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Propaganda watch
This story isn't propaganda itself, but the result of MSM propaganda.  They need to be held accountable for how their lies are affecting the public.   Time to shut them down!!   tinyok 

Quote:A man who police say was yelling “anti-Trump sentiment” was arrested early Friday after exchanging gunfire with officers in the lobby of a hotel at a sprawling golf resort that the president owns near Miami.

Yellow caution tape was seen stretched across the main gate of the Trump National Doral Golf Club Friday morning following the overnight rampage, in which the shooter, identified as 42-year-old Doral resident Jonathan Oddi, burst into the property for unknown reasons and draped an American flag over a lobby counter while spraying bullets.

“This guy was ready for war, he was waiting for our officers to come in,” Miami-Dade Police Director Juan Perez told Miami radio station 610 WIOD.

Perez said Oddi was “yelling and spewing some information about President Trump.” Although the exact words were unclear, Perez said it was an “anti-Trump sentiment” and the Oddi “had an American flag that he did drape over the counter.”

Police say Oddi had taken the flag from the property and was firing a handgun at chandeliers and the roof of the lobby.
Oddi eventually was “neutralized” in a shootout with officers, suffering multiple gunshot wounds to the legs, but he currently is in stable condition at a local hospital, police added.

Quote:A huge thank you to the incredible men and women of the @DoralPolice Department and @MiamiDadePD. Every day they keep our community safe. We are very grateful to you! ??????
— Eric Trump (@EricTrump) May 18, 2018

“It appears he was trying to engage our police officers… in some type of ambush-style attack,” Perez said. “He prepared the area for battle.”

Doral and Miami-Dade officers said they were called to the scene around 1:30 a.m. local time after receiving reports of an “active shooter” and immediately jumped into the fray.

“In my opinion, they probably saved a hell of a lot of lives today, because this could have gone a lot worse,” Perez told 610 WIOD.
Eric Trump hailed the officers’ response in a Twitter post Friday morning.

“A huge thank you to the incredible men and women of the @DoralPolice Department and @MiamiDadePD,” he wrote.

Read the full story:  Gunman arrested at Trump resort in Florida after opening fire, yelling 'anti-Trump sentiment'

More Propaganda... sigh.  SMH!

[Image: gaza-baby.png?resize=1500%2C575&ssl=1]

Quote:Timed to coincide with the Nakba, or “catastrophe,” of the anniversary of modern Israel’s founding — as well as the opening of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem — Hamas incited protests and violent riots near the security fence that separates Gaza from Israel.
The liberal media wailed and moaned about the dozens of dead — many of whom were Hamas terrorists — and thousands wounded from Israeli counter-protest gunfire and tear gas.

As evidence of the cruelty of Israeli security forces toward innocent Palestinians in Gaza, the media focused on a dead Palestinian baby. The infant’s tragic death, however, turned into a propaganda win for the terrorist organization.

A prime example of what could easily have been written by the Hamas propaganda department itself was an article in the Los Angeles Times which lamented the death of the 10-month-old baby girl — Layla Ghandour.

But a former journalist for the L.A. and New York Times astutely noted that, buried midway through the blatant piece, it was revealed by a doctor in Gaza that the baby had died from a pre-existing heart condition.

Quote:"BABY GIRL DIES IN HAZE OF GAZA" declares the @latimes headline of a story that takes up two-thirds of today's hard copy front page (including photo) above the fold.
Not until the 16th graf do we learn:
— Joel Engel (@joelengel) May 16, 2018

The 16th paragraph of that report read: “A doctor at the hospital where Layla was treated said she had a preexisting heart condition that caused her death. He asked not to be identified because he was not authorized to discuss the child’s medical history.”

Left unstated is that he probably didn’t want to be identified so he could avoid suffering the wrath of Hamas for undermining their propaganda victory with the liberal American media.

The preceding paragraph even cited Israeli military spokesman Ofir Gendelman, who stated without elaboration, “We have evidence casting doubt on the truthfulness of reports about the death of a baby girl in the Gaza Strip.
"Nevertheless, even as the family acknowledged the pre-existing heart condition, they still blamed Israeli tear gas for the little girl’s death.

