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London, The Eager Twin Of San Francisco.
The BBC and Sky rarely report on the continuing crimewave in London now, one may assume it's become
just part if living in a big city. Mayor Khan -the now accepted crime-boss, was correct that even though it's
intolerable, it's probably best to just tolerate it.

Quote:London bloodbath continues following stabbing in Barnet
Officers have closed a major road in Barnet, in north London, after a victim was stabbed.

'Emergency services raced to Cricklewood Lane following reports of a stabbing shortly after 1am. 
There they found a man with a slash wound to his leg who was promptly taken to hospital. 
His injuries are not believed to be life-threatening, or life-changing.

No arrests have been made. 

A Metropolitan Police (Met Police) Spokesman said: “Officers investigating a stabbing and a crime scene
is in place, please avoid area and buses on diversion.”  It is the latest stabbing to rock the capital this year. 

At least 51 people have been fatally knifed since the start of the year. 
According to the Met Police, at least 1,296 people have been stabbed in the capital up until April this year.
It is believed the influx of cocaine has contributed to the rise in crime...'
The Star:

Quote:Armed burglars burst into family home and threaten to kidnap baby.

'A father from east London has described how nine burglars, carrying machetes, burst into the
family home and threatened to kidnap his baby in a night-time raid.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=4245]

The man, who wants to remain anonymous, says he woke to find two raiders waving knives as
another grabbed his neck. 

"They used a crowbar to initially wedge the door open a bit and one of them has kicked the door in.
I was sleeping here [on the sofa] because it's a bit warm the baby's in my room. I woke up about 3am
to someone holding my neck - two guys standing beside me waving a knife, a machete the size of my
arm, saying 'don't scream, don't shout'.

Two had gone to my mother's room, my parent's room. One had grabbed a knife to my dad's neck.
Another was pulling on my mum's bangle, it broke her wrist. Slapping her, punching her in the neck.
Another went to my room where my wife and my two-month-old baby was one of them kept saying
'grab the baby, grab the baby!'."

The gang ransacked every room in the house wrongly believing the family had a large amount of cash.

"They kept saying 'where's the safe, where's the safe!'. We don't keep any money in this house."

The men were frightened off when a member of the family shouted "police!". They escaped with only
a Rolex watch and a gold bangle...'

Quote:Hunt for moped driver after teenager stabbed to death as London bloodbath continues.

'The 18-year-old man was found with stab injuries in Denmark Road, Lambeth, after being dropped off by a
second person on a moped, who then drove off, shortly before 7pm yesterday, Scotland Yard said.

Members of the public gave first aid before emergency services arrived and the victim was taken to a south
London hospital, where he was pronounced dead in the early hours of Thursday.
Detective Chief Inspector Simon Harding: "This is a tragic incident which has resulted in yet another young
person being fatally stabbed in London.

"We are appealing for anyone with information to come forward. We need to trace the moped and also the
person who brought the victim to the scene. It's important we establish where the victim initially received his
"Anyone who saw the moped make off from the scene we equally need to hear from them."

No arrests have been made and a post-mortem examination will be held later...'

...And this one that really makes me fume. Astonishingly, it occurred outside of the walls of Mega-City One.

Quote:Outrage as cops ‘give hotline’ to sick teenage gang accused of attacking vulnerable woman with eggs and flour.

Police in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, confirmed they were safeguarding the welfare of the teenage suspects.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=4244]

'Teenaers accused of pelting a vulnerable woman with flour and eggs then posing for a photo are getting
police protection -in case they are attacked.

Their families told police they fear vigilante reprisals. Locals in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, are furious.
One said: “It’s disgusting. They’re yobs.”

Local councillor Paul ­Hopfensperger said officers should be focusing on stamping out yobbish behaviour.
He said: “The lack of community policing at the moment is a problem.
“It’s a small group intent on causing trouble all the time.
“I was absolutely sickened by what I saw. This lady is a vulnerable person and for them to do that to her...
I was shocked. “There are lots of good people around here but there’s a small group causing trouble
with anti- social behaviour.”

The victim told Sky News that “some young people” had approached her and after a verbal exchange
two of the group had “spat on me once or twice each”.
“They circled about a little and then re-appeared with a bag of flour...and water and eggs.”
“I certainly do consider this to be an assault on my person and my ability to enjoy the green area there.

