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Full Version: Let's Go Down The Rabbit Hole, Pt. 2
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This is a continuation of my previous thread here:  http://rogue-nation3.com/showthread.php?tid=2939

I can't think of a more important and suitable post to begin this thread off than this video by InTheMatrixxx interviewing Ben Davis Jr. 
They discuss nano technology, chemtrails, and how TPTB are using this to control us.

Ben has pictures taken from under a microscope to show the nano fibers that are in all of us now, which he took from a sample from his own mouth.


Whether you're a fan of David Wilcock, or not, there is some very important information he shares in the series of videos below, and it fits right in with "down the rabbit hole", so I'm sharing them here.

Watch and learn.   minusculebiggrin 

There will be more to come in this series that I will share when they are released.

Please click on the video and go give THE EDGE OF WONDER a like and subscribe.   tinywondering

ETA:  Here is episode #5. I think this may be the last one.

We've been subscribed to that channel for a while.
Excellent Content.

Paradise Ca. sounds like the TV series town of Eureka.

Here's another one that goes down the rabbit hole.  Could Joan Rivers be alive? I know this question comes up a lot when celebrities die unexpectedly, but watch the voice analysis and the face overlay.  They match up perfectly.

Tell me what you think.

Was she forced off the stage because of her comments about Michael (Michelle Obama) being a tranny?

Just going to drop off this little jewel here for you.  Bookmark it!

(02-23-2019, 06:00 PM)Mystic Wanderer Wrote: [ -> ]Just going to drop off this little jewel here for you.  Bookmark it!

Good God! There's some damning comments in there that show how low Hillary Clinton was
willing to go. Obama was no better.
This is a really good channel that covers the important news of the day, and he refers to Q posts at times too.

Get your head out of the MSM and listen to people like this.  I hear more from him than I ever did on MSM.

(02-23-2019, 06:00 PM)Mystic Wanderer Wrote: [ -> ]Just going to drop off this little jewel here for you.  Bookmark it!

All True, but will Mueller, the Lap Dog for the Democrats investigate any of this? No, there is no need to investigate when You Are A Part of Hillary's and Obama's Corruption.
Some of you may want to watch this, if you believe in the Deep State, and there maybe a chance "Q" is a Female!

This video streamed live last night and I sat through the entire 2.5 hour talk.  Whew! 
David goes through some new information that some will find interesting. One thing was that big cigar-shaped "rock" that made the news awhile back. Turns out the insiders say it wasn't a rock.
They also go into detail about things discovered in Antarctica.
Things are getting interesting.

Quote:Linda Moulton Howe has just shocked the UFO community with two NEW insiders who report on ancient ruins in Antarctica, a modern-day secret space program and interactions with at least seven ET races. This is the biggest new development in the insider community since Emery Smith came forward. Both whistleblowers are high-level military who have been fully vetted out, showing documentation.

David Wilcock only found out about this yesterday and has already been in communication with Linda about it and watched all of her videos. Hear his initial reactions to this stunning new testimony! We will review the material that has been disseminated in the first two of six planned live broadcasts on Linda's own YouTube channel, Earthfiles.
The confirmations with our material are literally stunning. This new information will be woven into our original content plan, which was to cover information relating to Ascension and how to navigate the personal difficulties of this amazing transition.

We are happy to report that we identified three different interconnecting factors that were leading to our video quality being much worse than it is now. We have very significantly upgraded our picture quality after multiple tests and fixes, so it now looks as sharp and high-quality as normal TV. You'll see!

Please click on the link below the video and give David a thumbs up and subscribe. 

We haven't heard from our friend Neon Revolt in awhile... until today.  He put out this blog, or whatever you call it, about how to take down Holly Weird, and from what I can tell, it just might work.  He doesn't really get into the topic until almost half-way through his writing, so scroll down if you aren't interested in the book he's writing.

Read it here:   – Enough is Enough! Time to #ShutDownHollywood!

I really hope it works! 

[Image: firefox_2019-02-23_22-37-22.png]
I posted quite a bit of information about adrenochrome in the first thread, so if you aren't familiar with what that is, go back and take a look. (Link is on the first post of this thread.)

Basically, it's taking a child's blood while in a traumatic state so that his/her system releases adrenaline into the bloodstream . This blood is then taken and sold to the elite to help them look and feel younger than they are.

Here is a video where RedPill78 discusses how epinephrine becomes adrenochrome once it starts to break down over a period of shelf life.  Is this why Epi Pens are so expensive?

I could have just taken the WAPO link and posted it here, but it has a paywall, so the narrator reads over it for us.

He starts discussing it at the 16:27 mark.

This may be too old now to be relevant, but it does make you think.
Look at the whole board.

(02-26-2019, 07:31 PM)BIAD Wrote: [ -> ]This may be too old now to be relevant, but it does make you think.
Look at the whole board.

