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This site has good reports.

An example taken from one of the reports.

Quote:3.      If the actions of the UAP/Light - approaching the aircraft from above, stopping/hovering, shining a light on the 767, and then pacing it for over 32 minutes - are considered along with its plasma generation capacity the possibility that this profile of UAP/Light is a technical device or system under intelligent control is inescapable and calls for further careful analysis.

[Image: 14sigsepia.jpg]

Location: The lost world, Elsewhen
A fascinating website, thank you F2.
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(10-17-2020, 02:40 PM)BIAD Wrote: A fascinating website, thank you F2.

My thoughts exactly.

Think about it and let it sink in for a while: All the UFO observations... All the abductee stories... Yes, some people are attention seekers. Or liars. Or both. Or in a psychosis.

But to ALL of them to be fake, all without any substantial grounds? Nope. Just a straight nope! mediumalien
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Thanks  minusculethumbsup2

Saved to my Bookmarks.
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
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Bookmarking the site.  Thanks.   minusculethumbsup

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