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This Old House
Moving can be such a pivotal time. Emotions stir in all sorts of directions, happy one minute and sad the next. Leaving the old house behind can be a melancholy experience, bittersweet even.

RN3 has been such a safe haven for so many of us. A rare find, it has been a place where we could all learn to be our true selves without an abundance of strict rules and expectations- something that just doesn't occur on the web anymore. A place where we could talk about anything and everything that stirred our souls in whatever language we chose to do so in, a place where we didn't have to agree but could still be respectful without being forced to do so by rules and over eager mods. RN3 might not have been a big house but it was a warm and friendly house full of love and light.

@"guohua" gave us this gift of love and light when she built this house for us. She welcomed us all into her family with open arms- no judgements, no questions asked.... only love and acceptance. She was -and is- the mother of us all. 

Now the old house has reached the end of its cycle. The walls are crumbling, the pipes are leaking and the foundation stones are sinking. But a house is just a building yet the family lives on! Our new house is nearly finished and we busily pack our boxes for the big move. Some of us have already picked out our bedrooms and started hanging pictures on the walls as the builders add the finishing touches. 

Hopefully RN3 will remain (as "read only") as planned so we can pop back by for a visit every so often just as we drive by an old house or property where we lived growing up to reminisce. It will remain part of our family history regardless and we each take a piece of it with us to our new home, just as we each carry a piece of Guohua in our hearts everywhere we go.

Though we look forward to our new, fancy digs I know we will all miss this place and what it represents to each of us. 
"Hello "to a new beginning! 
"Parting is such sweet sorrow" to this old house. 
"As an American it's your responsibility to have your own strategic duck stockpile. You can't expect the government to do it for you." - the dork I call one of my mom's other kids
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