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Mandatory Depression Screenings for Teens
Never let a good tragedy go to waste, right? 

Grab your tin foil hat because here comes my conspiracy theory.  

In less than two weeks after the FL shooting we have this mandatory depression screening for teens. 

I see this as a ploy to get teens on psychotropic drugs so they will be easier to control when they reach adulthood.  And you know what else? With the laws we have in place now (in the U.S.) once they reach 21 they won't be able to buy a firearm because they will have this mental problem on their health record.  It is also a way to make money for Big Pharma.

What teen doesn't go through depression at one time or another?  It's part of growing up.  Yes, I agree severe depression needs to be addressed, but all the kid has to do is answer one question the wrong way and they'll have this label on their record for life.

Sigh...  they (TPTB) can't get us through the current generations because too many people are seeing through their scheme, so they are targeting the future generation for their agenda; especially banning guns.

Parents, tell your kids when they take this screening to ask "Why do you want to know this?" for each question.  Don't let them do this to your child unless he/she really needs help.

There are other ways of tackling depression other than drugging our teens. That should be the last resort.

I'd suggest it's more of the Government wanting to do the caring that a duel-parenting family
has been swayed from doing. The family unit has been taking a hit for the last few decades with
the urging that financial-gain is the way to well-being and to acquire that, certain in-the-home
concerns have been dropped.

The young are just that, undeveloped minds seeking their place in the world. It should've been
the elders, parents and grand-parents who assisted them in their mental growth and maturity of
becoming a social contributor.

But with solitude being apparent from both parties -which in the case of the adolescence, is
understandable up to a point, naive viewpoints have not been addressed and explained in order
to deal with the regular reality we all inhabit.

The education system is a major patron of the turmoil we find in today's problems. Wide-eyed
ideals of the heart are proclaimed by the tutors that resonate with the young who want a world
of utopia and a realm where their inexperience isn't tested.

Failure is part of the buttress that makes character, but it also brings disappointment and in a fanciful
realm where happiness is wanted immediately -like everything a child demands, teachers have deliberately
bypassed that important lesson.

The television and internet that promises fame and a feeling of individualism, has added to the failings our
education structure and the lack of parenting, that's why you see the over-acting by the young when they're
confronted with real-life incidents.

So it makes sense for another controlling body to step in and use laws to corral and enforce the order they
prefer. It takes away community and general social power, ergo by dividing, it helps in future conformity.

Governments don't exist in an across-the-board 'white-hat/black-hat' environment, they have agendas that
we can agree or disagree with, but regardless of how we perceive their goals, it's easier for them when you
have a tame, docile and obedient culture.

We're all responsible for this.
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I'll just drop this off right here.  We're all in trouble!!!!! tinywhat 



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