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Montezuma's Treasure

There have been many theories as to where this treasure was taken..... I believe I have found the answer, but I will save it for the end, no spoilers. Then there's this

And further on this..  https://www.ancienthistoricalresearchfou...kanab-pond
 Consider this.... the journey to carry Montezuma's Gold into Utah would need many porters. Some speculated they were in the hundreds, others thousands, see where this is going

They would need water, sandals and food along with blankets and such to protect from the elements. The desert is very unforgiving. Suppose each porter ate eight ounces of food a day, and drank a half gallon of water.... you starting to see it now..? A massive amount of rations would be consumed. Did they carry that with them? Or perhaps there was a group just for carrying supplies. Several hundred miles. Indian adversaries along the way, need of defence.  The line of porters, warriors and treasure carriers would stretch a very long way, the path well worn. 

As I said I would save the last for your consideration..... you decide... Perhaps it is only Legend, but it is the thing dreams are made of.

Sorry it apears to only be avalable on-site at Youtube
Looks interesting.  minusculethumbsup

I'll have to watch after I've completed my chores.

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