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Are the 'weather gods' up to their tricks again?  The video below shows how 'they' are trying to build a hurricane over Cuba, but the live image map already shows it as a hurricane heading into the Gulf of the U.S.

First, watch the short video.

Now, check out the live image hurricane map:  Hurricane Map

And here's a news article from yesterday on my Yahoo home page: 

[Image: 85472f281fb39a4290edb99823da3486]

Quote:Newly formed Tropical Storm Nate was blamed early Friday for at least 22 deaths across Central America as it dumped rain across the region on a path that would carry it toward a potential landfall on the U.S. Gulf Coast as a hurricane over the weekend. Louisiana officials ordered some residents to evacuate.

The U.S. National Hurricane Center said the storm could cause dangerous flooding by dumping as much as 15 to 20 inches of rain on Nicaragua, with higher accumulations in a few places.

It had maximum sustained winds of 40 mph at midday Thursday and was likely to strengthen over the northwestern Caribbean Sea on Thursday night and Friday before a possible strike on the Cancun region at the tip of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula.

In Nicaragua, Nate's arrival followed two weeks of near-constant rain that had left the ground saturated and rivers swollen. Authorities placed the whole country on alert and warned of flooding and landslides.

Nicaraguan Vice President Rosario Murillo said at least 15 people had died in that country due to the storm. She didn't give details on all the deaths, but said two women and a man who worked for the Health Ministry were swept away by a flooded canal in the central municipality of Juigalpa.

The government closed schools nationwide.
Costa Rican President Luis Guillermo Solis blamed two deaths on the storm. Flooding drove 5,000 residents into emergency shelters.
In Louisiana, officials ordered the evacuation of part of coastal St. Bernard Parish, east of New Orleans, ahead of the storm. Earlier Thursday, a voluntary evacuation was called in the barrier island town of Grand Isle south of New Orleans.

New Orleans officials outlined steps to bolster the city's pump and drainage system. Weaknesses in that system were revealed during summer flash floods.

The forecast track showed the storm could brush across the tip of the Yucatan Peninsula late Friday night and then hit the U.S. Gulf Coast as a hurricane by Sunday morning. Forecasters said hurricane conditions were possible in Mexico on Friday night.
In the Pacific, meanwhile, former Tropical Storm Ramon dissipated off the southwest coast of Mexico.


This is barely covered in the MSM due to all the coverage of the Las Vegas shooting.  I hope people will be warned in time to get out of it's path.
Can't get out of it's path. According to the map, it's set to potentially roll right over the roof of my house, and, well, yours too.

Buy wading boots, and maybe a boat. I live in a flood prone area already, proven by the entire town being carried away a couple of times already in flooding - the nearest town is not at all the same town that occupied the spot 30 years ago, and that town was not the same town that occupied the same spot 60 years ago, which was not the same town that occupied the spot 90 years ago, which in turn is not the same town that occupied the spot 120 years ago... but they all had the same name, and occupied the same patch of ground. When the floods scour the town away, folks just build another one and reuse the same name the last one had.

I live on high ground a few miles away from the town, so I'm not worried, but travel can get dicey around here, and electric power gets spotty when travel gets dicey. I reckon we're going to town tomorrow to stock up on grub, and if for whatever reason we can't, I've already got a case of MRE's to carry us through until we can (which, of course, require no external power to cook).

Rain is predicted here from tomorrow morning until some time Thursday. I'm on lunch right now, and when I went to work this morning, the sky was clear and blue, but it's overcast with roiling clouds now at lunch time. I expect it may start raining rather sooner than expected. On the drive down the mountain, I noticed that almost ALL of the trees are showing the white underside of their leaves, a sure sign a storm is coming. It has something to do with the leaves growing under one wind direction, and storms causing the winds to come from another direction.

It's all good - we've survived such here, over and over again already. ain't nothing but another one coming... but I wish I'd bought stock in the local construction materials market!

“There is no hunting like the hunting of man, and those who have hunted armed men long enough and liked it, never care for anything else thereafter.” ― Ernest Hemingway
Well, I was mostly thinking about the people on the coastlines, but, you're right; we both are in it's path.  Won't be anything I haven't been through before. Maybe a power outage for a few hours, and some downed trees, but nothing serious.  We don't have any big trees in our yard, so I think we'll be good here.  We are also on somewhat of a hill, so flooding isn't really an issue.

Stay safe Daddy.   Smile
Stay safe both of you!
Some media outlets are saying 'Nate' is weakening and is down to Tropical-Storm status.
It looks like it's got wind of Ninurta's temper and grumpiness!!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
(10-08-2017, 04:17 PM)BIAD Wrote: Some media outlets are saying 'Nate' is weakening and is down to Tropical-Storm status.
It looks like it's got wind of Ninurta's temper and grumpiness!!

Yes, it has been downgraded since it made landfall along the Mississippi River.
The weather person in my neck of the woods said the higher elevations could get wind speeds of up to 80 mph, while the lower valley can see gusts up to 60 mph at times.
Biggest threat we have here is downed trees knocking down the power lines, or maybe blowing things off porches.  However, they are calling for heavy rain tonight and more rain all week, so there could be some localized flooding as well.

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