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Two of the most wretched things that I experienced this weekend...
Here you go Rogue Nation. I had a double whammy with the 8-legged universe this weekend.

I had a cookout for my shop on Friday to celebrate a successful "audit" (at least we hope, we haven't received the full report yet...) and to celebrate the 4th of July here in the states. I got up at Midnight on Friday to cook a 3 hour ham on the grill for 3rd shift, worked for a few hours after and then cooked another 3 hour ham on the grill for 1st shift, worked again for a few hours and repeated for 2nd shift. By 8pm I was wiped out and ready for a weekend of sleep...and then this A-hole decided to grace my life and imagination with his presence:

[Image: 2d6yhe.jpg]

And I'm in Wisconsin! For those of you that don't know much about my area, Daddy Long Legs, a few Wolf Spiders, some Wood Spiders, and a whole entire host of very  non creepy F'n creatures call this place home. Sure, we have wolves / bears / and 8 months of horrid winter, but not normal.

I took as many pictures and video that I could, I'm going to play detective tonight and try to find out what on earth this crab looking spider the side of a silver dollar is doing in my life circle area...

And what should have been an omen, late last night after a trip to the BBQ capital of Milwaukee I decided to be bold and buy some new Hot Sauce from said establishment. What a giant "what the hell was I thinking?!" mistake. Especially when it looks like this:

[Image: 2hr3jaw.jpg]

Yeah Jim, looks like a f'n great idea. Why don't you dump some in your bare hands and put it in your mouth? It was the most painful hour of my poor little mouth's life tinywhat

That's my story, I'm sticking by it. That creepy Satan looking thing at my work should've caused a few question marks to pop up when I saw that hot sauce on the shelf. Moral of the story, not exactly Sherlock Holmes over here tinysure
I don't know what kind of Spider It Is,,, But It'd Be A DEAD Spider here!
I Hate Those Things.
We have spiders here in Arizona too, mostly Daddy Long Legs and Black Widows.

I'll use a Whole Can Of Bug Spray To Kill One Spider!

By The Way, Great Work for taking Care of Your People Like That.
You're a Rare Boss or Supervisor.
Proud Of You.
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=936]
Sorry, I meant to reply earlier, but was detained sorting a few things out with BIAD in his shed.    minusculeninja

Ahem...  on topic, that is the weirdest spider I've ever seen! tinybighuh

It looks like it might be the end result of a bad lab experiment where a spider and a hermit crab mated. 

[Image: Hermit-Crab.jpg]

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