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No Borders... Here's One Of The Reasons.
The UK has been basking in some rare sun and we all know what that means... poor, convenient reporting
from lazy Journalists.

Quote:Man, 20, dies in Finsbury Park stabbing.

'A 20-year-old man has been stabbed to death in north London.
Police were called to Seven Sisters Road, Finsbury Park, just after 03:00 BST and found two men
with stab wounds a short distance from each other.
Despite the efforts of medics, one was pronounced dead in nearby Roth Walk.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=3624]

The second man, 21, was taken to hospital before being discharged. He was later arrested on suspicion
of murder, possession of an offensive weapon and affray.
He remains in custody at a north London police station.

'Deeply saddened'
A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: "At this early stage it is believed both males had been involved in
an altercation involving a number of other people in the area of Roth Walk prior to the emergency services
being called."

The dead man has yet to be formally identified but his next of kin have been informed.
A post-mortem examination is due to take place.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan posted online about the killing, saying he was "deeply saddened" by "another
life unnecessarily lost to violent crime on our streets".
He said: "The Met Police are using extra City Hall resources to fight this scourge and to remove violent criminals
and weapons from the streets."...'

But... we should just get used to it, because that's life in a big city, heh Sadiq?

Quote:Woman repeatedly stabbed in chest after being followed into a lift in Hoxton as London’s knife crime

crisis continues to spiral.

'A woman was followed into a lift and repeatedly stabbed in the chest in East London as violence continues to grip the capital.
The 41-year-old was rushed to hospital following the savage broad daylight attack in Hoxton yesterday.

Emergency services were scrambled to the block of flats at around 3pm where they discovered the woman with stab wounds
to her chest and abdomen. She is now in a serious but stable condition, cops confirmed.
Police are hunting a suspect they believe was "hanging around" the block in the days leading up to the knifing.

Horrific footage shows bloodied clothes and medical supplies strewn across a communal area at the flats.

Detective Sergeant Barry Hart said: "We have established that the woman was stabbed in the lift of a block of
flats by a male suspect. "It is possible that this male suspect has been hanging around the block -Wimbourne Court,
off Wimbourne Street and Shaftesbury Street in Hoxton - both immediately before and in the days leading up to the stabbing.

"We need to hear from anyone who has seen a suspicious male in and around Wimbourne Court, as well as anyone with
information that may assist the investigation."

No arrests have been made.

Bloodshed has plagued the capital with 60 people murdered in London since the beginning of 2018.
Samantha Clarke, 38, died in Brixton on Sunday days after celebrating her son Joshua's 14th birthday in a brutal killing just
30 minutes after a young dad was killed in North London.
A day later, a teenager was knifed to death in Forest Gate, East London.
The Sun:

[Image: attachment.php?aid=3625][Image: attachment.php?aid=3626]
Sami Sidhom was stabbed to death in Forest Gate on Monday. Samantha Clarke was stabbed to death in Brixton on Sunday.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=3627]
Raul Nicolaie has been named locally as the victim of a stabbing on Sunday in North London.

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As I said before Christian morals been replaced with islamic morals. London should be held up as a warning to all Europe
I'd suggest if anyone is thinking of vacationing in the UK this summer, stay out of London.
Unless you like the blade.

Quote:Two men stabbed in 'carnage' outside Tube station.

'Police rushed to the scene outside Tooting Bec Tube station were two men were knifed.
Witnesses described scenes of “carnage” and reportedly a “fight” broke out outside the station.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=3631]

Pictures show huge numbers of people being moved from the scene as police set up a cordon in Upper Tooting Road.
It comes amid a wave of violence across the capital, with the Met Police currently investigating 62 suspects murders.

And even earlier today as a man was stabbed to death in Finsbury Park.

Witness Helen Walsh wrote on Twitter: "Carnage in Tooting Bec, blue lights everywhere and main road closed.”
Roads were closed around the scene while police investigated the stabbing outside the station.
Scotland Yard have not released further details on the condition of the men.

