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Yellow Snow Warning.
I could be reading this wrong or it's a simple case of an over-protecting UK Met Office!
Are they taking the p*ss?!

Quote:'Posted at 12:12 29 Mar
Snow warning for Bank Holiday Monday
The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for Bank Holiday Monday which covers most of Yorkshire.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=3485]

According to the warning there is the possibility of heavy snow over parts of England, Wales and southern Scotland,
especially for high ground. This means that travel may be affected.

There's a small chance of travel delays on roads along with delayed or cancelled rail and air travel...'
BBC Bradford News Item:

The guys at the Met Office must be surely giggling to themselves when they posted the image... surely?!

...And it doesn't end there. It seems that the colloquial expression "It's p*ssing down with rain" is to
be taken literally in many areas of the British Isles.

Quote:'...Police urge drivers to slow down after two crashes in 'yellow' rain
The accidents happened within ten minutes of each other...'
The Plymouth Herald:

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