Darn, I wish we knew for sure what the notes said.  So many different speculations going around. Whatever it was, it upset all of them.
Maybe it said, "You're next!".    Just sayin'.   tinysurprised
Here you go, Posted just 3 hours ago.
Quote:Deep State can't stop the Great Awakening: DAVID WILCOCK

(02-27-2019, 12:42 AM)guohua Wrote: [ -> ]Here you go, Posted just 3 hours ago.
Quote:Deep State can't stop the Great Awakening: DAVID WILCOCK

Thank you Ms. G.  I just finished the video myself and was coming here to include it.

Okay Folks, this is part 5 of the series I previously posted. This is the final one, so enjoy.   tinybiggrin
Jordan covers a lot of different "down the rabbit hole" topics in this video.
Included are: Conspiracy Theories Make You Violent! / Good Vaccine News / Climate Change / UFOs / 5G

He sure is smart to be so young. minusculebiggrin 

Katie G. covers the last Q post from yesterday, March 1.  There is quite a bit "behind the scenes" she gets into about the Cohen hearing too that some may not know.

Q has been posting a waterfall of posts since the last video I put up.  The one below is just the latest.  If you missed any between then and now, just go to Citizen's Investigative Report on You Tube, or the one below by In Pursuit of Truth to see those covered.

Posts 2962 - 2967 https://qntmpkts.keybase.pub/ are posts directed just for the Anons, or maybe some intelligence people Q is communicating with.  This video offers a brief guess on what they mean, but we just don't know yet.

I'll also include Katie G.'s video covering these posts because she shows one of the Anon's breakdowns from 8Chan on what they think it means.  It's pretty good, if you're interested. You can just speed up through her video to get to those particular posts, if you wish. I like to listen to a few different people covering Q because they all bring some things the others don't. 

Do you all know about the QAnon book?  It's a book that was written by different Anons, a chapter each, telling their story about the Q movement.  Use it to help wake up your family/friends/acquaintances.

The ratings in the article below state it was #9 at their time of printing, but it is now #1 in the political genre.   minusculeclap 

On Amazon, a Qanon conspiracy book climbs the charts

Quote:The book is currently No. 9 in all books about politics and No. 1 in all books about “Censorship,” one slot ahead of Ray Bradbury’s “Farhenheit 451.”

Apparently I'm not allowed to copy and paste from the article, so you'll have to read it yourself. 

They mention that Q makes references without evidence, but that is "fake news".  Q always gives links to news articles and backs up what he/they post with evidence.
Sometimes the Anons from 8Chans will post something that is only a guess, and it gets taken by the public that Q is saying this when he didn't, or people might mis-read a post. 
Sometimes a post by an Anon will show up in one of Q's posts that he is answering and it appears to be from Q, but it's not; it's an Anon.  You have to learn how to read the posts before you go running your mouth that Q said something, please!

Quote:This book is a field guide to an important chunk of reality that’s been carefully hidden and wrongly discredited by the media. It reveals an extraordinary movement underway, a battle of epic proportions. Whether you know it or not, you’re involved because the result of this battle will determine the fate of your children and future generations both in America and around the world. However, you may only be vaguely aware of QAnon or “Q,” if at all.

If you value the truth, you will want to learn about the QAnon movement and the battle that is being waged on your behalf to protect you and your children from abuse and enslavement. The war between Good and Evil is no longer merely symbolic. Evil is being, tried and brought to justice in federal courts and military tribunals today. Criminally corrupt government leaders, celebrities, religious leaders, media figures, and corporate heads will be tried and punished for crimes involving treason, human trafficking, ritual sacrifice and unspeakable perversions.

QAnon: An Invitation to The Great Awakening tells the history of an anonymous poster on the free-speech websites 4Chan and then 8Chan and how he (or perhaps they) built a following of millions of viewers worldwide. With an insider’s knowledge of the battle plan (see “The Plan to Save the World”), and “Q” level military intelligence clearance, QAnon’s communications are often cryptic and coded. QAnon is a master of the Socratic method, asking questions and imploring followers to do their own research, to be logical and to think for themselves.

This book was written by twelve “Anons,” anonymous Q followers, decoders and citizen journalists known collectively as Where We Go One We Go All (WWG1WGA). These are the real experts on QAnon, each bringing their own unique perspective and experience. Together they give you an overview that may encourage you to learn more. The one thing they are all convinced of: QAnon is not only real, but an insider with White House connections and this book offers many proofs to substantiate this claim.
Have you been convinced by legacy media claims that Q is a hoax or a “conspiracy theory?” Instead, consider why the media would insist that you—a thinking and capable adult—should avoid Q at all cost? If a mere “conspiracy theory,” why all the attention? What ideas are so dangerous you should never hear them? Is there another side to the story? Read QAnon: An Invitation to The Great Awakening and judge for yourself.

WWG1WGA (Where We Go One We Go All) is the collaborative effort of 12 author/contributors and citizen journalists who have YouTube channels, blogs, Twitter followings and/or sub-Reddits, etc. that feature Q decodes, news and commentary. These authors are authorities on Q and can answer many questions. Contributing Editors, Dustin Nemos and Captain Roy D, are the official spokespersons for WWG1WGA. Author bios and contact information are available in the book.

Here is the book if you would like to order: 

QAnon: An Invitation to The Great Awakening
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