ms Ball said Williams's failure to report the matter was "very grave".
She pointed to Williams's "lack of truthfulness and judgement".

[Image: attachment.php?aid=7283]
Supt Robyn Williams has been sacked for gross misconduct after a 36-year police career.
Williams, pictured with London Mayor Sadiq Khan, was highly commended for her work
helping families affected by the Grenfell Tower disaster.

The superintendent was found guilty in November of having footage of child sexual abuse on her phone. At her trial,
Williams said she had not viewed the 54-second video, which was sent by her sister, and did not know it was on
her phone.

But Ms Ball said that Williams's conduct amounted to "discreditable behaviour" likely to undermine public confidence
and was not a "trivial lapse". The assistant commissioner said her failure to report the matter could have caused
significant further harm to the child.
She said it was "entirely unacceptable" for police officers responsible for enforcing the law to break it themselves.

Ms Ball added that racial bias had played "no part" in her decision, although the Metropolitan Black Police Association
argues Williams has been unfairly targeted because she is black and accuses the force of "institutional racism".
In a statement, the association said the decision to sack Williams was "outrageous".

"There are guidelines that allow for discretion, however Robyn was not afforded this privilege from start to finish of the
process," it added. "Despite the unprecedented and overwhelming expressions of support from colleagues, communities
of London and beyond, calling for Robyn to continue to serve London, their voices were ignored."

Williams's friends and supporters, who were following the hearing on monitors in a separate room, gasped as the
decision was read out. One of them started applauding sarcastically. During Williams's trial, Judge Richard Marks QC
said she had made a "grave error of judgement" in failing to report the video after it was sent to her.

The superintendent, who has been a police officer for 36 years, was ordered to do unpaid work in the community and
register as a sex offender, even though the court accepted there was no sexual element to her offending.

Gerard Boyle QC, for Williams, told the special misconduct hearing that she had spent her entire police career since the
age of 18 acting on behalf of victims of crime and abuse and that she was appalled by such abuse imagery.
He added that she was accused of one allegation of one breach of one paragraph of professional standards behaviour.

Mr Boyle told the hearing his client "poses no risk to anyone, let alone children or young people".
Williams has lodged an appeal against her conviction but judges have not yet decided whether to grant approval for the
case to be heard...'

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Edith Head Gives Good Wardrobe. 
It's nice to see some things don't change during this so-called 'panic'.

Quote:Enfield shooting: Man shot in head dies as murder investigation launched.

A man in his 20s has been arrested while a murder investigation is launched into
the violent incident in North London yesterday afternoon that today has turned deadly.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=7317]
Abdullahi Mahmoud and where the incident occurred.

'A young man who was shot in the head in broad daylight in North London yesterday afternoon has died in hospital.
Met Police say they were called to Hertford Road in Enfield at 4.36pm on Thursday after receiving reports of a
firearms incident.

The victim, in his 20s, was found with a serious head injury by officers and paramedics who had been called to
the scene outside a pharmacy and a bus stop. Buses and traffic were diverted from the area while emergency
services remained working there.

The man has yet to be formally identified, but detectives are confident he is Abdullahi Mahmoud, 29, from Enfield,
north London.  He was rushed to hospital where he fought for his life for a day, but he has since died of his injuries
while in care.

A 21-year-old man has since been arrested in relation to the shooting, and a murder investigation has been launched.
The suspect is being held in police custody. Officers remain at the scene on Hertford Road while investigations are
underway, reports the Evening Standard.

Detective Chief Inspector Pete Wallis of the Metropolitan Police's Specialist Crime Command, said: "Our thoughts
are with Abdullahi's family and they will continue to receive specialist support as the investigation progresses.
"This was a violent attack in the middle of the street and my team are working hard to establish who is responsible.

"We are exploring the possibility there was more than one assailant and would specifically like to appeal to those who
may have been shopping in the area at this time to make contact with police. "One line of inquiry is that this is gang
related, however inquiries are in the very early stages and we retain an open mind as we gather evidence and piece
together the last moments of Abdullahi's life.

North Area Borough Commander Treena Fleming said: "This is a horrific incident and our first thoughts are with the
victim's family, who have lost a loved one in tragic circumstances.
"I want to reassure local residents that they can expect to see an increased police presence in the area...'

"Please, if you have information that you want to share, do approach them and tell them what you know."...'

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Edith Head Gives Good Wardrobe. 
The UK Government's warning to stay indoors and 'two-metre-gap-between-each-other' advice
sadly didn't work here. The BBC doesn't like accusing women of crimes, so hence the title.

Quote:Bolton stabbing: Girl, seven, killed by stranger in park.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=7339]

'A seven-year-old girl has died after being stabbed by a stranger in a park.
The girl suffered serious injuries in the attack at Queen's Park in Bolton at about 14:30 GMT,
Greater Manchester Police said. A force spokesman said despite the "best efforts of her family
and medical responders, she died a short while later".

A 30-year-old woman, who was not known to the family, was arrested at the scene on suspicion of
murder. Assistant Chief Constable Russ Jackson said officers were "working to understand the motive
for this completely random and brutal attack".

"A woman who was not known to the family was detained by a member of the public and then arrested
by the police," he said. "We understand that the woman has some history of mental illness and we are
working to understand if this played any part in her motive."