“It was not a pleasant experience and the limit of what I can publicly tolerate, however, I have no wish to
escalate current tensions.” Police in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, yesterday confirmed they were safeguarding
the welfare of the teenage suspects.

Security advice has been given to their families along with a “panic number” to ring.
But local Stuart Blowers, 36, said it was about time police put victims’ needs first.
He added: “The police are a joke.
“It is disgusting that they are going to get police protection after what they did to that lady.”

The photo of four teenagers grinning while the woman cowered on a park bench was taken by a fifth boy.
She is said to have mental health issues. The picture triggered a furious response on social media.
One video post aimed at the teenagers said: “You deserve to have your heads ripped off your shoulders.”

It was viewed 2.6 million times on Facebook.
The mum of one of the teenagers yesterday grumbled that the furore was threatening to ruin his upcoming
16th birthday party. She said: “My son’s name has been leaked over the internet and we’ve had threats.

“I reported the abuse to police and we’re under their protection. This isn’t what we need.
It’s my son’s 16th birthday and we’ve got family here for his party.”
The stepmum of another teenager said: “As far as I know he just took the photo. I don’t know anything about
him throwing the eggs and flour. He’s not a tearaway. He’s just been a stupid boy.”

Five teenagers have been arrested. They cannot be identified because they are under 18...'
The Sun:

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[Image: ?]

Mayor Khan of Londonistan, should be dragged out of office and,,,,[Image: Tyburn_tree_trans_NvBQzQNjv4BqSJR1Ad_t6l...mwidth=450]
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=936]
As London bakes under a sun that has never been seen before in a season never encountered
before, the cat-and-mouse game of capital-lawlessness continues.

Quote:Buckingham Palace moped carnage: Police car hits a lamppost and lands on its roof
while chasing two men on a motorbike through central London at 4.30am.

'These shocking images show the damage left after a police car crashed and rolled over
following the chase of a moped near Buckingham Palace. In the early hours of Saturday
morning officers were in pursuit of the vehicle with two riders in Grosvenor Place, London.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=4272]

Then suddenly the moped became involved in a collision with a second marked police car
travelling in the opposite direction.

One of the riders, a 17-year-old man, was taken to hospital with suspected broken legs
and arrested. 
Police are still searching for the other driver who managed to flee the scene. 

[Image: attachment.php?aid=4273]

Both officers were left bruised and dazed but with no serious injuries.   
The motorist driving the police car was an experienced driver from Kensington & Chelsea
force. Another police car was also involved. The road remains closed while crime officers
examine the scene.

A Met spokesperson said: 'At approximately 04:30hrs on Saturday 4 August officers spotted
a moped with two individuals on Hyde Park Corner.  'The vehicle, rider and pillion passenger
matched the description of a moped believed to have been involved in a series of offences. 

'A marked police car followed the moped and a short time later, in Grosvenor Place, at the
junction with Chapel Street, the moped became involved in a collision with a second marked
police car travelling in the opposite direction. 

'A male aged 17, was injured in the collision and has been taken to hospital with serious leg
injuries. 'He has since been arrested on suspicion of a number of motoring offences. 
'The second person fled the scene of the collision. Efforts to trace him are ongoing. 

'The police car involved in the collision overturned. No officers were seriously injured as a result
of this incident and did not require medical treatment.  'The Met's Directorate of Professional
Standards has been informed as a matter of course and a referral has been made to the IOPC.'...'

Don't you just love the commitment...? 4.30 in the morning and these two guys are busy getting
their vitally-needed drugs to their customers. Britain should be proud.

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[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
London is still coming to terms with being a crime-capital and there's always going to be innocents
killed in the name of collateral. Here's a tragic tale where a seven-year-old boy lost his life in a deliberate
arson attack and his older-brother hints that it was a targeted crime.

Time in prison is mentioned and of course, knife crime. But the family's grief is the priority in the article,
more than the reasons why. It's the way of London now.

Quote:'Gang war arson' Brother of boy, 7, ‘murdered’ in arson attack screamed ‘it should have been me’
as it 
is feared fire was gang attack.