Even if that were the case, blame would appear to fall on the shoulders of the girl’s 12-year-old uncle Ammar, who was charged with watching the baby at home while the protests at the border took place. Still, he carried the baby there and proceeded all the way forward to the security barrier.

Several paragraphs later in that same article, it was noted that the dead baby’s mother and father had lost a baby boy just a year ago to the exact same heart condition, due to the fact that the father couldn’t afford or obtain the proper medication to treat the condition.

On a related note which reveals the sort of pure whitewashing propaganda this article was, the girl’s father was described as being unemployed after he lost his job smuggling “food, medicine, weapons, fuel and other goods” through the illicit tunnels that connected Gaza with Egypt, prior to the Egyptians shutting those tunnels down.
(Red highlights by me)

Read the full article and watch a video:  Remember the Dead Palestinian Baby? Turns Out She Didn’t Die from Israeli Fire

Ever heard of Project Mockingbird?  Now you have!

Quote:Operation Mockingbird was an alleged CIA project that recruited journalists to write fake stories promoting government ideas while dispelling communist ones.

[Image: operation-mockingbird-church-comittee.png]YouTube1970s meeting of the Church Committee.

“A Student Group Concedes It Took Funds from C.I.A.”

That was the front page headline of the Feb. 14, 1967, edition of the New York Times. The article was one in a slew of articles published at the time in relation to something called Operation Mockingbird.

What was Operation Mockingbird?
It was an alleged large-scale project undertaken by the CIA beginning in the 1950s in which they recruited American journalists into a propaganda network. The recruited journalists were put on a payroll by the CIA and instructed to write fake stories that promoted the views of the intelligence agency. Student cultural organizations and magazines were allegedly funded as fronts for this operation.

Operation Mockingbird expanded later on in order to influence foreign media as well.
Frank Wisner, the director of the espionage and counter-intelligence branch, spearheaded the organization and was told to concentrate on “propaganda, economic warfare; preventive direct action, including sabotage, anti-sabotage, demolition and evacuation measures; subversion against hostile states, including assistance to underground resistance groups, and support of indigenous anti-Communist elements in threatened countries of the free world.”

Journalists were reportedly blackmailed and threatened into this network.
The CIA’s financing of independent and private organizations wasn’t just meant to create favorable stories. It was also a means to covertly collect information from other countries that were relevant to America’s national security.
Like the New York Times article, Ramparts Magazine exposed the covert operation in 1967 when it reported that the National Student Association received funding from the CIA.

A 1977 article in Rolling Stone, written by Carl Bernstein, was titled “The CIA and the Media.” Bernstein said in the article that the CIA “has secretly bankrolled numerous foreign press services, periodicals and newspapers—both English and foreign language—which provided excellent cover for CIA operatives.”

These reports led to a series of congressional investigations done in the 1970s under a committee that was set up by the U.S. Senate and named the Church Committee. The Church Committee investigations looked into government operations and potential abuses by the CIA, the NSA, the FBI and the IRS.

In 2007, around 700 pages of documents from the 1970s were declassified and released by the CIA in a collection called “The Family Jewels.” The files all surrounded the investigations and scandals pertaining to agency misconduct during the 1970s.
There was only one mention of Operation Mockingbird in these files, in which it was revealed that two American journalists were wire-tapped for several months.

Though declassified documents show that this type of operation occurred, it’s never been officially confirmed as the title of Operation Mockingbird. Thus, it’s also never been officially discontinued.

Those who have a brain cell should realize it has "never been officially discontinued".

Today,,, So Called Journalist, Promote Communist Ideas.
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=936]

Remember that I commented that the majority of the mainstream media -certainly in the UK, obtain their
information regarding Iraq, Syria and ther Middle-East areas in conflict from a Public Relations outfit in
Coventry -England?

Well, before Coventry, it was happening in London.

Quote:Fake News and False Flags.
How the Pentagon paid a British PR firm $500 million for top secret Iraq propaganda.
October 2016.

'The Pentagon gave a controversial UK PR firm over half a billion dollars to run a top secret propaganda
programme in Iraq, the Bureau of Investigative Journalism can reveal.

Bell Pottinger’s output included short TV segments made in the style of Arabic news networks and fake
insurgent videos which could be used to track the people who watched them, according to a former employee.
The agency’s staff worked alongside high-ranking US military officers in their Baghdad Camp Victory
headquarters as the insurgency raged outside.