He said the attack was "a family's worst nightmare".
"The incident is horrendous and I cannot begin to imagine what the family of this little girl are going through,"
Mr Jackson said. "We are determined to quickly understand how this came to happen, leaving a young family
so distraught and so devastated in an instant."...'

An update, the woman was a loony.

Bolton stabbing: Woman held under Mental Health Act.

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Edith Head Gives Good Wardrobe. 

Quote:Man arrested after eight ambulances had tyres slashed amid coronavirus crisis

South East Coast Ambulance Service slammed the acts of criminal damage against their vehicles,
which took place as paramedics were dealing with the Covid-19 outbreak.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=7400]

'A 47-year-old man has been arrested after eight ambulances had their tyres slashed in Kent.
The vehicles were targeted in two separate overnight incidents, with six damaged on March 21 and
another two hit on March 28. All of the vehicles were parked on the same road in Ramsgate, with a
man from the seaside town arrested on suspicion of criminal damage today.

The incident took place in the midst of the coronavirus crisis, which has seen paramedics rushing
patients to hospital. On March 22, South East Coast Ambulance Service service tweeted: "Six of
our ambulances were deliberately damaged overnight in Kent.

"Beyond disappointed that anyone would do this ever, let alone now when our staff are under so much
pressure. "Well done to Fleet & Make Ready teams for getting these back on the road asap"
The ambulance service added that the criminal damage was in stark contrast fantastic support it had
received from the majority of the public.

Kent Police's District Commander for Thanet, Chief Inspector Ed Ruffle, said: "To cause damage to ambulances
during a time when it is so important all medical resources are available, is deeply concerning and we are
continuing to carry out additional patrols in the area.
"We thank those who have come forward already with information."

A police spokesman added: "Kent Police is continuing to appeal for information after nine tyres were found to be
damaged on six ambulances between 8pm on Saturday 21 March and 7am the following day...'
The Mirror:

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Edith Head Gives Good Wardrobe. 
There's always those who see opportunities in anything!

Quote:Coronavirus: Cocaine haul in boxes of face masks seized.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=7471]

'Smugglers hid cocaine worth more than £1m in a consignment of protective face masks, Border Force officials said.
Officers found the 14kg haul in a Polish-registered van as it attempted to enter the UK through the Channel Tunnel.
The driver, a 34-year-old Polish national, has been arrested.

Ian Hanson, Border Force regional director, said it was "despicable" to think drug smugglers would try to exploit the
coronavirus situation.

'Vital equipment'
The face masks have been held pending checks by regulators, while the driver is being questioned in custody, he said.

Darren Herbert, from the National Crime Agency (NCA) Dover branch, said: "This seizure is further evidence of the way
criminal networks are attempting to exploit the coronavirus outbreak to their own ends, covering this load of drugs with
what would seem like vital protective equipment."
Border Force said the van was stopped at the Channel Tunnel terminal at Coquelles, France, on Tuesday.

Officers who searched the van found 15 wrapped packages of the Class A drug.
The contents of some of the packages were tested and proved positive for cocaine.
Border Force said the investigation had been passed to the NCA...'

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Edith Head Gives Good Wardrobe. 
Just a taster of Britain today -taken from the London Metropolitan Police website.
There's lots more in the link and in my view, tells you the state of the capital and enforces Wallfire's comments
regarding the UK.

'Homicide detectives investigating the death of two children in Ilford have arrested a man on suspicion of murder.
The 40-year-old man was arrested on Wednesday, 29 April at a London hospital where he is currently receiving
treatment. He remains in hospital under police guard.
Police were called to the address at around 17:30hrs to reports of a man and two children having been injured.