'Joel Urhie, who dreamed of being a firefighter, was trapped in his bedroom in Deptford, South London
after it was thought a gang had targeted his brother. This is the innocent boy of seven murdered in a feared
gang arson attack on his family home.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=4287]

Joel Urhie, who dreamed of being a firefighter, was trapped in his bedroom in Deptford, South London.
It was thought a gang had targeted his brother. A friend of seven-year-old arson murder victim Joel Urhie’s
family told how the lad’s elder brother broke down yesterday and sobbed: “It should have been me.”

Joel died trapped in his bedroom after a fire was deliberately started at his home. His mum and sister
escaped by leaping from a first-floor window.

It was thought Joel may have been the innocent victim of a gang who were attempting to target his 21-year-old
brother Sam. Sam, who is known to the police and has spent time in prison, was heard screaming: “It should
have been me. Why not me to die?”

A friend said: “This might be because of something Sam did. He was involved with the wrong people.
He used to live there before he went to prison and was there for a bit afterwards when he came out.
“He was apparently involved in gangs and stuff and it might be the case the people who did it were after him.”

Another friend told how Sam was grief-stricken as he visited mum Sophie, 49, and sister Sarah, 18, in a hospital
where they were recovering from non-life threatening injuries.
Grace Gbenedio, 56, who went to the hospital with Sam, said: “While we were in the car he was just shouting,
‘Why him?’
“Then when we were at the hospital he said, ‘Oh, why not me? It should have been me. Why not me to die?’ ”

Joel’s home in Deptford, South London, was intentionally set alight early yesterday.
Neighbours said nurse Sophie screamed “Oh my boy, my boy” as firefighters tackled the blaze.
Sophie screamed: ‘My boy is in there!’

A murder inquiry began after investigators established the fire was started with an accelerant.
Grace told how she was woken by her daughter yelling: “There’s a fire at auntie’s house.
She said: “She saw Sophie and Sarah jump from the window.

“We went outside and saw them on the ground.
“Sophie was screaming, ‘My boy is in there, he’s still in the house’.
“Sarah was crying. I just held her. Sam arrived with two of his friends in a car. He wanted to get in the house but
the police stopped him.”

Joel’s dad John, who is estranged from Sophie, raced to the house after getting a phone call telling him of the fire.
He said: “The first person I saw was my daughter in an ambulance. Then they said, ‘Joel is dead’. He was just a
little boy. Seven years old. “It’s devastating. He was a very lovely boy, it’s a terrible loss.
“I don’t know why anyone would want to attack my family.”

[Image: attachment.php?aid=4286]

The family yesterday issued a heartbreaking photo of Joel wearing a child’s play firefighter outfit at a birthday party.
They said he had dreamed of becoming a firefighter one day.

Cousin Sylvia MacNamara said she had seen Joel only last week. She said: “He was a sweet boy.
He loved doing his ABCs. “Every time you’d visit, he’d get so excited to tell you a new word. He was so jolly.
I can’t believe it, I’m in shock.
“It’s doesn’t make any sense. I don’t know anyone who would want to hurt them.”

Mcklushia Myles, whose son was Joel’s best friend, said Sam had stayed with his mother for several months after
release from prison. He said he was told Sam had got into trouble “once or twice’” in the past over knife crime.
Another neighbour said the house was home to just Sophie and Joel for much of the year as Sarah was at university.

She said Joel had mild autism and added: “Sophie was so dedicated to him, they would go everywhere together.
“This is going to tear her apart. She is such a sweet woman and he was such a happy boy.
“She needs us all to come together and help her now.”

Neighbours of Joel’s family said they were woken by screams just before 3.30am and saw the whole front of the house
engulfed in flames. Andre Pavanello, 21, said Sophie and Sarah were hanging out of a window screaming.
She added: “They smashed the window and had to jump out because the fire was getting too big.
I think the boy was trapped inside his room.”

Clive Stagg, 64, said: “I’ve never seen anything like it. The whole house was ablaze.” Detective Superintendent Jane
Corrigan said: “An innocent seven-year-old boy has lost his life in what should have been the safest place for him
-his own home.
“The pain his family must be enduring at this time is difficult to imagine. It’s truly shocking.”

Homicide detectives said they were keeping an “open mind” about the motive for the fire.
The fire brigade said Joel was dead by the time firefighters got to him...'

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Linked to the story above.

Deptford fire: Two men arrested after boy's fire death.

I hope the bastards get life... for taking the lad's life. Animals.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
Quote:Westminster car crash: Man arrested as pedestrians injured.