Bell Pottinger's former chairman Lord Tim Bell confirmed to the Sunday Times, which worked with the Bureau
on this story, that his firm had worked on a “covert” military operation “covered by various secrecy agreements.”
Bell Pottinger reported to the Pentagon, the CIA and the National Security Council on its work in Iraq, he said.

Bell, one of Britain’s most successful public relations executives, is credited with honing Margaret Thatcher’s
steely image and helping the Conservative party win three elections. The agency he co-founded has had a roster
of clients including repressive regimes and Asma al-Assad, the wife of the Syrian president.

In the first media interview any Bell Pottinger employee has given about the work for the US military in Iraq, video
editor Martin Wells – who no longer works for the company –told the Bureau his time in Camp Victory was "shocking,
eye-opening, life-changing.”

[Image: attachment.php?aid=3833]
Martin Wells.

The firm’s output was signed off by former General David Petraeus –then commander of the coalition forces in Iraq
–and on occasion by the White House, Wells said.

Bell Pottinger produced reams of material for the Pentagon, some of it going far beyond standard communications work.

The Bureau traced the firm's Iraq work through US army contracting censuses, federal procurement transaction
records and reports by the Department of Defense (DoD) Inspector General, as well as Bell Pottinger's corporate filings
and specialist publications on military propaganda.
We interviewed half a dozen former officials and contractors involved in information operations in Iraq.

There were three types of media operations commonly used in Iraq at the time, said a military contractor familiar with Bell
Pottinger’s work there.
“White is attributed, it says who produced it on the label,” the contractor said.
“Grey is unattributed and black is falsely attributed.
These types of black ops, used for tracking who is watching a certain thing, were a pretty standard part of the industry toolkit.”

Bell Pottinger changed ownership after a management buyout in 2012 and its current structure has no connections with the unit
that operated in Iraq, which closed in 2011. It is understood the key people who worked in that unit deny any involvement with
tracking software as described by Wells.

Bell Pottinger’s work in Iraq was a huge media operation which cost over a hundred million dollars a year on average.
A document unearthed by the Bureau shows the company was employing almost 300 British and Iraqi staff at one point.

The London-based PR agency was brought into Iraq soon after the US invasion. In March 2004 it was tasked by the country’s
temporary administration with the "promotion of democratic elections" – a "high-profile activity" which it trumpeted in its annual

The firm soon switched to less high-profile activities, however.
The Bureau has identified transactions worth $540 million between the Pentagon and Bell Pottinger for information operations
and psychological operations on a series of contracts issued from May 2007 to December 2011.
A similar contract at around the same annual rate – $120 million – was in force in 2006, we have been told.

The bulk of the money was for costs such as production and distribution, Lord Bell told the Sunday Times, but the firm would
have made around £15 million a year in fees. Martin Wells, the ex-employee, told the Bureau he had no idea what he was
getting into when he was interviewed for the Bell Pottinger job in May 2006.

He had been working as a freelance video editor and got a call from his agency suggesting he go to London for an interview
for a potential new gig. “You’ll be doing new stuff that’ll be coming out of the Middle East,” he was told.

“I thought ‘That sounds interesting’,” Wells recalled. “So I go along and go into this building, get escorted up to the sixth floor in
a lift, come out and there’s guards up there. I thought what on earth is going on here?
And it turns out it was a Navy post, basically. So from what I could work out it was a media intelligence gathering unit.”

After a brief chat Wells asked when he would find out about the job, and was surprised by the response.
“You’ve already got it,” he was told. “We’ve already done our background checks into you.”
He would be flying out on Monday, Wells learned. It was Friday afternoon.
He asked where he would be going and got a surprising answer: Baghdad.
“So I literally had 48 hours to gather everything I needed to live in a desert,” Wells said.

Arrival in Baghdad.

Days later, Wells’s plane executed a corkscrew landing to avoid insurgent fire at Baghdad airport.
He assumed he would be taken to somewhere in the Green Zone, from which coalition officials were administering Iraq.
Instead he found himself in Camp Victory, a military base.