No arrests have been made as detectives probe the scene. 

This latest incident comes after a 20-year-old was pronounced dead at the scene in north London in the early hours of Saturday.
Scotland Yard said medics battled to save his life but he was pronounced dead at the scene in Roth Walk, Finsbury Park.

Another man, aged 21, was also found with stab wounds in nearby Seven Sisters Road and was taken to hospital in a non-life
threatening condition.

A Met Police spokesman said: “Police were called at approximately 6pm on Saturday, April 21 to reports of a fight in Upper
Tooting Road at the junction with Noyna Road.
“Officers and London Ambulance Service attended and found two males, no further details, suffering stab injuries.

“Condition awaits. Officers from Wandsworth are on scene.
“A crime scene remains in place. No arrests and enquiries continue.”...'

The Star:

No arrests... again.

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(04-17-2018, 09:32 AM)BIAD Wrote: ...What more can the politicians do...? I know they're not handing the knives out with precise instructions on
how to stab people, so dare I say that it's the people who carry the weapons that are at fault?
In this low-brow blame-game, I find it fascinating that Councillors believe the problem is a lack of policing
and governance!!

Chap, would I be close to the mark if I asked whether most of these stabbings involved ethnic minorities, either as victim, perpetrator or both?

If so.... is there any clue as to why?

(04-23-2018, 07:47 PM)gordi Wrote: Chap, would I be close to the mark if I asked whether most of these stabbings involved ethnic minorities,
either as victim, perpetrator or both?

If so.... is there any clue as to why?

I think you are very close to the mark and with the PC culture still strong in Council Offices and Police Forces
across the country, there's a fear of dealing with it due to being called racist.

The answer to your second question -I believe, is cultural poverty and belief that material wealth and peer-approval
within a gang system that will bring some type of happiness. Rich people are portrayed as contented, so it's assumed
that all that is needed is money.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
@BIAD  and @gordi 
The way I see it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
[Image: londonistan.JPG] [Image: 183.jpg] [Image: islam-vs-benefits.jpg]
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=936]
Here is Britain's answer to the Stabbing Problem,,,,, 
Quote:British Politicians Declare War on Knives
You Know This Was Coming,,,,, Right?  tinysure

Quote:A flurry of recent headlines reveal that London now has a higher murder rate than New York City, a metropolis of nearly identical population and one long considered more vulnerable to crime. "London police investigated more murders than their New York counterparts did over the last two months," Reuters reported earlier this month. "In the latest bloodshed, a 17-year-old girl died on Monday after she was found with gunshot wounds in Tottenham, north London, a day after a man was fatally stabbed in south London."
So, even though guns are tightly regulated, a young girl was still Shoot and Killed!!??
What does the Mayor of Londonistan have to say?
Quote:"No excuses: there is never a reason to carry a knife. Anyone who does will be caught, and they will feel the full force of the law," London's Mayor Sadiq Khan tweeted on April 8.  smallroflmao

Besides illegal guns, British criminals also use edged weapons, which have been a favorite tool for mayhem since the dawn of civilization.

Having failed to disarm criminals with gun controls that they defy, British politicians are now turning their attention to implementing something new and different: knife control. Because criminals will be much more respectful of knife laws than of those targeted at firearms, I guess.
What next,,,,,, Knife Free Zones??

Quote:Poundland (the British equivalent of a dollar store) announced last week that it will no longer sell kitchen knives in any of its 850 stores. 

Similar stores are being slapped with fines for selling knives to minors.

British politicians propose banning home delivery of knives and police promote street-corner bins for the surrender of knives while also conducting stings against knife vendors. Their goal is to "target not only those who carry and use knives, but also the supply, access and importation of weapons."

It all sounds all so familiar, doesn't it?
And yet so utterly pointless. If British authorities have been unable to block criminals' access to firearms—mechanical devices that require some basic mechanical skill to manufacture, or at least a 3D printer—how are they going to cut off the flow of knives, which require nothing more than a piece of hard material that can take an edge?
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
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