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[UK] Dover sole 'jumps' down angler's throat in Bournemouth.
Do you recall the days when adults walked the earth...? When men and women went about their lives
and looked to a future where their kids would find it just a bit easier, knowing that even when levity
was abound, a mature outlook was never too-far away.

Quote:Dover sole 'jumps' down angler's throat in Bournemouth.

'An angler had to be resuscitated after accidentally swallowing a fish he had just caught.
The man was kissing the Dover sole in celebration of his catch when the six-inch (14cm) fish wriggled out
of his hand and jumped into his mouth, a friend said.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=2640]

The 28-year-old stopped breathing and suffered a cardiac arrest at the scene on Boscombe Pier, Bournemouth.
Paramedics managed to remove the fish with forceps in an ambulance.

Ambulance worker Matt Harrison said: "It was clear that we needed to get the fish out or this patient was not going
to survive the short journey to Royal Bournemouth Hospital. "I was acutely aware that I only had one attempt at
getting this right as if I lost grip or a piece broke off and it slid further out of sight then there was nothing more
that we could have done to retrieve the obstruction."

Mr Harrison said the fish's barbs and gills became stuck but he eventually succeeded in extracting it in one piece.
He said it was the "most bizarre" call-out he had ever attended.

Members of Boscombe Pier Sea Anglers performed CPR on their friend and before the arrival of emergency crews
at about 23:00 BST on 5 October. Ian Cowie from the group said: "He was kissing the fish when it jumped down
his throat. It's a tradition to kiss your first catch."

Paramedics managed to restart the unnamed man's heart at the pier after working on him for three minutes.
Mr Harrison said: "We're all so glad the patient has no lasting effects from his cardiac arrest, which could so
easily have had such a tragic and devastating outcome."...'

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OMG!   mediumomg 

That's not in the least bit funny, but for some reason when imagining this I had to laugh.  It's like something you'd see in a cartoon.

Does that make me a "sick" person?   tinylaughing

(10-12-2017, 09:53 PM)Mystic Wanderer Wrote:
...It's like something you'd see in a cartoon.

Does that make me a "sick" person?   tinylaughing

It is like something out of a cartoon and when living in a country where the public are told by
the media and then eventually by the Government that children playing conkers are at risk of
harm, I'd have expected the old 'tradition' of celebrating a fish wouldn't have been done in a
french-kissing style!

With all respects to the victim of this savage attack from this six-inch fish, isn't it time that
self-responsibility and leadership qualities were nurtured back into mainstream life?

And no, you're not a sick person when reading a man-bites-dog story.
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