It turned out that the British PR firm which had hired him was working at the heart of a US military intelligence operation.

A tide of violence was engulfing the Iraqi capital as Wells began his contract. The same month he arrived there were five
suicide bomb attacks in the city, including a suicide car bomb attack near Camp Victory which killed 14 people and
wounded six others.

Describing his first impressions, Wells said he was struck by a working environment very unlike what he was used to.
“It was a very secure building," he recalled, with "signs outside saying ‘Do not come in, it’s a classified area, if you’re
not cleared, you can’t come in.’”

Inside were two or three rooms with lots of desks in, said Wells, with one section for Bell Pottinger staff and the other
for the US military.

“I made the mistake of walking into one of the [US military] areas, and having a very stern American military guy basically
drag me out saying you are not allowed in here under any circumstances, this is highly classified, get out –whilst his hand
was on his gun, which was a nice introduction,” said Wells.
It soon became apparent he would be doing much more than just editing news footage.

Grey ops.

The work consisted of three types of products.
The first was television commercials portraying al Qaeda in a negative light. The second was news items which were made
to look as if they had been “created by Arabic TV”, Wells said. Bell Pottinger would send teams out to film low-definition video
of al Qaeda bombings and then edit it like a piece of news footage.
It would be voiced in Arabic and distributed to TV stations across the region, according to Wells.

The American origins of the news items were sometimes kept hidden. In 2005, revelations that PR contractor the Lincoln Group
had helped the Pentagon place articles in Iraqi newspapers –sometimes presented as unbiased news –led to a DoD investigation.

Black ops.

The third and most sensitive programme described by Wells was the production of fake al Qaeda propaganda films.
He told the Bureau how the videos were made. He was given precise instructions: “We need to make this style of video and
we’ve got to use al Qaeda’s footage,” he was told. “We need it to be 10 minutes long, and it needs to be in this file format, and
we need to encode it in this manner.” 

US marines would take the CDs on patrol and drop them in the chaos when they raided targets.
Wells said: “If they’re raiding a house and they’re going to make a mess of it looking for stuff anyway, they’d just drop an odd
CD there.”

The CDs were set up to use Real Player, a popular media streaming application which connects to the internet to run.
Wells explained how the team embedded a code into the CDs which linked to a Google Analytics account, giving a list of IP
addresses where the CDs had been played.

The tracking account had a very restricted circulation list, according to Wells: the data went to him, a senior member of the
Bell Pottinger management team, and one of the US military commanders.

Wells explained their intelligence value. “If one is looked at in the middle of Baghdad…you know there’s a hit there," he said.
"If one, 48 hours or a week later shows up in another part of the world, then that’s the more interesting one, and that’s what they’re
looking for more, because that gives you a trail.”

The CDs turned up in some interesting places, Wells recalled, including Iran, Syria, and even America.
"I would do a print-out for the day and, if anything interesting popped up, hand it over to the bosses and then it would be dealt
with from there,” he said.

The Pentagon confirmed that Bell Pottinger did work for them as a contractor in Iraq under the Information Operations Task
Force (IOTF), producing some material that was openly sourced to coalition forces, and some which was not.
They insisted that all material put out by IOTF was "truthful".

IOTF was not the only mission Bell Pottinger worked on however.
Wells said some Bell Pottinger work was carried out under the Joint Psychological Operations Task Force (JPOTF), which a
US defence official confirmed. The official said he could not comment in detail on JPOTF activities, adding: “We do not discuss
intelligence gathering methods for operations past and present.”

Lord Bell, who stood down as chairman of Bell Pottinger earlier this year, told the Sunday Times that the deployment of tracking
devices described by Wells was “perfectly possible”, but he was personally unaware of it.

Bell Pottinger’s output was signed off by the commander of coalition forces in Iraq, according to Wells. “We’d get the two colonels
in to look at the things we’d done that day, they’d be fine with it, it would then go to General Petraeus," he said.
Some of the projects went even higher up the chain of command. “If [Petraeus] couldn’t sign off on it, it would go on up the line to
the White House, and it was signed off up there, and the answer would come back down the line’."
Petraeus went on to become director of the CIA in 2011 before resigning in the wake of an affair with a journalist.

