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Google engineer fired over memo files labor complaint
Google engineer fired over memo files labor complaint

Quote:Legal experts say the case may have legs
by Thuy Ong@ThuyOng  Aug 9, 2017, 6:08am EDT

[Image: google-logo-stock-31_2040.0.0.jpg]
The Google engineer fired over writing a 10-page viral memo about diversity has filed a complaint with federal labor officials, reports Business InsiderJames Damore filed the complaint against Google on August 7th, and the case page on the National Labor Relations Board website states that law firm Paul Hastings will represent Google. Damore’s name isn’t listed, but it has been confirmed by Business Insider. The only details available so far about the complaint is the allegation’s classification, which is stated as "Coercive Statements (Threats, Promises of Benefits, etc.)"

The manifesto caused a media storm over the weekend, after Damore argued that biological differences between men and women are the cause of the gender gap at Google and the broader tech industry. Damore was fired on Monday — the same day he filed the suit — for “perpetuating gender stereotypes” and violating the company’s code of conduct.

Damore had previously told other news outlets he planned to file a complaint, with The New York Times reporting that he’s claiming Google’s upper management was “misrepresenting and shaming” him. “I have a legal right to express my concerns about the terms and conditions of my working environment and to bring up potentially illegal behavior, which is what my document does,” Damore told The New York Times. Legal experts say the case has legs, with one lawyer telling Wired that “Damore's lawyer might argue that his memo was protected under California law, because it related to allegedly unequal treatment of employees.”

I have not got a chance to look at the full memo..

From what was posted in you tube nd little things

Google gets an epic fail here

In part it appears to answer a thought over why women are not in positions of leadership in mass at google

In a sense it predicts the failure of the company's diversity program

Of note was a point of lack of diversity in ideaology..

A BIG danger for all companies..

I think the market place might punish google where it counts..

Of note google is being sued at present for sexism..
@Armonica_Templar  I agree with you, I think there is a very good possibility he could win.
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
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I hope he wins, but these big companies have so many things listed in the contracts when you sign on the dotted line, if he broke one of their rules, well, it's game over. And they have their own lawyers that know how to win all the law suits too. tinyshocked


A decent covering of it

Biased coverage.. CNN

best coverage
A college campus in Silicon Valley getting their panties in a wad?  I should have known it was in CA.   tinylaughing 

Good on Wikileaks for hiring this guy!   minusculeclap

Google cancels diversity meeting because of alt-right trolling

Quote:Karissa Bell
Mashable TechAugust 10, 2017

[Image: daf0fd705f55920cd330504ed6e7db87]

Google has canceled its company-wide meeting meant to address the ongoing controversy caused by the anti-diversity "manifesto" written by a former engineer. 

The meeting was canceled due to safety concerns, after several employees' names were published in online forums, according to the company.

SEE ALSO: Yes, that controversial Google diversity rant matters. Like, really matters.

In an email sent to Google employees Thursday, CEO Sundar Pichai said they had made the decision to cancel the meeting because staffers were "concerned about their safety and worried they may be 'outed' publicly for asking a question in the Town Hall."

 first reported the cancellation and Pichai's email to staff.

Prior to the scheduled town hall meeting, employees had been submitting and voting on questions they wanted Pichai to address. But many of those questions — and the names of the people who asked them — leaked out onto online forums and social media accounts popular within the alt-right community. 

We've confirmed that a number of Google employees have been named on social media accounts and forums that cater to the alt-right. 
Pichai said the company is working on a way to "step back and create a better set of conditions for us to have the discussion" promising "several forums ... where people can feel comfortable to speak freely," but didn't provide details.

"We’ll find a better way to help our employees connect and discuss these important issues further," a Google spokesperson said in a statement.
The meeting was originally called earlier in the week after the firing of James Damore, the software engineer whose 10-page anti-diversity memo went viral. The memo railed against a number of diversity initiatives at Google and alleged that the company's gender gap was due to "biological differences" between men and women.

The firing stirred an almost immediate reaction within the alt-right, who quickly latched ontothe controversy. They took to social media and other online alt-right hangouts to denounce Google and hatch various plans aimed at exacting revenge.

As the movement grew, many employees were named on various channels — sometimes along with "leaked" emails and messages they had posted internally at Google — which is what ultimately lead to today's cancellation.

You can read the full text of Pichai's note to employees below:
WATCH: The first serious AR phone is finally here
[Image: 42139fc7fdfa72f4352e25151ab72d83]


but besides that

Let me make sure I understand the article

No proof offered, just supposed threats made
Company cancels event

Me smell Public relations maneuver
(08-11-2017, 04:30 AM)Armonica_Templar Wrote: ...Google cancels diversity meeting because of alt-right trolling

He isn't a alt-right troll...! He's a guy wondering why the chains of Google's demands
are so anally-disciplined, that just reasoning them in the real world, got him fired.

The Thought-Police are wanting thought-criminals and they found one... and in their
own ranks, too!!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
(08-11-2017, 10:17 AM)BIAD Wrote:
(08-11-2017, 04:30 AM)Armonica_Templar Wrote: ...Google cancels diversity meeting because of alt-right trolling

He isn't a alt-right troll...! He's a guy wondering why the chains of Google's demands
are so anally-disciplined, that just reasoning them in the real world, got him fired.

The Thought-Police are wanting thought-criminals and they found one... and in their
own ranks, too!!

LOL.. to true..

I looked up his suggestion of pair coding

It addresses the issues

Pair Programming

Quote:Pair programming is an agile software development technique in which two programmers work together at one workstation. One, the driver, writes code while the other, the observer or navigator,[1] reviews each line of code as it is typed in. The two programmers switch roles frequently.

While reviewing, the observer also considers the "strategic" direction of the work, coming up with ideas for improvements and likely future problems to address. This frees the driver to focus all of their attention on the "tactical" aspects of completing the current task, using the observer as a safety net and guide

Sounds like a pairing of skills and very smart.. Plus it encourages cross training in skills.
@Armonica_Templar  and @BIAD 
I agree with you both, Google Stepped In Their Own Shit and Have To Scrap Their Own Shoes Clean with a Thin Twig,,,, that i think is getting ready to Snap!
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=936]
It's still continuing and the Tech Gurus in-charge of their companies are the biggest offenders.

Quote:Silicon Valley Tightens Its Grip on Free Speech

Alliance between progressives and tech is killing the unfettered exchange of ideas.
A Very Evil Alliance,,, they think they're better than you and me.

Quote:Political totalitarianism is coming to America, and it is being ushered in not by government thugs in jackboots but by progressive activists and their allies in Silicon Valley.

In a chilling oped published in The New York Times on July 14, Lisa Feldman Barrett, a professor of psychology at Northeastern University, argued that so-called “hate speech” is the same thing as physical violence because it may possibly cause emotionally fragile individuals stress — and should be made illegal.

Thankfully, the First Amendment prohibits the federal government from following such advice, but online companies are taking it upon themselves to stamp-out so-called “hate speech,” strangling free speech and the free exchange of ideas in the process.

A number of troubling actions by internet companies — Google most prominent among them — are making it increasingly clear that some in Silicon Valley have proclaimed themselves defenders of the progressive, politically correct faith, and that those firms will silence any and all heretics who challenge those beliefs.  

"Silicon Valley lives in a politically regressive, exclusive bubble. They are not aware of their own biases in how they talk, have a limited understanding of the philosophy behind free speech, and find it difficult empathizing with other points of view," said Aaron Ginn, co-founder of the Lincoln Network, a think tank that seeks to promote libertarian ideas in the tech industry.
Yes this article is telling the Truth I think: Source
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
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