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How to Survive a Sloth Attack
I have no explanation for why I love this animal. Maybe because the more I learn about them, the more fascinating they become to me.

The Extreme Life Of A Sloth

Quote:Sloths are the slowest mammal on the planet. But as strange as they seem the sloth is perfectly adapted to their environment and is actually slow for a very important reason. In fact, sloths are far from boring and are a lot more extreme than it seems. With an ecosystem on their backs, which scientists believe may even be capable of curing cancer. They even risk their lives to poop and when they do, they make it count, pooping over 30% of their body weight.

For every one person that read this post. About 7.99 billion have not. 

Yet I still post.  tinyinlove
  • minusculebeercheers 

Well at least we do not have to be concerned with Sloth poop raining down on our heads ! minusculebeercheers
If you don't see a sloth attack coming, you might be joe biden.

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