The awarding of such a large contract to a British company created resentment among the American communications firms jostling
for Iraq work, according to a former employee of one of Bell Pottinger’s rivals.
“Nobody could work out how a British company could get hundreds of millions of dollars of US funding when there were equally
capable US companies who could have done it,” said Andrew Garfield, an ex-employee of the Lincoln Group who is now a senior
fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute. “The American companies were pissed.”

Ian Tunnicliffe, a former British soldier, was the head of a three person panel from the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA)
–the transitional government in Iraq following the 2003 invasion – which awarded Bell Pottinger their 2004 contract to promote
democratic elections.
According to Tunnicliffe, the contract, which totalled $5.8m, was awarded after the CPA realised its own in-house efforts to make
people aware of the transitional legal framework ahead of elections were not working.

“We held a relatively hasty but still competitive bid for communications companies to come in,” recalls Tunnicliffe.
Tunnicliffe said that Bell Pottinger’s consortium was one of three bidders for the contract, and simply put in a more convincing
proposal than their rivals.

Contractors were used because the military didn’t have the in-house expertise and was operating in a legal “grey area”.

Iraq was a lucrative opportunity for many communications firms.
The Bureau has discovered that between 2006 and 2008 more than 40 companies were being paid for services such as TV
and radio placement, video production, billboards, advertising and opinion polls.
These included US companies like Lincoln Group, Leonie Industries and SOS International as well as Iraq-based firms such
as Cradle of New Civilization Media, Babylon Media and Iraqi Dream.

But the largest sums the Bureau was able to trace went to Bell Pottinger.

According to Glen Segell, who worked in an information operations task force in Iraq in 2006, contractors were used partly
because the military didn’t have the in-house expertise, and partly because they were operating in a legal “grey area”.

In his 2011 article Covert Intelligence Provision in Iraq, Segell notes that US law prevented the government from using propaganda
on the domestic population of the US. In a globalised media environment, the Iraq operations could theoretically have been seen
back home, therefore “it was prudent legally for the military not to undertake all the…activities,” Segell wrote.

Segell maintains that information operations programmes did make a difference on the ground in Iraq. Some experts question
this however. A 2015 study by the Rand Corporation, a military think tank, concluded that “generating assessments of efforts to
inform, influence, and persuade has proven to be challenging across the government and DoD.”

Bell Pottinger's operations on behalf of the US government stopped in 2011 as American troops withdrew from Iraq, and its unit
that worked there no longer exists.

Whether the material achieved its goals, no one would ever really know.

Wells left Iraq after less than two years, having had enough of the stress of working in a war zone and having to watch graphic videos
of atrocities day after day. Looking back at his time creating propaganda for the US military, Wells is ambivalent.

The aim of Bell Pottinger’s work in Iraq was to highlight al Qaeda’s senseless violence, he said – publicity which at the time he thought
must be doing some good. “But then, somewhere in my conscience I wondered whether this was the right thing to do,” he added.

Lord Bell told the Sunday Times he was “proud” of Bell Pottinger’s work in Iraq.
“We did a lot to help resolve the situation,” he said. “Not enough. We did not stop the mess which emerged, but it was part of the
American propaganda machinery.”

Whether the material achieved its goals, no one would ever really know, said Wells.
“I mean if you look at the situation now, it wouldn’t appear to have worked.
But at the time, who knows, if it saved one life it [was] a good thing to do.”...'
The Bureau Of Investigative Journalism:

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[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]

Really?!  This headline alone is the biggest line of BS propaganda I've seen to date! 
Anyone who knows what the Clintons have done knows there is absolutely NO way to compare Trump to the Clintons in a negative way.

Geez!  I'm so glad I don't read MSM garbage, but Yahoo is my home page, and this was at the top of the page glaring at me when I turned on my computer... of course. 
No way to miss it, so I had to take a look and see what the 4 a.m. talking points are going to be for today. 

Just more garbage trying to make the greatest President we've had since Regan look bad.  The Dems are desperate.  I hope they have their safe places ready. They're about to go down the drain, and they know it.   tinysure

Quote:Donald Trump won the presidency in 2016 in part because voters perceived his opponent, Hillary Clinton, to be a dishonest, self-dealing phony.
Trump has now pulled off the improbable: He makes Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill look like ethical exemplars, compared with the corruption endemic in Trump’s administration.