The children were found suffering from knife wounds.
19-month-old Pavinya was pronounced dead at the scene and three-year-old Nigish was taken to hospital b
 London Ambulance Service [LAS] where he subsequently died...'
'Detectives investigating the murder of David Gomoh in Newham are releasing an image of a vehicle found
abandoned after his murder as they work to trace his killers. David Gomoh, who was aged 24 and had earned
a marketing degree from London Southbank University, was stabbed to death at around 22:25hrs on Sunday,
26 April, just seconds after leaving his home...'
'A murder investigation has been launched after a man found with stab injuries in Putney died.
Police were called at around 17:35hrs on Wednesday, 15 April to reports of a 42-year-old man with injuries in
Huntingfield Road, SW15.
The man was taken to hospital for treatment but died on Friday, 24 April.
His next of kin have been informed and the deceased has been named as Ralph Gibson – 42, from Putney.
Three men – [A] aged 31; aged 24 and [C] aged 20 – were arrested on suspicion of GBH and have been
bailed pending further enquiries...'
'Detectives investigating the fatal shooting in Enfield have charged a man with murder.
Dorian Steele, 18, of St John's Terrace, Enfield, was charged on 23 April with the murder of 29-year-old
Abdullahi Mahmoud, who died on 19 March after he suffered fatal shotgun wounds in Hertford Road, EN3.
Steele is due to appear at Highbury Corner Magistrates' Court on Friday, 24 April.
Three other men have also been arrested as part of the murder investigation...'
'Robert Barrow 54 of Chigwell, Essex was charged on Friday, 18 April with the murder of Tahereh Pirali-Dashti,
40, and the assault of a 56-year-old man. He appeared at Willesden Magistrates' Court on Saturday,
19 April and was remanded in custody...'
'Police were called at 17:47hrs on Wednesday, 17 April 2019 after 47-year-old Steven Brown was found suffering
from a stab injury in Matthias Road, Stoke Newington. Police administered CPR prior to the arrival of London 
Ambulance Service, but despite their efforts Steven died at the scene at 18:10hrs. A post-mortem examination held
at Poplar Mortuary gave cause of death as a stab wound to the heart and haemorrhage...'
'Daniel Briceno-Garcia, 44 of Dorset Road, SW8 was charged on Thursday, 2 April with two counts of murder.
He appeared at Croydon Magistrates’ Court on Friday, 3 April and was remanded into custody. [Stabbings]...'
'A man charged with murder following a fatal stabbing in Walthamstow has appeared in court.
Rizwan Abassi – 31 of Alexandra Road, E17 was charged, on Thursday, 2 April, with the murder of 35-year-old
Tomas Macionis. Abassi  appeared in custody at Thames Magistrates’ Court on Thursday, 2 April...'
'Adelani Bepo – 28 of Three Colt Street, E14 was charged on Sunday, 29 March with the murder of Shadika
Mohsin Patel. He will appear in custody at Thames Magistrates’ Court on Monday, 30 March. [Stabbing]...'
'Four men have been convicted in connection with the murder of Kwasi Mensah-Ababio, who was shot dead
in a case of mistaken identity in the summer of 2019. Alhassan Jalloh, 21 of Stonebridge Park, NW10,
Karlos Garcia 23 of Stonebridge Park, NW10 and Rene Montaque, 35 of Edgware all appeared at the Old
Bailey today, Monday, 23 March, and were convicted of murder.
Taalib Rowe 25 of Luton appeared and the same day and was convicted of manslaughter...'
'16-year-old boy charged with the murder of Damani Mauge in Croydon has appeared in court.
The teenager, from Mitcham, was arrested on Sunday, 15 March. He was charged with attempted robbery
and possession of an offensive weapon in a public place. [Stabbing]...'
'A man has been arrested following the fatal stabbing of Ricardo Fuller in Ilford.
The 21-year-old man was arrested on Saturday, 14 March on suspicion of assisting an offender. [Stabbing]...'
'A man has been charged with the murder of his mother in Southwark.
Officers were called by London Ambulance Service at 06:30hrs on Sunday, 8 March to a residential address in
Blakes Road SE15 after Vanita Nowell, aged 68, was found unresponsive. Cause of death was given as head
injuries and respiratory failure.
Andrew Shepherd 47 of Blakes Road, SE15, was subsequently arrested on suspicion of murder and taken into
'Homicide detectives investigating the murders of two cousins in London just six months apart are appealing for
the public’s help in the bringing their killers to justice. Cafer Aslan, aged 54, was found suffering fatal gunshot
injuries on Westminster Road at the junction with Bounces Road in Enfield on Wednesday, 23 August 2017.

Six months later, his cousin, 41-year-old Bulent Kabala, died after being shot on Mount Pleasant, near Edgeworth
Road, in Barnet on Monday, 12 February 2018. Both men were of Turkish origin and lived in Enfield at the time
they were killed...'
'Detectives are investigating following a fatal stabbing in Greenwich. Police were called at 15:28hrs today to
Academy Road, junction with Shooters Hill, Woolwich, to reports of a man with stab injuries.
Despite the efforts of passers-by, police and paramedics, the man died at the scene...'
'A teenager has been found guilty of the fatal stabbing of a schoolboy in Stratford. On Thursday, 12 March [2020],
a 16-year-old male from south London was found guilty of the murder of schoolboy Michael Irving following a trial
at the Old Bailey. The court heard how Michael, 15, of Woolwich, was lured to his death as part of a plan sinisterly
executed by the teenager and a 15-year-old accomplice, who had previously admitted murder...'
Detectives investigating the murder of Norwegian student Martine Vik Magnussen are renewing their appeals for
the person sought in connection with her death to return to the UK. It is now 12 years since 23-year-old Martine was
killed in central London after spending the night with friends on 14 March 2008.

Farouk Abdulhak, who is now aged 33, was quickly identified by the investigation team as a suspect for Martine’s
murder. Abdulhak fled the UK within hours of Martine’s death, travelling to Egypt and then on to Yemen...'
'A murder investigation has been launched following the death of a father-of-two, 15 years after he was brutally
attacked in Acton. Rajesh Verma was assaulted by a group of up to eight men, close to the entrance of Acton Park,
opposite Birkbeck Grove, W3, on 31 August 2003.
As a result of the attack, which involved the use of a set of garden shears found nearby, Rajesh, aged 42 at the time,
suffered severe brain damage...'

Just a glimpse into the city John Cleese believed was no longer 'English' and as an extra treat, here's the latest one.

Quote:Harrods stabbing: Man denies murder of student outside Knightsbridge store.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=7563]

'A man has denied murdering a student outside the Harrods department store in Knightsbridge.
Badir Rahim Alnazi, 23, is accused of attacking 20-year-old Mohamed Abdullah Al Araimi on 5 December
last year.

Mr Al Araimi had been walking with a friend following a meal out when they were set upon.
The King's College politics and economics student was pronounced dead in the early hours of 6 December.
His brother Salem Abdullah Al Araimi said in a family statement: "Our hearts are eternally broken."

