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FOX Anti-Trump Executive KILLED Pro-Trump Stories
This is how the MSM controls the narrative and leads the public into believing lies. 
SHAMEFUL is too mild a word to describe them.  tinyok 

We finally have a President who truly wants to clean up all the corruption in government, but the public only sees the negative spin the media connects to him. 
Regardless of their obstruction, President Trump has done a splendid job and has crossed the 50% approval rating in the poll. 

Just imagine what he could have already accomplished if he had full support of the media and the  American people?!   

[Image: 2018-05-10_10h01_38.fw_.png?w=950&ssl=1]

Quote:Former deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes was part of the Obama-era Trump unmasking and spying scandal, according to a high-placed FOX News sources who said the network was planning to publish a definitive and detailed investigative exposé revealing Rhodes’ role.

But the story was killed by a high level FOX News executive who dislikes President Trump.
It would have been a major national security exclusive for FOX but instead the story was intentionally buried, sources said.
Until now.

Skipping ahead, we find down in the article some of the reports that would have come to light much sooner for the public, had they been authorized for release. 

Quote:What stories have been reportedly sand bagged and tampered with? According to FOX insiders, the stories and subject matter are sweeping and include:
  • An Eric Schneiderman story linking the now-disgraced former New York attorney general to a clandestine movement of government officials to unseat Trump from the White House.

  • FBI-related scandals involving Andrew McCabe, James Comey and more FBI top brass.

  • The FBI’s investigation of Gen. Mike Flynn

  • Justice Department and FBI corruption linked to the bogus Trump dossier and problematic FISA court warrants and wiretaps.

  • Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch infamous tarmac meeting.

  • The Susan Rice unmasking story which included other implicated members of the Obama administration. Those additional administration officials were never identified by FOX although stories detailing their involvement were completed.

  • New revelations about former Attorney General Eric Holder’s criminal role in the Fast & Furious gun-running scandal.

  • New revelations about Hillary Clinton’s and Barack Obama’s role in the tainted Benghazi debacle.

  • Additional stories.

Here is another article that should be included here:  Ben Rhodes Reveals How Obama Duped America Into The Dangerous Iran Deal

Quote:By 2009, the American people were well aware of the anti-American and anti-Semitic ranting of Iran’s then-president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and were worried about the Islamic Republic’s development of nuclear weapons and clear threats to use them. Even without Iran’s direction and sponsorship of militias killing of thousands of American soldiers in Iraq, the genocidal anti-Israel pronouncements of its leadership, death sentence on novelist Salman Rushdie, or efforts to advance the worldwide Islamic revolution on which the regime is based, the American people have not forgotten the 30 years of enmity since Ayatollah Khomeini’s 1979 revolution.

However, even as the American people remained rightly skeptical of Iran in the last year of President Obama’s first term, the Obama White House had begun secret talks with the Ahmadinejad regime, which would result in the world’s acquiescence to Iran’s nuclear program.

Create an ‘Echo Chamber,’ Then Cast off Allies
How would the American people react to knowing that an administration, then still stinging from Republican critiques of its anti-Americanism and weakness on the world stage, was holding secret negotiations in Oman with the most powerful still-standing member of George W. Bush’s “Axis of Evil”?

Under these conditions, Obama—with the help of an equally arrogant 38-year-old national security fabulist, Ben Rhodes (with whom he’s said to “mind-meld”)—succeeded in remaking the Middle East to empower America’s most hated enemy, the only United Nations member state committed to the annihilation of another state: the theocratic Islamic Republic of Iran.

Rhodes and Obama knew that, for anyone but the hard-left to accept a deal with America’s bitter enemy in Tehran, a new narrative needed to emerge, even if it was relatively transparent nonsense. As Rhodes explained to his bemused interviewer, David Samuels, in a New York Times Magazine profile this weekend, it was first necessary to lie to a corrupted and inexperienced American media about all sorts of things, beginning with the nature and intentions of the enemy Iranian regime. Subsequent lies were caked on, as the White House took advantage of a dangerous mix of journalists’ ignorance, their ideological and partisan commitment to the administration, and, finally, their career aspirations.

Rhodes said, “The average reporter we talk to is 27 years old, and their only reporting experience consists of being around political campaigns… They literally know nothing.” Thus they will believe what he tells them. He also tells friendly non-governmental organizations and think tanks what he is telling the journalists. Those outlets produce “experts” whose expert opinion is just what Rhodes wants it to be. These ignorant young journalists thus have quotes that look like independent confirmation of the White House’s lies.
(highlights by me)

And THAT Folks is how it's done... sadly.   There is much more to this article, so go to the source to read it in full.
I think Hannity has been saying for a few months that Journalism in America is dead... and it is.

Let's just hope the type of medium we work with -namely the internet, will kill off the last of the
mainstream survivors. Thanks for the posting, Mystic.
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