Whatever you think of Trump, there was legitimacy to his call, back in 2016, to “drain the swamp” and bring fresh blood to Washington. Team Clinton, it turned out, was the perfect foil for Trump, thanks to Hillary Clinton’s six-figure Wall Street speechmaking, her shifty explanations for violating government policy by using a private email server, and the money flowing into the Clinton Foundation from shady dealmakers undoubtedly hoping for favors once Hillary ascended to the White House.
How quaint those Clinton controversies seem, compared with the Trump presidency.

Trump’s knifing of American law-enforcement agencies, while on a podium at the Helsinki “summit” with American enemy Vladimir Putin, visibly raised the possibility that Trump might sell out his own country to appease a ruthless dictator who at this moment is working to manipulate the upcoming U.S. elections. Trump is now going even further to aid Russian attacks against the United States, by saying Russia is no longer targeting U.S. elections. Intelligence officials contradict Trump and say Russia is still at it. The president of the United States is defending a foreign government that’s attacking the United States. Right now.
"Trump might sell out his own country to appease a ruthless dictator..."  If that's not pure desperation to warp the public's mind, I don't know what is.  It's sad really... just sad they they think anyone that sees what Trump is doing for the country could believe this.
Pres. Trump's motivation is to have peace with Russia; he's not going to "sell out" to anyone!

If you want to continue reading this POS, click on the title above.

And the hate of Trump just keeps going on. "He is trying to stop wars, he is evil"

Quote:Detente Bad, Cold War Good 550

17 Jul, 2018  in Uncategorized by craig | View Comments

The entire “liberal” media and political establishment of the Western world reveals its militarist, authoritarian soul today with the screaming and hysterical attacks on the very prospect of detente with Russia. Peace apparently is a terrible thing; a renewed arms race, with quite literally trillions of dollars pumped into the military industrial complex and hundreds of thousands dying in proxy wars, is apparently the “liberal” stance.

Political memories are short, but just 15 years after Iraq was destroyed and the chain reaction sent most of the Arab world back to the dark ages, it is now “treason” to question the word of the Western intelligence agencies, which deliberately and knowingly produced a fabric of lies on Iraqi WMD to justify that destruction.

It would be more rational for it to be treason for leaders to blindly accept the word of the intelligence services.

This is especially true on “Russia hacking the election” when, after three years of crazed accusations and millions of man hours by lawyers and CIA and FBI investigators, they are yet to produce any substantive evidence of accusations which are plainly nuts in the first place. This ridiculous circus has found a few facebook ads and indicted one Russian for every 100,000 man hours worked, for unspecified or minor actions which had no possible bearing on the election result.

There are in fact genuine acts of election rigging to investigate. In particular, the multiple actions of the DNC and Democratic Party establishment to rig the Primary against Bernie Sanders do have some very real documentary evidence to substantiate them, and that evidence is even public. Yet those real acts of election rigging are ignored and instead the huge investigation is focused on catching those who revealed Hillary’s election rigging. This gets even more absurd – the investigation then quite deliberately does not focus on catching whoever leaked Hillary’s election rigging, but instead seeks to prove that the Russians hacked Hillary’s election-rigging, which I can assure you they did not. Meanwhile, those of us who might help them with the truth if they were actually interested, are not questioned at all.

The Russophobic witch hunt has its first real life victim in 29 year old Maria Butina, whose life is to be destroyed for chatting up members of the NRA in order to increase Russian influence. With over 20 years of diplomatic experience, I can tell you that every country, including the UK and US, has bit part players of its own nationals who self-start in a country to make their way, and if they gain any traction are tapped by their national security service as potential “agents of influence”. I could name quite literally scores of such people, but have no desire to get anyone in trouble. The elevation of Butina into a huge threat and part of a gigantic plot, is to ignore the way the United States and the United Kingdom and indeed all major governments’ Embassies behave around the globe.

