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Over A Decade Onwards ... We Remember SpaceBat!
Explanation: In a few weeks time it will be 11 years since SpaceBat flew into history and time immemorial ...


Quote:Bat stowaway
[Image: 220px-STS-119_bat.jpg]
Bat clinging to the External Tank.
During the countdown a bat was seen to be resting on the external tank.[22] What was originally believed to be a fruit bat was revealed to have been a free-tailed bat that clung onto the fuel tank during the launch. NASA observers had believed the bat would fly off once the shuttle started to launch, but it did not, and it was probably shaken off and incinerated by the rocket exhaust. A bat doctor, analyzing pictures, believed the bat had a broken wing which made it unable to fly off.

Personal Disclosure: R.I.P. SpaceBat!!! You aimed for the stars! Bravo! minusculebeercheers
RIP a brave and courageous mammal that flew higher than any other of its brethren.
In those final few seconds, SpaceBat joined a small league of true explorers and touched
the face of God.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]

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