'Several people have been injured after a car crashed into security barriers outside the Houses of Parliament,
Scotland Yard say.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=4314]

Armed police, ambulances and firefighters are responding to the incident in central London, which happened
shortly after 07:30 BST. Officers were seen surrounding the vehicle before a man was arrested.

Reports say cyclists were hit but police do not believe anybody is in a life-threatening condition. London Ambulance
Service said two people were treated at the scene and have been taken to hospital.

Scotland Yard cannot say if the incident is related to terrorism at this stage but a number of eyewitnesses have said
the car appeared to deliberately hit members of the public.

Westminster tube station is closed and streets around Millbank, Parliament Square and Victoria Tower Gardens
have been cordoned off. People have been moved further back from the area as police put up a Terrorism Act
cordon, officers at the scene said. Parliament is currently not sitting.

An eyewitness said the car was travelling westbound past the Houses of Parliament when it swerved into eastbound
traffic. Images posted to social media showed a man in handcuffs being led away from the car by officers after the

'The car lifted off the ground' - eyewitness accounts
Barry Williams, a BBC member of staff based at Millbank, said: "I heard lots of screams and turned round. "The car
went onto the wrong side of the road to where cyclists were waiting at lights and ploughed into them.

"Then it swerved back across the road and accelerated as fast as possible and hit the barrier
at full pelt. "It was a small silver car and he hit it at such speed the car actually lifted off the ground and bounced.

"Then the police just jumped. Two officers managed to leap over the security barriers and then the armed police vehicles
all sped towards the scene. There was a continuous stream of them and a police minibus emptied out with armed police."
Tom McNamme, another witness, said: "The only thing I saw was a car in the barrier, I didn't see any casualties lying around.

"The front end was smashed in, it had bounced into that barrier, but there didn't seem to be any panic in the area though,
just the armed police approaching the vehicle."

Jason, who also saw what happened, told BBC News he saw a man driving towards the Houses of Parliament "at speed
-40-50mph, maybe more". He added: "In my opinion it was deliberate. He didn't swerve into it, it was a direct hit."

The BBC's Callum May, at the scene, said: "Parliament Square is now ringed by blue police tape. There is a large group
of armed officers in the square. "Paramedics are treating a small group of people sitting on the ground outside the Palace
of Westminster.

"They are wrapped in silver blankets. One eyewitness, who declined to give his name, said he saw a small hatchback
drive into a group of cyclists and then into the barrier outside the Palace of Westminster. The man said that the driver's
action appeared deliberate."

More than 10 police vehicles and at least three ambulances were at the scene outside Parliament. Firearms officers
and at least two police dogs are stationed inside Parliament Square. Ewalina Ochab, who also saw the crash, said:
"I think it looked intentional - the car drove at speed and towards the barriers."

She said: "I was walking on the other side of the road. I heard some noise and someone screamed. I turned around
and I saw a silver car driving very fast close to the railings, maybe even on the pavement."
The vehicle did not appear to have a front registration plate when it crashed, she added.

Scotland Yard said: "At 07:37hrs today, a car was in collision with barriers outside the Houses of Parliament.

"The male driver of the car was detained by officers at the scene. A number of pedestrians have been injured.
Officers remain at the scene. We will issue further info when we have it."
London Ambulance Service said that as well as three ambulance crews, responders in cars were also sent to the scene.

"We have treated two people at the scene for injuries that are not believed to be serious and have taken them to hospital,"
a spokesman said.

Westminster station is closed for entry and exit, Transport for London said, and is open only for interchange between lines.
Rush hour traffic is being diverted and workers have been told there may be a long wait before roads are reopened.

The Houses of Parliament are surrounded with security barriers of steel and concrete. The measures were extended in the
wake of the Westminster Bridge attack in March 2017 when Khalid Masood ploughed a car into crowds on Westminster
Bridge, killing four people...'

And I watched it immediately after it occurred on the morning television news!

The question is what were ITV, BBC and Sky News camera-crews doing there considering the Politicians are on their

They filmed the guy still sitting in the car, being carefully taken out of the vehicle, paraded for several minutes in front of
the cameras and then escorted away to a waiting Police van. It was only after ten minutes had passed from the suspect's
containment, did they move the cordon back away from the initial scene.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=4315]
From The Sun.