The war-hawks who were devastated by the loss of champion killer Hillary now see the prospect of their very worst fear coming true. Their very worst fear is the outbreak of peace and international treaties of arms control. Hence the media and political establishment today has reached peaks of hysteria never before seen. Pursuing peace is “treason” and the faux left now stand starkly exposed
I'm placing this latest video by Katie G. in the Propaganda Watch thread because it shows us how/why/who is behind it, and why it is so out of hand now.
This video goes into great detail showing bills that were passed under Obummer that makes is legal, and even promotes it's use in news articles today to push "their" narrative.
Very enlightening, to say the least!

WOW, that is a Very Informative Video  minusculethumbsup
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=936]
ABC Stages Fake Scene With Actors Harassing Leftist At Restaurant To Portray Libs As Victims

Yes, they did this. The NERVE of them when in reality it's the Liberals who harass the Trump supporters.
Projection much?     Sigh...   tinybighuh

Quote:With video after video of Trump staffers, Trump supporters and GOP officials being harassed at restaurants going viral every week, the propagandists at ABC decided to hire actors to stage a scene of an "anti-Trump liberal" being harassed while dining for wearing an "Impeach 45" shirt.

The Daily Mail pretty much reported the fake scene as though it was real:

Quote:EXCLUSIVE: Shocking moment customer in 'Impeach Trump' shirt is denied service at restaurant while a fellow diner tells the manager to call police
— Daily Mail US (@DailyMail) August 10, 2018

If you actually click through and read the article you'll see they admit the "manager" and the "customer" were both actors. As most reality tv garbage like this is totally fake, odds are the "fellow diners" are too.

From The Daily Mail:

Quote:The hidden camera series What Would You Do? is airing a special episode on Friday night that focuses on politically-themed clothing.

In a clip obtained exclusively by, one man learns what it is like to walk into a diner wearing a shirt that calls for President Trump's impeachment.

He sits down and is greeted by another actor portraying the restaurant manager, who informs him that he will not serve him in an 'Impeach 45' shirt, prompting one man nearby to urge the manager to call authorities.

'As long as you're wearing that shirt, we won't serve you. He won the election, let him do his job,' states the manager at the start of the clip.

Quote:'OK great, that's your opinion.I got my opinion,' responds the customer.

The exchange quickly draws the attention of nearby diners, including one man who tells the manager: 'Call the police.'

The customer responds to this by replying: 'I don't understand.'

When the manager then repeats the suggestion back to the man as a question he says: 'Sure.'

He then adds: 'You're doing the right thing. Call the police.'
They literally have to stage these scenes just to make libs look like "victims."

What's both funny and sad is ABC's viewers are so stupid they'll actually think it's real.

Meanwhile, scenes like this are happening every few days:

Quote:To be clear: ANTIFA, an all-white fascist organization, just grew violent and attacked an all-black and Hispanic police force.

Because I, a BLACK woman, was eating breakfast.

Is this the civil rights era all over again?
— Candace Owens (@RealCandaceO) August 6, 2018

Quote:Clip of @ModestoProgDems & @joshua_harder allied groups yesterday. A protester attempts to race shame @JeffDenham's wife. You can clearly hear this person scream at Denham "Shame on your Mexican wife" This type of rhetoric has to stop, its fueling hate. @modbee @turlockjournal
— Joshua Whitfield (@JoshLWhitfield) August 8, 2018

Why doesn't ABC do a show where they have an old white lady wearing a MAGA hat walk through the streets of Detroit at night?
Watch the video here:  Source

On a lighter note, here's a summary of how the UK mainstream media is perceived.

It's taken from a eighties comedy about the rise of a Conservative Member of Parliament to being Ptime Minister.
It was called 'Yes Prime Minister'
Jim Hacker is Prime Minister.
Sir Humphrey Appleton is Cabinet Secretary.
Bernard is Hacker's personal secretary.

Humphrey: "The only way to understand the Press is to remember that they pander to their readers' prejudices."

Hacker: Don't tell me about the press, I know exactly who reads the papers:
The Daily Mirror is read by people who think they run the country;
The Guardian is read by people who think they ought to run the country;
The Times is read by people who actually do run the country;
The Daily Mail is read by the wives of the people who run the country;
The Financial Times is read by people who own the country;
The Morning Star is read by people who think the country ought to be run by another country;
and The Daily Telegraph is read by people who think it is.

Sir Humphrey: Prime Minister, what about the people who read The Sun?
Bernard: Sun readers don't care who runs the country, as long as she's got big tits.

