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It's News Jim, But Not As We Know it!
Jeez, the MSM look on themselves as something special!

Sky News in the UK made a big-thing on the recent 'Tier Regime' that was announced on the 26th November in regards
of what the English public can and cannot do. As the fear-porn gushed alongside the Government-ordered restrictions,
the Sky Presenters eventually became bored with the Zoom-called Yes-Men who condoned the confinement of those
who they're paid to serve.

Next up,  Rishi Sunak's -the Chancellor of the Exchequer, decision to cut the UK's overseas aid budget by about £4bn
and via a computer, a guest was brought on to discuss the possible fallout of the reduced charity.
Martin Bell. OBE, is a British UNICEF Ambassador and a former Journalist with the BBC, he sat in his West-London
-based home and chatted to the Sky Presenter in the London-based studio.

Oddly enough, every time Mr. Bell responded to one of the banal questions from the female Presenter, a graphic on the
top-right-hand side of the screen appeared to note where Martin Bell was located and for the first time today, the graphic
strip showed the layer of restrictions that London was dealing with.
Namely Tier Two.

Yet, when the Sky Presenter became the focus of the camera, there was no indication of what tier the Sky studio was
situated in!

Pointing this out may seem juvenile, but it's another facet of the gap between the MSM's reality and the public's.
In the strata of social importance, Journalists have placed themselves higher than their customers.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
"They watch from behind complacent smiles whilst polishing their cutlery. Yet, with egg between the prongs"

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