Good-luck on explaining how broadcasting such incriminating information doesn't bias a jury!!
Unless of course, your name isn't Tommy Robinson.

'...Mr Williams later told ITV's Good Morning Britain that the incident was "very, very scary".
He said: "I’ve seen a man driving a vehicle, and he's gone into one of the bollards.
There was a loud bang.
"Straight away I thought 'Oh no, this is another terrorist attack'. So I’ve just started to run
and the police were saying 'get out, get out of the area'...'

'Another' terrorist attack... Sounds like Londoners are getting used to it, Sadiq.

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Quote:Knifeman on the run after man stabbed in London park –victim airlifted to hospital.

'Met Police confirmed they are hunting the attacker after a man in his 20s was knifed King George’s
Recreation Ground, Longlands Road, Bexley. 
The victim was airlifted to hospital by London Air Ambulance –but police were unable to confirm his

[Image: attachment.php?aid=4321]

Cops were called at 7.10pm along with paramedics following to broad daylight attack.
No arrests have been made and the knifeman remains at large. 

The stabbing is the latest knife crime incident in the couple after a year of bloody violence on the streets.
At least 51 people have been killed in the capital since the start of 2018.
Gang turf wars and an influx of cocaine has been linked to the spate of violent crimes.
Last week, Met Police staged a daring dawn raid across London in a bid to bust a drug gang. 

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick blamed "middle class" cocaine users for surge in violent
crime. And top surgeon Adam Brooks warned the whole of England is now gripped with an epidemic of knife

Brooks warned a knife crime conference that the number of young victims of ttacks in England was “increasing
massively”. He said: "Unfortunately penetrating violence is not a London phenomenon. This is something we’re
all seeing, in all the urban trauma centres."...'

Get used to it, it's normal in a big city.

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[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
This will become more and more common and initially, it might seem like 'the right thing'...
But it's not a good sign.

Quote:Mob beats 'acid attacker' with baseball bat after 'throwing liquid at man' in London.

'A baying mob were filmed attacking a man with a baseball bat after they claimed he had carried out an acid attack.
The footage –taken outside Maryland railway station in Stratford, East London –shows a man in a white mask lying
on a ground surrounded by the group.

He tries to get to his feet but another person runs in and kicks his legs from underneath him.
As the outnumbered man tries to protect himself he gets kicked again.
“If you pour acid ever again, you’re a p****hole,” the cameraman yells.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=4323]
BEATEN UP: An alleged acid attacker was kicked and hit with a baseball bat by a mob.

Another then pours milk over him before the outnumbered man screams: “I’m sorry.”
But his words fall on deaf ears, as the angry group shouts: “Kill him, bruv.”
A third man then comes into shot and hits him once with a baseball bat.

The witness who filmed the attack –which has been seen more than 400,000 times on social media –said he saw
the man throwing liquid at a person coming out of a shop moments before the camera started rolling.
“I saw someone on a bike wearing a mask go up to a guy coming out of the shop and say: ‘Boss give me some
change’,” he said.

“The guy he was talking to politely declined and then he said ‘at least let me take a drink’, but the guy told him to go away.
“He then got off the bike and went straight for his pocket, pulled out a bottle and started throwing the substance inside
the shop towards the guy's direction.

“He ended up taking the bottle and throwing it away then he [the person doused in the substance] and his pals started
beating him up. “Some of the substance hit the other guy in the eyes and he was complaining about having irritated eyes
so we gave him water to wash his eyes and got him a cab to the hospital.”

The incident happened at around 1.30am on Tuesday, but the Metropolitan Police said they could find no record of it being

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[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
Quote:BATTERSEA STABBING: Six-year-old boy 'calls cops after finding mum dying from stab wounds'

'A 40-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of murder after a woman was found fatally stabbed
in Battersea, south-west London, Scotland Yard said.
A neighbour told the Sun: "She has two kids, a six-year-old boy and a three-month-old.

"The eldest child is the one that called the police. He found her."
A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police said: "Police were called on Wednesday, 15 August at 12:38
hours to a report of a stabbing at an address in Grayshott Road, SW11.

"Officers attended along with the London Ambulance Service and London's Air Ambulance.
"A woman was found with a stab injury. She was pronounced dead at the scene at 13:41 hours."