Here endeth the lesson!
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Well.. This is posted as more of the after effects of Propaganda

Mastercard Forces Patreon to Blacklist Jihad Watch’s Robert Spencer

Quote:Mastercard has reportedly forced funding platform Patreon to kick conservative author and “Jihad Watch” owner Robert Spencer off its site.

“My name is April and I’m on the Trust & Safety team here at Patreon. I’ve been notified by Mastercard that we must remove your account from Patreon, effective immediately,” wrote Patreon in an email to Spencer. “Mastercard has a stricter set of rules and regulations than Patreon, and they reserve the right to not offer their services to accounts of their choosing. This is in line with their terms of service, which means it’s something we have to comply by.”

“I have paid out your remaining creator balance of $475.22 to you via direct deposit,” the company continued. “I’m sorry for the inconvenience and frustration this might cause.”

Despite this, Spencer claimed he doesn’t use Mastercard and didn’t have a Mastercard attached to the Patreon account.

Quote:Hey, we've been emailing with Robert today to explain the situation as unfortunately Mastercard required us to remove his account. We will continue to email with him if he has further questions.
— Patreon (@Patreon) August 15, 2018

Quote:Also, @Patreon, be honest, please. You haven’t “been emailing” with me. You sent me one email saying that MasterCard wouldn’t work with me, which was weird since I don’t have a MasterCard. No explanation was offered. When I asked for one, you didn’t answer. That’s not “emailing.”
— Robert Spencer (@jihadwatchRS) August 15, 2018

“I’d been given no warning before this of anything amiss with my account… so what violated their rules? They hadn’t explained,” Spencer declared, adding that Patreon “never explained why MasterCard objected to my account or why they had to comply with MasterCard’s wishes, and didn’t answer my request for an explanation.”

“I don’t have a MasterCard and didn’t have one attached to my Patreon account, so MasterCard really wasn’t involved,” he explained. “Unless it owns Patreon, which is apparently the case.”

Spencer noted that he could have been shut down due to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) listing him on its “extremist files” for criticizing Islam. Spencer’s Jihad Watch website is a strong critic of Islamic extremism. According to the site, “Why Jihad Watch? Because non-Muslims in the West, as well as in India, China, Russia, and the world over, are facing a concerted effort by Islamic jihadists, the motives and goals of whom are largely ignored by the Western media, to destroy their societies and impose Islamic law upon them — and to commit violence to that end even while their overall goal remains out of reach. That effort goes under the general rubric of jihad.”

Patreon has previously banned conservative author Lauren Southern and commentator Brittany Pettibone.

Spencer believes his removal from Patreon is part of a larger trend. He told Breitbart News “This seems to me to be all part of the general attempt to silence all dissenting voices and leave only Leftists speaking in the runup to the 2018 elections.”

In July, Breitbart Tech senior reporter Allum Bokhari warned that a growing number of conservatives and dissidents would soon be banned from financial services, such as Patreon, PayPal, and Stripe.

“The creeping exclusion of the right from online platforms like Twitter and Facebook is well-known, drawing the attention of Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale and the RNC. But a greater challenge is on the horizon: the exclusion of the right from financial services,” Bokhari expressed. “As the left prepares for the 2018 midterms and the 2020 general election, they want to ensure that only they have access to that tremendous power.”

“And with PayPal and Stripe withdrawing support from politically neutral fundraising platforms, they are well on their way to achieving that aim,” he concluded. “Like the social media purges, this represents an existential threat to the conservative and pro-Trump movement.”

Update — A Mastercard spokesperson responded to a Breitbart News request for comment with the following statement. “As part of our normal process, we share information about websites that may have illegal content with the acquirer – or merchant’s bank – that connects them to our network to accept card payments. The acquirer would then review the site for compliance with legal requirements and our standards. They would then determine what action to take. In this case, the acquirer advised us that they decided to terminate acceptance.”
Charlie Nash is a reporter for Breitbart Tech. You can follow him on Twitter @MrNashington, or like his page at Facebook.

Be a good little person or else your smart meter turns your power and gas off, your smart phone wont work, you car wont start, your cards are void,
and no cash to buy food. A great way to control people.


Ministry of the E.U. 

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