Mr Alnazi also denied wounding with intent, the attempted robbery of valuables worth £41,610 and possession
of a bladed article. The defendant, of Beaconsfield Road, Brent, north-west London, entered his pleas at the
Old Bailey on Friday. He was remanded in custody and will appear for trial on 6 July...'

Whoops! nearly forgot!
(Friday night, 1st May 2020)

Quote:Boy, 11, shot and man injured in Upminster.

'A boy aged 11 has potentially life-changing injuries after being shot in east London, police have said.
Police found the boy and a man in his 40s injured at a property in Kerry Drive, Upminster, at about 21:30 BST.

The man had cuts to his head but it unclear what had caused his injuries. The boy's injuries are said to be
"not life-threatening".A number of people fled the scene before officers arrived. No arrests have been made.
Police are appealing for any witnesses to contact them...'

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Edith Head Gives Good Wardrobe. 
Deportation... and its cousin the unicorn.

Quote:Members of Rochdale grooming gang 'back in town' two years after losing right to stay in the UK.

'Three members of the Rochdale grooming gang are "back in town" two years after losing the right to stay in Britain.
Qari Abdul Rauf, Abdul Aziz and Adil Khan are all still living in the town a decade after preying on girls as young as
twelve, the Mirror reports.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=7614]
(Left to right) Adil Khan, Abdul Aziz and Qari Abdul Rauf.

They were among nine men convicted in 2012 of a catalogue of serious sex offences against vulnerable victims in
Rochdale and Heywood. As the only groomers to have dual UK-Pakistani citizenship, they were at risk of being
deported back to Pakistan - but none of them appear to have been deported or are facing deportation.
That is despite the Home Office saying in 2015 it intended to remove their British citizenship and the men losing
an appeal against the decision in 2018.

A victim has reported that the abusers are still living in Rochdale today, a year after the MEN reported that victims
were still bumping into their attackers. After spotting pictures on social media showing Rauf, 51, in the town, she said:
“I thought Theresa May had organised his deportation, so how come he’s still here?
"I feel violated to know he’s living near me – in the same area where he hunted for girls like me.

“It’s a total betrayal of grooming victims that he’s allowed to stay.”
Dad-of-three Abdul Aziz, 49 – who was referred to as 'The Master' by the gang – and Adil Khan, 50, also live nearby
after being freed from jail, the Mirror reports. Former taxi driver Aziz played a 'leading role' in the grooming gang.

He regularly took his young victim to different flats around Rochdale, where she was plied with cannabis and vodka
and coerced into sex with men who paid him cash.

Shabir Ahmed, who was known as 'Daddy' in the gang, is still serving a 22-year jail term for rape.
In 2016, then-home secretary Theresa May ruled it would be 'conducive to the public good' to deprive the four of the
right to remain in the UK. They then fought, and lost, a long legal battle against deprivation of UK citizenship, losing a
final Court of Appeal ruling in July 2018.

Eight judges, including the Master of the Rolls Lord Justice Sales, heard their case and upheld rulings all four should
lose UK citizenship rights. Bev Hughes, Greater Manchester Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime, said it is 'completely
unacceptable' that Rauf, Aziz and Khan are still in the Rochdale area.

She said: "Their continued presence in the community will doubtless be very distressing to those affected by the appalling
crimes they perpetrated. "Greater Manchester should have been rid of them a long time ago.
“These three appalling individuals were all found guilty of trafficking and conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with a
child in 2015.

"Five years later, and more than 18 months after they all lost their appeals against the decision to strip them of their British
citizenship, they remain living in our city-region with no clear timeline as to when their deportation will be finalised.
"Only once these deportations are complete will justice finally be seen to be fully served, and only then will the community
fully be able to begin to heal.

“The Mayor and I have written to successive Home Secretaries, most recently only last month, calling for assurances that
the deportation of these three men is still a priority for the Home Office. "In light of these latest revelations, we again call on
Government to prioritise the processing of their departure from the UK as swiftly as possible
"When they are finally out of this country it will be not a moment too soon.”...'
Manchester Evening News:

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Edith Head Gives Good Wardrobe. 
With the alleged virus being so infectious, making sure one's loved-ones are kept safe from physical
contact is extremely important. This fellow followed his cultural upbringing and packed off his unknown
female 'friend' to presumably avoid the global plague.

That or it's another case of trafficking and grooming gone wrong. It reminds me of the Backpool girl in the
kebab mincer story, but eh... they're only infidel women, right?

 By the way, the distance between Wolverhampton to Birmingham is around 17 miles.

Quote:IN THE DOCK: Married dad-of-two, 38, charged after female torso found in suitcases – leaving house ‘like an abattoir’

'This is the married dad-of-two charged after the torso and body parts of a woman were found in dumped suitcases.
Mahesh Sorathiya, 38, from Wolverhampton, was held by cops after the human remains were found in the Forest of
Dean this week.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=7637]
The misunderstood brown man Mahesh Sorathiya and the oppressive Police searching the Forest of Dean.

Gareeca Conita Gordon, 27, from Birmingham, has been charged with murder, while Sorithaya has been charged
with assisting an offender. Both appeared before Cheltenham Magistrates' Court via video link today.
Gordon has been in court this morning - she spoke only to confirm her name, address, date of birth and Jamaican
nationality, before Sorathiya appeared this afternoon.

The defendants sat behind a table at the Gloucestershire Police custody suite at Compass House for the videolink
hearing. District Judge Joti Bopa-Rai remanded both custody and ordered her to appear before Gloucester Crown
Court on May 19.

