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[Lockdown Lunacy] Identifying The POLICE STATE In Australia!
Quote:Disclaimer: I'm a theist but not of the Abrahamic faiths. I have minor biblical scholar and scriptural skills. Also I am not a military/scientific/legal/financial or medical expert in any field. But I am a legally insane armchair general and a keyboard warrior so please beware of my Contagious Memes! & watch out that you don't get cut on my Occams razor. All of this is my personal conjecture and should not be considered the absolute or most definitive state of things as they really are. Use this information at your own risk! I accept no liability if your ideology comes crashing down around you with accompanying consequences!

Further participation in this thread requires you to agree to the following NOTE before reading any further. If you dont agree then please leave this thread NOW!

NOTE: THESE ARE NOT THE OPINIONS OF nor their affiliates and you will not hold them liable for anything I state in this thread ok!

Explanation: Your Honor ... I present the following 3 bits of data as evidence that Australia has currently become a brutally corrupted Police State ...

They came for innocent Christians holding an anti lockdown vigil ...

Christian pastor arrested for flouting lockdown rules A Christian pastor who claims Covid is ‘just a cold’ has found himself on the wrong side of the law for alleged incitement.

They came for innocent Business Owners holding an anti lockdown vigil ...

They came for innocent People on the train ...

NSW Police violently STEAL woman's bag for having lawful mask exemption

(Please review all evidence supplied above and make up your own mind upon it ok)

Personal Disclosure: I myself had to travel to the local medical center, after ringing them first about my no-mask position, to get a written exemption so that I am on the safe side of the law ... but the local law does state ...

Face mask requirements

Quote:Who does NOT need to wear a face mask?
Face mask requirements do not apply to:
  • Persons aged 12 years or under,
  • A person with a physical or mental health illness or condition, or disability that makes wearing a fitted face covering unsuitable including for example a skin condition, an intellectual disability, autism or trauma.
Are there any exceptions to wearing a face mask?
Please remember not everyone can wear a mask safely, including some people with a disability.
If you can wear a mask, you should.
If you can't, don't panic.
Even in places where wearing face masks is mandatory, there are exceptions or lawful reasons not to wear one.
In some situations, wearing a face mask will not be appropriate for people with some disabilities, physical or mental health conditions.
If you have a condition that prevents you from wearing a mask, you may wish to ask your registered health practitioner or disability care provider to issue a letter confirming this, next time you are in contact with them. Although this is not a requirement under the public health order.

And so, I ask you, Your Honor, does that amount to a Police State or not?

Because I get this really nasty smell of GESTAPO tactics here!

Papers Please my ARSE!!!
I think "they" are trying to implement the police state in all the major countries. The Americans aren't taking it very well; we enjoy our freedom too much. I hope people wake up before this continues into another lock down. 

They're going to try really hard. We have to push back even harder!
No voice in local government, disarmed, no business, no home because of no business. What is a law abiding citizen supposed to do ?

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