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Changing your avatar through a free image server
Here's a tip on how I do it.

1 - Download the avatar you like to your computer desktop.

2 - Sign up on a free website image server

- I recommend . It's free and easy to use.

3 - Once you've signed up on Freeimage, just upload your avatar to your images folder, through the drag and drop function.

Click upload:

[Image: XTS81tG.png]

Then, in the viewer links drop down menu, choose Direct Links (second from top) and then click the copy button:

[Image: TxhayCN.png]

4 - Go to your UserCP, change avatar section and just paste the link you've copied into the Avatar URL box:

[Image: O47s6ov.png]

Click the Change Avatar button and voila, you've just changed it.

Simple and straight to the point.


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Explanation: I too have a solution that is a bit more in-house than that which is suggested above by @Sol ok.

Personal Disclosure: I have created a simple shoutbox discord server room which has a members-pictures-upload channel,where my fellow rogues may simply drag and drop their picture from your computer and it will upload to OUR discord room and you simply right click on the uploaded picture and select copy image link ... then come back to RN3 and access your User Control Panel, then select Change Avatar and simply paste that link in the appropriate field for that and hit the Change Avatar Button and you are done!

Here is the new RN3 Shoutbox Discord room link [its eternal with unlimited uses, so please bookmark this webpage for the future just in case you need to refer to it later on ok] ...

RN3 Discord Shoutbox Room ......................  .....................!!!

Enjoy! minusculebeercheers 

P.S.note as your pictures will be uploaded directly to OUR discord room they remain within our control and can be searched for again if required using the discord search function ... please name or tag your pictures with memorable appropriate keyword ok.

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I joined the Discord. I haven’t tried to upload a photo from there to here yet but I plan to when I get back from town. My husband and I did get to have a nice chat with OmegaLogos though. That was a cool feature.

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