The body parts were found near a quarry, near Coleford in the Forest of Dean, on Tuesday night.
Police were alerted after a member of the public reported suspicions about a vehicle due to its erratic driving.
The victim, thought to be a woman from the Lozells area of Birmingham, has not been named pending DNA results.

Neighbours in Wolverhampton today told of their shock as police descended on Sorathiya’s five-bed home in Denmore
Gardens, a quiet residential cul-de-sec. The tradesman moved to the home three years ago from Slough, Berkshire,
with his wife, Redha. The Indian couple are said to have two teenage children.

Neighbour Tesman Raju, 74, said: “It’s so shocking. They are a lovely family - I never had a bad word to say about them.
“I saw them all just the other week cleaning their car on the driveway. There didn’t seem to be a problem.
“I considered them to be friends. When their father died, they knocked on my door and I went to their funeral.
We got on well with them.

“The son is a nice guy. He didn’t have a bad word to say about anyone. All the family is nice to talk to. “It’s such a shock
to see the police here.” A Mercedes remained parked in the drive of the house but there was no sign of the family’s white
Range Rover, bought as a Valentine’s Day present for Redha.

Another neighbour, who asked not to be named, said: “They are a well off family.
"It’s a nice house to live in and there’s usually a white Range Rover outside. There have been detectives going in and out
all day. "Police officers have been knocking on doors asking questions but they’re not telling us much.”

The property in Birmingham – the suspected murder scene - was described as being 'like an abattoir'.
A source close to the investigation told The Sun: “It was like a bloodbath."
Sorithiya and Gordon were charged by Gloucestershire Police last night.

A spokesman said: “A woman has been charged with murder in connection with the discovery of human remains in the
Forest of Dean on the evening of Tuesday 12 May. “Gareeca Conita Gordon, 27, from Birmingham, has been charged
with the murder of a woman on or before 12 May 2020.

“Mahesh Sorathiya, 38, from Wolverhampton, has been charged with assisting an offender on or before 12 May 2020.
“The pair have been refused bail and are due to appear before magistrates in Cheltenham via video link.
“Police are awaiting results of DNA tests to establish the identity of the victim.”...'
The Sun:

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Edith Head Gives Good Wardrobe. 
I know-I know, 'oh here's BIAD with another negative ethnicity story' and you'd be correct.
But it's not me who writes 'em and when saving the image to my laptop, I -at least, spelled the deceased's
first name correctly... which is more than I can say for the faux-diverse BBC.

I waited from yesterday to see how this one would pan-out and although the actual facts of why such a tragic incident
happened doesn't really matter (nobody deserves to be gunned-down in the street), why it is becoming a less-than-rare
occurrence in certain regions of the UK is the reason I place these articles on the Rogue Nation website.

Quote:Blackburn shooting: Three arrested over Aya Hachem killing.

'Detectives are continuing to question three men on suspicion of the murder of a young woman shot dead from
a passing car near a supermarket in Blackburn. Aya Hachem was found with fatal injuries in King Street, Blackburn,
close to Lidl, on Sunday afternoon.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=7646]
Aya (not Ava) Hachem.

Police said there was "every indication" the 19-year-old law student had not been the intended target
Three men, aged 33, 36, and 39 from Blackburn, arrested on Monday night, remain in custody.

'Remarkable young woman'
Ms Hachem's parents said she was the "most loyal devoted daughter" who "dreamed of becoming a solicitor".
She was a young trustee for the Children's Society, whose chief executive Mark Russell described her as a "truly
remarkable young woman, and an inspiring voice for children and young people".

Ms Hachem was going to the shop at about 15:00 BST when she was shot.
A Toyota Avensis, believed to have been used in the killing, was later found abandoned on Wellington Road.
A number of people were in the car, which has the registration number SV53 UBP.

Det Supt Andy Cribbin said: "We are on with a number of lines of inquiry which includes looking at CCTV in the area
and we have spoken to a number of key witnesses. "Despite that, and the arrests, this is a live investigation and I am
asking anyone who might know anything about what happened, or the circumstances leading up to Aya being senselessly
killed to speak to us.
"Any piece of information, no matter how insignificant it may seem, could prove vital to our investigation."

Ms Hachem was one of four siblings and lived in Blackburn after travelling to the UK about nine years ago, her cousin Hassan said.
Her family was waiting for the investigation to finish so they could take her body back to Lebanon to be buried in her home village
Qlaileh, he said...'
So she's not a subject of the Crown in the UK as it's reported that her 'home' is a village in Qlaileh of Tyre, Lebanon.

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Edith Head Gives Good Wardrobe. 
The second-above posting of the dead girl in a suitcase and married man of two -Mahesh Sorathiya, continues
in today's news (well, those without diversity agendas), with more information on how the reverence of women
seems not be be at the forefront of some cultures.

But remember, the lame-stream media always presents you with a narrative, not necessarily THE narrative.
Just as the second-above posting indicated, this one continues pushing the idea that it was the man who should
be focused on here. The woman involved -who lived in the same abode as the victim, is offered in the first few
lines and yet mysteriously, is only named as the actual suspected murderer nearer the end of the article.

Quote:'Heartbroken aunt of woman found ‘chopped in half’ dumped in suitcases pays tribute to ‘sweet-natured girl’.

