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Military Veterans Talk about Bigfoot Encounters
As mentioned previously;
Bigfoot has often been associated with the presence of UFO's, lights in the shy, other paranormal incidents etc

Maybe this "inter dimensional" aspect is what links these phenomena?
If "space ships" are man-made objects from a timeline we have not yet travelled...
and if lights in the sky are representative of "rifts" in space-time...?  Who knows!
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(08-25-2018, 02:47 AM)Ninurta Wrote: Butbutbut - I live in the forest and don't shave, too!

This is true, but there a subtle differences. Bigfoot are perceived to live as one with nature and
if they come into contact with humans, prepare exit-routes and leave immediately.

You continue to conduct the same-old experiment that as been disproved in numerous academic
journals... that of seeing if a person -a rambler or hiker, can outrun a home-made bullet.

Rogue Nation Admin have been requested to send you a calendar. It is 2018 and not the days for
the Frontier.

Quote:...I've made a hobby out of convincing folks that I'm "just" a backwards hillbilly (not hard to do, because
I really am), and then lowering the boom on them with some seriously in-depth, scientific, complicated shit.

Explaining to the injured countryside wanderer why blood is pumping from a wound is not 'seriously in-depth,
scientific, complicated shit'. It's deliberate marksmanship because you do occasionally like to chat.

Quote:...You're right - things are not always as people perceive, yet they still insist on basing everything on those
faulty perceptions, and then wonder at why they always get surprised.

You're also right about why we shy away from interaction.
Bigfoot and I could be brothers... except he's bigger, and scares the crap out of me by his mere presence!
That's also something I've occasionally unwittingly done.

There may be more to this than I initially thought...

Seriously, we're naturally accustomed to equating clothing, tool-use and a self-awareness with a civilised
society and anything not ticking all those boxes, falls into the animal category.
Which implies we know what defines sentience.

It's generally deemed that science isn't looking for Bigfoot because they couldn't find evidence of where it
originated and it makes sense. But people are seeing something, so it demands investigation that doesn't
involve the selling of T-shirts and phone-ins trying to out-do each other with scary stories.
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