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Lawsuit in Texas could force US - Norwegian Company to reveal details on Bomb
[Image: FDnXQF0.jpg]

Quote:$250 Million Lawsuit Filed In The US Over The Beirut Blast (July 13, 2022)

Victims of the Beirut Port Explosion, along with Swiss foundation Accountability Now, filed a $250 million lawsuit in Texas on Monday against US-Norwegian geophysical company TGS.

According to a press release on Wednesday, Accountability Now explained that TGS owns Spectrum Geo, which had “chartered the derelict Moldavian flagged vessel Rhosus to come to Beirut while carrying 2750 tons of military-grade ammonium nitrate aboard.”

It is to note that, according to an investigative report, the ammonium nitrate was never officially seized by the Lebanese authorities.

Back in January 2021, Interpol issued Red Notices for 3 people in relation to the transportation of ammonium nitrate to Lebanon: the owner and the captain of the MV Rhosus ship that docked at the Port of Beirut, and the Portuguese ammonium nitrate trader who inspected the ammonium nitrate in the port’s Warehouse 12, several years ago.

It has been almost two years since the Blast occurred and citizens of Lebanon continue to await justice to be served.

No one has yet been held accountable for the explosion due to the country’s political unrest, corruption, and negligence of the government.
The Beirut Port Explosion occurred in August. 4, 2020, resulting in over 234 deaths, 7,000 injuries, and 300,000 people being displaced, in addition to massive destruction in the Lebanese capital.

The Blast has been described as the largest non-nuclear explosion in history.
This lawsuit is a step closer to bringing justice to the victims of the explosion.

[Image: tDxQjgr.jpg]
Accountability Now - ensuring the real perpetrators remain hidden.

I remember a Beirut resident living in an apartment facing the blast just happen to have a camera pointed in that direction and had captured the smoke, fire, & shock 'n awe KABOOM, that many at first assumed was a nuke!!

I started to revisit that Beirut bomb story and fell down a tributary rabbit hole, because that is what often happens to a curious cat in Vegas.

[Image: nLhMaCP.jpg]

[Image: mD0LP4w.jpg]
LA Times

Cochran, on behalf of the victims, argued that ICI made explosive-grade ammonium instead of fertilizer-grade. They also allege fraud and deceit by the company.

The company had been previously fined $10 million by the DOJ in 1995 for price-fixing.

Unsurprisingly, the company has some interesting connections...

The Washington Post says the price-rigging problem was inherited with the purchase of the
Atlas Powder Co., which descends from companies started by both Alfred Nobel and DuPont.

It was, for much of its history, the largest manufacturer in Britain and competed with DuPont and IG Farben. Interestingly, ICI itself was bought by AkzoNobel (Dutch multinational company founded in 1994) in 2008.

[Image: 0MJmwZQ.jpg]
Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI)

Quote:In 1993 ICI demerged its bioscience business, splitting into two the publicly listed companies: ICI and Zeneca—Zeneca would later go onto merge with Astra AB, forming the current pharmaceutical company, AstraZeneca.

The company AkzoNobel is focused on paints and coatings. On October 9, 2018 Specialty Chemicals was re-branded as a new company, Nouryon, after acquisition by the Carlyle Group.

Due to high revenues from the sales of its pharmaceutical business, AkzoNobel was the world's most profitable company in 2008.

L'Explosif! In 1965, a subsidiary of British firm Imperial Chemical Industries called Canadian Industries Limited (CIL) acquired Produits Chimiques Valleyfield (PCV), a state owned plant in Quebec that manufactured explosives. Called something else now.

Detailed in Lessons from the North Canada’s Privatization of Military Ammunition Production - PDF report from RAND Corp. 2004.

CIL operated the plant until 1975 when it was acquired by Canadian engineer and artillery enthusiast Gerald Bull, through 'his' Space Research Corporation, a Quebecois textile company (SRCQ) founded in 1953.

[Image: 8eTjvJF.jpg]
Quebec Official Gazette [PDF, VOL. 85, No. 40, Oct 1953]

[Image: gA5zYEb.jpg]
Gerald Bull

Project HARP (High-Altitude Research Program), created to study large guns and high-altitude ballistics. Initial testing was done in subterranean tunnels on land that Bull purchased along the Vermont - Quebec border.

Quote:The British theory, advanced by journalist Walter De Bock in 1998, claims that Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher ordered Bull’s murder because he was taking lucrative Iraqi arms contracts away from British firms. (As support for his claim, De Bock noted that reporter Jonathan Moyle was murdered in Chile on March 31, 1990—eight days after Bull’s assassination—while investigating claims of secret British military trading with Iraq.) American involvement in the murder was suggested by Canadian journalist Dale Grant, reporting that Michael Bull “broached the idea that the CIA did it, because his father was applying for a U.S. pardon of his arms-smuggling conviction.” Two years later, former SRC employee Christopher Cowley told the House of Commons that he and Bull had briefed the CIA and Britain’s MI5 on the progress of Project Babylon as it proceeded. While convinced that Israel was responsible for killing Bull, Cowley “speculated that the CIA must have been tipped off by the Mossad [Israeli intelligence] and thus had acquiesced in the assassination.”