'A heartbroken aunt has paid tribute to her "lovely, sweet natured" niece who was was found chopped in half
and stuffed in two suitcases. Phoenix Netts, 28, is thought to have been living at a women's refuge in Birmingham
when she was killed...'

There's the hint to what's really going on in certain areas of the UK. Womens' refuges, hostels for vulnerable girls
and women and orphanages for teenagers. These places seem to be ideal hunting grounds for those who perceive
women as nothing more than lust-vessels.

Quote:'Her body was later dumped in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire. Police fear she had been sawn in half and burned.
Her devastated aunt, Ana-Liliana Netts, 55, opened up about the horror of hearing about her niece's tragic death.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=7650]
Phoenix Netts - the murdered, Mahesh Sorathiya the assistant to the killing. The suspect in the actual murder,
-Gareeca Conita Gordon, has no image.

She told the Mail Online: "I'm shocked that she has died in such a horrific way. "I hadn't seen her since she was little,
but she was a lovely, sweet-natured girl. Her father used to tell me proudly how clever she was.
"She used to live in Croydon, she was from a very nice family. They must be heartbroken.
"I always remember her as a nice little girl. I'm so sorry she died like this."...'

For those outside of Britain, Croyden is about 10 miles south-west of central London and around 126 miles away
from Wolverhampton.

Phoenix's family issued an emotional statement in response to her tragic death on May 12. It read: “As a family we
are devastated with what has happened to Phoenix. “We have family and good friends supporting us and our thanks
go out to all of them.

“We would also like to thank all the police officers involved in the investigation for their hard work and sensitivity."
Meanwhile friends of Miss Netts have paid tribute, with one saying: "I can’t believe it is her. She was a lovely girl.
I thought she had got away from all this."...'

"Got away from all this"...? A strange comment to make and why I referenced Croyden. The tributes paint a nice girl
who -for some reason not presented here, decided to leave her loving family and good friends, reside in the 'Lozells
area of Birmingham' and come into contact with people such as Handyman Mahesh Sorathiya and a female who
also lived in the refuge known as Gareeca Conita Gordon.

The district of Lozells is exactly what you think it is, a inner-city neighbourhood of Birmingham with a large multi-racial
population and suffers with a multitude of crime.

Quote:'Detective Chief Inspector Scott Griffiths from our homicide team said: “Firstly, I’d like to offer my sincere condolences
to Phoenix’s family. “We’ve worked closely with colleagues at Gloucestershire over the past week and our investigation
continues at pace. “We’d urge anyone with any information about the tragic loss of Phoenix’s life to get in touch with us."'

The Forest of Dean is in the county of Gloucestershire and hence, police from that area would be involved in this case.
But even if the distance between Birmingham, Wolverhampton and the Gloucester region is out of the range of what a
married man would deem a 'normal' acquaintanceship, there's more to this story than meets the eye.

Quote:'Neighbour Wahidur Rahman, 50, said: "Phoenix was a really nice young girl. She was lovely. "I thought something might
have happened to her because I hadn’t seen her in a while."

It comes after two people appeared in court on Tuesday charged over Phoenix's killing.
Gareeca Conita Gordon, 27, who also lived at the seven-bed refuge in Birmingham, has been charged with murder after
the grim discovery was made last week. Married dad-of-two Mahesh Sorathiya, 38, from Wolverhampton, was charged
with assisting an offender after the body parts were discovered.
A provisional trial date was set for November 10 this year.

Neighbours reported Phoenix lived at the same women's refuge in Birmingham as Gordon. It is understood the woman was
last seen in April with her phone disconnected on Tuesday. Forensic officers were seen at the council-licensed refuge at the
weekend combing for clues.

Neighbour Wahidur Rahman, 50, said: "Phoenix was a really nice young girl. She was lovely. "We didn't know her well - all the
women in the refuge kept themselves to themselves. They were all vulnerable in a way...'

Again, a telling comment. 'kept themselves to themselves' in the refuge and yet, somehow Jamacian-born Gareeca Conita Gordon
and Mahesh Sorathiya-who lived 17 miles away, came into Phoenix's stunted orbit.

"It's so shocking that she's been killed and then cut up. "I thought something might have happened to her because I hadn't seen
her in a while. "The forensics have been in her bedroom for a few days now and today they blacked out the windows.
"They've been taking away bags of belongings. "I'm just in shock, really. She was a pretty young girl."..'

Sadly, another indictment of today's British culture. There was a time when being killed in the UK was a heinous occurrence,
now being 'cut up' is also a saddening aspect. My, how times have changed.

Tradesman Sorathiya moved to Wolverhampton three years ago from Slough, Berkshire, with his wife. The Indian couple are said
to have two teenage children. Cops swooped on a man and woman who were said to be driving suspiciously near Coleford,

They discovered the body parts stuffed in two suitcases. It is understood there had been attempts to burn the remains.
Officers later raided a property in Birmingham and discovered the grisly murder scene which is said to have resembled an abattoir,
The Sun understands.

The judge granted conditional bail to Sorathiya, but no application for bail was made on behalf of Gordon today.
Gordon is accused of murder between April 14 and May 12, while Sorathiya is accused of assisting her between April 25 and May 12.'
The Sun:

A married Indian man with a family knows a Jamaican national who lives almost twenty miles away in a Council-funded home for
vulnerable women.
Another female is somehow murdered for unknown reasons in or near the same premesis and the Jamaican national calls on this
married Indian man for assistance in getting rid of the body. The cadaver is cut in half back at the married Indian man's home -hence
the 'abattoir' reference, a failed burning of the body took place and then it's decided to bury the remains in a wooded area away from
the crime scene.