[Image: attachment.php?aid=4325]

They added: "Her next of kin have not yet been informed. "Formal identification awaits and a post-mortem
examination will be held in due course. "A 40-year-old man was arrested at the scene on suspicion of murder.
"The Homicide and Major Crime Command have been informed."...'

And now the 'Keep-Calm' narrative and some relevant information at the bottom.

Quote:'...The quiet tree-lined Victorian terrace was cordoned off as forensic officers combed the home for evidence.
Vickie Foot, a 43-year-old who lives nearby, described the killing as "absolutely shocking" and said she saw
the arrest. "They handcuffed him and put him into the van. He looked quite calm," the mother-of-three said.
Police reassured residents, telling them: "It's not gang-related."

The stabbing is the latest knife crime incident in the couple after a year of bloody violence on the streets.
At least 51 people have been killed in the capital since the start of 2018.
Gang turf wars and an influx of cocaine has been linked to the spate of violent crimes...'

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It must be a Thursday.

Quote:BREAKING: London quadruple stabbing – four men stabbed in broad daylight attack.

'Cops were called to a playing fields in Camberwell at around 5.30pm following a reported stabbing.
Officers found four men suffering from stab wounds and they've been rushed to hospital.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=4331]

Met Police have arrested five men in connection with the attack.
London Air Ambulance have landed at the scene.

One Twitter user wrote: "Avoid camberwell, 3/4 stabbed, tonnes of police, what happened to having
a tear up without knifes." Another Chris Hardley said: "What happened to kids just scrapping it out,
getting a few cuts and bruises man?
"Everyone’s got to bring a blade these days."

One resident Lisa Lynch hit out at Southwark Council, claiming the stabbing comes at a time when
funding for youth services has been reduced. At least 51 people have been stabbed to death in the
capital since the start of the year.

Alice Montague said: "Four young people stabbed near Elmington Estate. When will this stop?
'How many young people’s lives need to be ruined before something is done about this?
How many deaths? "This is our city’s tragedy and disgrace."

A spokesperson for the Met Police said: "Police were called at 17:24hrs on Thursday, 16 August to
reports of a stabbing outside Landor House, Camberwell.
"Officers attended with LAS, Four males (no further details) were found suffering from stab wounds.
"They have all been taken to a south London hospitals.

"We await an update as to their conditions. "A crime scene is in place."...'

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[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
It must be a Friday.

Quote:Murder probe launched after man stabbed to death in London.

'A man has been stabbed to death in south east London sparking a murder probe as the capital's
shocking crimewave continues.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=4332]

Cops were called to a home in Madron Street, Southwark, shortly after 2pm today.
The victim, believed to be in his 50s, was discovered dead at the scene, Scotland Yard said.
The death comes less than 24 hours after four teens were stabbed around a mile away in

The home in Southwark has been sealed off as police investigate.
Four teens were found with stab wounds after violent scenes described as “very traumatising”
engulfed the Elmington Estate in Camberwell on Thursday night

The male victims, aged between 15 and 16, were rushed to hospital in south London, where one
remains in a critical condition and one is seriously ill.  
Six boys aged between 15 and 16 are in custody after being arrested on suspicion of violent
disorder and grievous bodily harm.

On Friday morning a crime scene remained in place, close to where a drill rapper rapper
Sidique Kamara was stabbed to death earlier this month...'

Quote:Boy, 16, and woman, 35, arrested after man STABBED to death in London.

'A teenager and a middle-aged woman have been arrested after a man was stabbed to death in London.
Police were called at around 4.40am on Friday to an address in Flaxen Road, in Chingford, to reports of
a stabbing. 

The victim, a 42-year-old man, was pronounced dead at the scene at 5.22am. 
A 16-year-old boy and 35-year-old woman were arrested on suspicion of murder. 
The victim's next-of-kin has been informed.

The news comes in the wake of a separate quadruple stabbing in Camberwell. 
The male victims, aged between 15 and 16, were rushed to hospital in south London,
where one remains in a critical condition and one is seriously ill.  

A horrified witness caught up in the chaotic aftermath said they saw an fleeing teen
who collapsed as his “intestines were falling on the ground”.
Six boys aged between 15 and 16 are in custody after being arrested on suspicion
of violent disorder and grievous bodily harm...'
Same Source:

[Image: attachment.php?aid=4333]
Camberwell has been the scene of several murders in recent months including several linked to gang violence.

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