Project Babylon disintegrated after Bull’s death, which was doubtless the intention of his killer or killers. SRC immediately closed its doors and the employees scattered. Iraqi forces invaded neighboring Kuwait on August 2, 1990, and U.S.-led forces responded with aerial attacks in January 1991, climaxed by a swift land offensive the following month. Bull’s superguns were located and destroyed by United Nations weapons inspectors in the wake of the Gulf War. No suspects have yet been identified in Dr. Bull’s murder.
Excerpt from The Encyclopedia of Unsolved Crimes (2004, pg 53-54) by Michael Newton.

Quote:Project Babylon was a space gun project commissioned by then Iraqi president Saddam Hussein. It involved building a series of "superguns". The design was based on research from the 1960s Project HARP led by the Canadian artillery expert Gerald Bull. There were most likely four different devices in the program.

The events of Project Babylon are dramatized in the 1994 HBO movie Doomsday Gun starring Frank Langella as Bull, with Kevin Spacey, Alan Arkin, and Clive Owen in supporting roles, and in Frederick Forsyth's novel The Fist of God.

[Image: dg877Vf.jpg]
Gerald Bull: another Iran-Contra murder? [PDF] EIR Volume 17, Number 15, April 6, 1990.

Gerald Bull - was granted citizenship by an Act of Congress, thanks to Senator (R-AZ) Barry 'Nuke'em' Goldwater. Bull was assassinated outside his apartment in Brussels, Belgium, in March 1990; allegedly by the Mossad.

Earlier in his career, Gerald Bull was approached by a German woman who claimed to be the daughter of one of the engineers that developed the Paris Gun for Germany during World War I. The Paris Gun was an ultra-long range howitzer cannon built by the Krupp steel company.

[Image: j2DpJwN.jpg]

Someone made a recent mini-docu on Gerald Bull - Gerald Bull's SuperGun Launched Orbiter!

[Image: YcTAcP2.jpg]

The Krupp company used slave labor from concentration camp inmates during World War II and many were worked to death. After the war, Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach, aka Alfried Krupp was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment for crimes against humanity.
A Fuhrer of Industry: Krupp Before, During, and After Nuremberg

However, Krupp ended up only serving 3 years before it was back to business thanks to Wall Street lawyer and prolific Nazi war criminal pardoner and death sentence commuter John McCloy. McCloy was also involved with creating the Pentagon and OSS. <sigh>

[Image: syNPoBs.jpg]

In 1976, Gerald Bull's company partnered with Belgian ordnance manufacturer Poudreries Reunies de Belgique (PRB) to form Space Research Corporation International. In 1977, Space Research Corp. acquired a stake in Produits Chimiques Valleyfield.

[Image: WLV37GN.png]

ICI was instrumental in the development of the UK's nuclear program. tinyhuh

[Image: 7SRuRgD.jpg]
Atomic Archive

BTW, Vannevar Bush had a protege in the MIT lab. His name was John G. Trump, paternal uncle of former U.S. president Donald J. Trump.

G. Pascal Zachary wrote in a 1997 WIRED article called "The Godfather":

Quote:Vannevar Bush is a great name for playing six degrees of separation. Turn back the clock on any aspect of information technology - from the birth of Silicon Valley and the marriage of science and the military to the advent of the World Wide Web - and you find his footprints. As historian Michael Sherry says, "To understand the world of Bill Gates and Bill Clinton, start with understanding Vannevar Bush."

"As We May Think" describes a device - Bush called it a "memex" - that was meant to tame the then-novel problem of information overload by enhancing human memory (hence its name). Bush envisioned it as a universal library, relying on microfilm to store vast amounts of text, crammed onto a desktop.

And I suppose this quote alone would probably have gotten Dr. Bush deplatformed today:

"Science is not enough if it leads to a materialist reductionism, if it is abused by the state, if its practitioners become arrogant or its non-practitioners too fearful or dependent on its wisdom."


I guess now we know why Vannevar Bush never became a household name, which is sad given his accomplishments far exceeded many, many of the well known science academia names we're taught in public school indoctrination.

Like laptops & Labtops, Explosive chemicals can sometimes have unexpected surprises.

[Image: 5iqnQEY.jpg]
"The New World fell not to a sword but to a meme." – Daniel Quinn

"Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we're being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I think I'm liable to be put away as insane for expressing that." ― John Lennon

Rogue News says that the US is a reality show posing as an Empire.

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