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Is This Stephen Paddock Alive AFTER Las Vegas Shooting?
Clearly, the picture we have seen in previous videos show the number 13 on his neck, but this man who looks like him doesn't have it.
Could it have been some kind of ink that washes off, placed there to convince the public this is a different person as he goes about his business?
He does look like him.  What do you think?

[Image: Screen-Shot-2017-10-07-at-6.31.14-AM-1.png]

Quote:QUESTION EVERYTHING: Is This Video of Stephen Paddock Alive AFTER Las Vegas Shooting???
October 7, 2017 Conspiracy 1 Comment

VIA HighImpactFlix:
Quote:“I get a LOT of emails and messages of things people catch. This is one of the most intriguing that I thought you all would be interested in taking a look at, so I’ll throw this out there for your consideration and comment. Yes, there ARE people who look like other people. But what are the odds that this camera man video captures a guy who looks exactly like the patsy…uh…I mean…”lone wolf shooter”…sitting at a gambling table in a Casino AFTER the Las Vegas shooting event?”

So this clip was sent to this videographer and notice how in the beginning of it, the date is shown, 10/6/17. That shows that the person taking this video knew what they were doing in order to document the date to notify anyone viewing it that it was taken AFTER the Las Vegas false flag shooting.

A Sheep No More has its own theory about this event and will publish it later on.
In the meantime, can you look at this information and give your thoughts about whether or not you think the man being photographed COULD BE Stephen Paddock, the supposed Las Vegas Shooter?
I think it’s a good idea to question everything, and I’m only putting information out there on this latest false flag shooting that I believe is relevant.

I think that the controllers knew that good independent investigators would be deciphering their material and catch mistakes and therefore, they may have just put some of those mistakes in there on purpose, hence why I am not posting everything I see about this shooting event. However, I could be completely wrong and material that I am omitting and not posting on this website, may in fact, be imperative in attempting to figure out this latest false flag shooting.


Of course, the actual location that this filming cannot be guaranteed when using the internet,
but in my own opinion, the man drinking from a bottle at a gambling table is the same person
shown on the left known as Stephen Paddock.

Is it relevant...? I don't know, but if this is an entirely different person and in Las Vegas at the
same time of the tragedy, then it's very strange!

By the way, the left-hand image of Paddock standing in front of a blue background... that's a
strange setting for a photograph to keep, unless it's some type of passport image or an arrest
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
After looking over this again, I think the picture of Paddock in the middle has been photo shopped, removing his beard and the 13 on his neck.
As for the dated receipt the guy held up... there's probably a way that could have been added to an old video... I'm not sure.

Anyway, I'm not giving much credit to this... yet.   tinysure

Deleted; wrong thread.   tinyshocked
Found another photo of Paddock on Yahoo this morning. He doesn't have a 13 on his neck in this one either.  So...
did someone add that 13 to his neck before releasing it after the shooting?  Did they want to make him look more like a gang member, or what?   Very interesting.   minusculethinking



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