The initial reports indicate that Police forces were involved in scouring the wooded area and yet, this account states the two suspects
were apprehended due to 'driving suspiciously' in the Gloucestershire area. However, The Daily Mail -where this article is gleaned from,
shows an image of Police Officers searching the woodland with a comment beneath the photograph stating:
'Police searched the area in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, after discovering a man and a woman carrying suitcases
containing body parts'

Which one is it...? Driving suspiciously, discovering a man and a woman carrying suitcases containing body parts or the discovery
of a hidden body in a wood?
There's more to this incident than meets the eye.

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Edith Head Gives Good Wardrobe. 
(05-20-2020, 12:40 PM)BIAD Wrote: Which one is it...? Driving suspiciously, discovering a man and a woman carrying suitcases containing body parts or the discovery
of a hidden body in a wood?
There's more to this incident than meets the eye.

Sounds like they may be expecting a bit of Jack the Ripper-esque serial killing.

The way I'm reading it, they busted two suspicious drivers, discovered they were carrying suitcased, dismembered, and burnt body parts, and started scouring the wooded area to see what else may have been left laying about in there...

I wonder if there have been other unexplained disappearances in the wider area these two seem to have roamed?

And ain't y'all got any wood-chippers over there? These two seem to have gone the difficult route, complete with a home-made abbatoir... 

Diogenes was eating bread and lentils for supper. He was seen by the philosopher Aristippus, who lived comfortably by flattering the king.

Said Aristippus, ‘If you would learn to be subservient to the king you would not have to live on lentils.’ Said Diogenes, ‘Learn to live on lentils and you will not have to be subservient to the king.’

(05-20-2020, 01:08 PM)Ninurta Wrote: And ain't y'all got any wood-chippers over there? These two seem to have gone the difficult route, complete with a home-made abbatoir... 

They're not sending their best.
Edith Head Gives Good Wardrobe. 
(05-20-2020, 08:29 PM)BIAD Wrote:
(05-20-2020, 01:08 PM)Ninurta Wrote: And ain't y'all got any wood-chippers over there? These two seem to have gone the difficult route, complete with a home-made abbatoir... 

They're not sending their best.

I'm going to have to have a word with the Serial Killer's Union... and you know how it goes when I enter negotiations with unions!

Diogenes was eating bread and lentils for supper. He was seen by the philosopher Aristippus, who lived comfortably by flattering the king.

Said Aristippus, ‘If you would learn to be subservient to the king you would not have to live on lentils.’ Said Diogenes, ‘Learn to live on lentils and you will not have to be subservient to the king.’

Just an update on the Aya Hatchem drive-by killing in the town of Blackburn. Let's see who those bad folk are with their
traditional English names, huh?!

Quote:Five charged with Aya Hachem murder.

'Five people have been charged with the murder of a law student in a drive-by shooting. Aya Hachem, 19, died when shots
were fired from a passing car in King Street, Blackburn, on Sunday.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=7663]

Feroz Suleman, 39, Abubakir Satia, 31, Uthman Satia, 28, Judy Chapman, 26, and Kashif Manzoor, 24, are due to appear
before magistrates on Saturday, Lancashire Police said. They are also charged with attempted murder.
That charge relates to a man who was believed to have been the intended target.

The force said two shots had been fired - the first hit a building but the second hit and killed Ms Hachem.
Ms Hachem's parents have paid tribute to her as the "most loyal devoted daughter" who "dreamed of becoming a solicitor".

"We are absolutely devastated by her death and would like to take this opportunity to plead with any members of the public
who may have any information however small that may bring those responsible to justice," they said.
Ms Hachem was one of four siblings and lived in Blackburn after travelling to the UK about nine years ago, her cousin Hassan
told the BBC.

Mr Suleman, of Shear Brow, Blackburn, and Abubakir Satia, of Oxford Close, Blackburn, were the first people to be charged
on Friday. The two men will appear at Preston Magistrates' Court along with Uthman Satia, of Oxford Close, Blackburn, Judy
Chapman, of St Hubert's Road, Great Harwood, and Kashif Manzoor, of Shakeshaft Street, Blackburn, who were charged later.

Two men, aged 33 and 36, from Blackburn, arrested on Monday on suspicion of murder and attempted murder, have been
released on bail pending further inquiries. Four other people arrested as part of the inquiry have been released under investigation,
while a 22-year-old man, from Blackburn, who was arrested on Friday on suspicion of murder and attempted murder, was released
without charge.

A man aged 39, from Blackburn, who was arrested on Wednesday on suspicion of murder and attempted murder and a man aged
34 from Blackburn arrested on Thursday on suspicion of murder and attempted murder, remain in custody...'

Me-thinks they'll be a flight out of Leeds & Bradford Airport on Monday morning heading eastwards...
and some of these people will be on it.
Life in the Persian marketplace, it's always exciting.

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Edith Head Gives Good Wardrobe. 
The final part of the above tragedy involving the young woman.

Wallfire sometimes comments that in his view, Great Britain may be lost to the lower standards of migrant cultures
that imported their values along with their need to access -what they perceive as, a wealthy realm.

