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Tell Me Why God Doesn't Like Ash Wednesday.
My word, The Daily Star's Saturday morning's edition is relating a problem that may once and for all, tell us that
either the Catholic Church has been corrupted by the Devil or that the same evil soul-collecting fiend is running
around a school in Worcestershire.

Remember, whilst we're living in a time of child-abuse from a powerful faith-base organisation and currently battling
with like-minded deity worship, any foot-fault is a positive in the 'evidence column' of opposing mythology denomination.

Unless it's click-bait shite...? No, we're talking about the mainstream media, for God's sake!

Quote:Over '100' Brit schoolkids burn foreheads in Ash Wednesday CHAOS – pupils in A&E

'At least two children from St Augustine's Catholic High School, Worcestershire, were taken to hospital.
Parents said the ritual was halted halfway through as kids began to notice a "tingling".
A furious grandparent claimed more than 100 kids were burned.

One parent who took her son to hospital for treatment said medics told her it was a chemical burn that would
likely leave a scar. Mum Cassena Brown, 39, said her son Chairo Rowe, 14, was badly burned in the ceremony
and had to be taken to hospital.
She added he has been off school for two days. She said: "I am absolutely furious...'

Mother-of-G... something! Can't you see what has happened here? Do you not understand that a simple ceremony
performed on Ash Wednesday at this education facility has turned into real proof that today's youth are being cast
down with the mark of Cain?
Do I need to use capital letters for this?!

Quote:'..."They started with the year nine and it was the priest and two sixth form children – a boy and a girl.
"That's the first thing that confused me when I heard about it. Why are children doing it to other children?

"After a while some of the children said that it had started to burn. Some of the teachers said it did as well.

"Some of them rubbed it off straight away, but some left it on.
"The children who left it on complained it was burning and some were given a wet wipe to wipe it off...'

But the scar of sin was already punishing the offender, it's obvious what is happening here. A renown British newspaper
is telling you... showing you -well maybe not showing you, telling you that God is frowning at a theology that dislikes the
use of condoms. It's as plain as the nose on your face... Hear me speak.

Quote:'..."But when some of the kids wiped it off, it ripped the skin off as well.
"It was red raw. They should have been sent to a medical professional, not given a perfumed wet wipe."...'

Ignoring the damage that Tamar's sorrow-dust did to the children, it must be obvious to anyone reading this and NOT on
their knees right now, surely professional medical assistance would've been a fruitless act to counter the Lord's decision?
And don't call me Shirley.

Quote:'...Headteacher Gerald O’Connor told Worcester News: "During the Ash Wednesday service, it came to our attention
that some discomfort was experienced by students that had received the ashes on the forehead.
"As a result all students were requested to wash the ashes off immediately to ensure no further discomfort was felt.
"We are aware that some students had a reaction to the ashes from the parish, for which medical advice has been

Ah! Don't give us that pragmatic crap, these good children have become mere blackboards for Jesus' old-man to write
his condemnation of fake news terrible conduct and the evil that Harry Potter knew well.
Just like The Daily Star and other tabloid watchers-on-the-wall, the words of swollenness tell the truth as the ink of the
pious Press tell you, kindly citizens of Rogue Nation.

Quote:'...One dad, who has a daughter at the school, said: "I think it was basically the first year students in school who were affected.
"It's terrible really." A mum said: "A load of the kids had to go home after they got burned."

Another mum added: "My daughter said something had happened and some kids got burned on the forehead.
"We are not Catholic so my daughter would not have taken part."...'

Pagans...? Wiccan heathens -like The Mystic Wanderer who don't adhere to the Pope's genitals?!
I thought they'd burnt all of them.?

Quote:'...Parents said they are considering legal action. Daily Star Online has approached the school for comment...'
The Daily Star:

Hardwood ash contains sodium hydroxide (Lye) and reacts to water... come on, you've all seen Fight Club.
And it wasn't really a hundred pupils, was it Daily Star?
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
Its the devil, THE DEVIL I TELL YEE
All the children with burns on there forehead must be taken for a exorcism, they have been thing about becoming Protestants PROTESTANTS !!!!!!

                           ITS THE DEVIL
We need an emoticon for "shaking my head".

Walks off stage ---------------->

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