In my own small world, I've seen how rivalling businesses get-up to all sorts of tricks to out-compete each other.
However, this is the first time I've heard a drive-by shooting utilised to get ahead of one's competitor.

Quote:Six in court over Aya Hachem death.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=7683]

'A law student was killed in a drive-by shooting in Lancashire following a business dispute between two rival tyre firms,
a court has heard. Aya Hachem, 19, died when shots were fired from a passing car on 17 May in King Street, Blackburn.

Six people appeared at Preston Crown Court charged with her murder.
The six defendants were remanded in custody ahead of a hearing on 16 October, when they will be expected to enter pleas.

Blackburn residents Feroz Suleman, 39, of Shear Brow, Kashif Manzoor, 24, of Shakeshaft Street, Ayaz Hussain, 34, of Calgary
Avenue, Uthman Satia, 28, and Abubakir Satia, 31, both of Oxford Close, and Judy Chapman, 26, of St Hubert's Road in Great
Harwood, appeared via video link.

Alexander Langhorn, prosecuting, said police were called to the shooting arising out of what appeared to be a dispute between
RI Tyres and Quick Shine. He said it was the Crown's case the defendants arranged an attempt to shoot and kill Pachah Khan,
the owner and manager of Quick Shine.
All six are also charged with the attempted murder of Mr Khan.

A trial date of 4 May next year was fixed, but Judge Mark Brown, Honorary Recorder of Preston, said that was "a worst-case
scenario" amid the pandemic and he hoped it may be brought forward.
Ms Hachem was walking along King Street to the Lidl supermarket when she was hit by one of two bullets fired from a car.

The Lebanese-born teenager, who was a second-year student at the University of Salford, was buried in the town of Koleileh on
Saturday. A 33-year-old woman from Bolton was arrested on suspicion of Ms Hachem's murder on Wednesday and remains in
custody, Lancashire Police said...'
BBC: (They still spelled her -Aya's name, wrong on the image file title!)

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Edith Head Gives Good Wardrobe. 
As the media-fuelled Passover comes to an end and those spared from the terrible global plague try to pick up the threads
of their lives once more, we must remember that the book-burning will continue. It's needed because we humans have been
very bad in the past... especially the white-ones among us.

Quote:HISTORY ERASED Winston Churchill photo disappears from Google search of British prime ministers.

'The photo of Winston Churchill has mysteriously vanished from Google's timeline of British prime ministers.
The internet search giant this morning apologised and said it was looking into what went wrong.

When 'British prime ministers' is typed into Google search, a black box appears where Winston Churchill's face should be.
Images of all the other British premiers on the list - from Boris Johnson to Andrew Bonar Law - appear as normal.
Churchill's V for vanishing act came after his statue in London had to be boarded up over fears it would be targeted once
more by protesters.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=7756]

His picture is now not showing up on the English language version of Google, report users.
And some were quick to point out photographs of Hitler are still coming up as normal on the search engine.

A request to Google for information on what happened read: "The images on the search results are taken from Wikipedia,
it's not clear to me why this would break in only the UK and the US.
"It's especially interesting given the current controversy around Churchill in our countries. "Even more interesting is that pictures
of Hitler, Stalin and Mao are shown with no issues."
Whatever the exact reason for the disappearance, people are clearly not happy.

Barrister Ian Bond tweeted: “Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini survive, but Google feels the need to remove the picture of
WINSTON CHURCHILL! “The words I have for this are unpublishable.”
Emily Hewertson tweeted: "Just to clarify: removing a photo of Winston Churchill from Google won’t end racism."
Dr Craig Buchanan added: "I thought this was a photoshopped wind-up when I saw it on FB, but no - go check for yourselves
if you don’t believe me.

"Google has removed Churchill’s picture from its list of UK Prime Ministers." Darren on Plymouth wrote: "Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini,
google deems these pictures as all good. "Churchill, google deems him to be a racist colonialist, so his picture is no good."

However, the internet giant revealed the image was not removed on purpose.
A Google spokesperson said: "At the end of April, we received feedback that the image of Winston Churchill automatically
selected by our systems wasn’t representative of him.

"The systems had selected a picture of a young Winston Churchill, while he’s more famously and iconically pictured when older.
"Following our standard procedures, human reviewers processed the feedback, determined that the image displayed wasn’t the
most representative of Churchill, and we blocked the unrepresentative image to allow the systems to automatically select a
different one.

"However, in this case, an error in our systems prevented a new, more representative image from being selected.
"We apologise for any concern caused by this error, and we will be working to address the underlying cause to avoid this type of
issue in the future."

The statue of Britain's leader during the struggle against the Nazis was vandalised on Saturday. Protesters scrawled "was a racist"
underneath the sculpture of the wartime PM. Boris Johnson spoke of his anger at the targeting of his fellow leader.

The PM said: "We cannot now try to edit or censor our past.
"We cannot pretend to have a different history. The statues in our cities and towns were put up by previous generations.
"They had different perspectives, different understandings of right and wrong. But those statues teach us about our past,
with all its faults.
"To tear them down would be to lie about our history, and impoverish the education of generations to come.”

And defending his personal wartime hero, Sir Winston, he added: "The statue of Winston Churchill in Parliament Square is a
permanent reminder of his achievement in saving this country – and the whole of Europe – from a fascist and racist tyranny."...'
Archived Source:

[Image: attachment.php?aid=7757]
Grow up!

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