Full Version: Inaugural Picture contest - OCTOBER 2016
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i h'reby announceth the commencement of the first ev'r rogue nation picture contest. in this duel we shall pit sir 'gainst mistress, neighb'r 'gainst neighb'r, cousin 'gainst foe, and cats 'gainst dogs. all shalt participateth as a way to giveth grace to thy majesty, the free mind. if 't be true thee bethink thee knoweth the location this picture was taken thee shall beest ent'r'd into a monthly drawing f'r a chance to winneth free rogue-nation gear as well as the starring role in next month's contest.

so sendeth thy answ'r in a private message to 2 diff'rent mods 'r admins and thee shall beest officially ent'r'd if 't be true the answ'r is c'rrect.


We are giving away some Kick-A$$ Rogue-Nation Gear to celebrate all of the everyday gems that YOU see every day. What you may see as "my backyard" and nothing special may be a bucket list destination for others. And to have a bit of fun with it we will open up this contest to everybody for a month, it will commence on the 1st of each month and close on the 30th or 31st of each month. 

If you think you know where the picture was taken just send your answer via Private Message to ANY 2 Mods or Admins. Your entry will be noted and when the contest closes you will be entered into a drawing. Each month a winner will be drawn (full disclosure of this drawing will be visible on Vimeo just to make it legit) and the winner will receive some killer Rogue Gear. 

When you have received your gear, your only obligation is to pay it forward and take a picture of yourself with that gear, some scenery with that gear, or (nearly) anything else that features your gear. That will be posted here on the 1st of next month and you will now have commenced the next Picture Contest. 

As far as rules go, anything goes. You can post a hint if you like (no matter how subtle it may seem), you can make it easy, hard, obvious, or anything in between. 

And as always, this is NOT a "set in stone" contest and is subject to change any time. And by that I mean if YOU have any ideas to make it better just say the word and it will be done. To me, this is nothing but good fun.  tinycool
So, any member can post a picture, correct?
absolutely. And any member can guess at what it is. Everyone is on the same playing field with this, nobody will have a "heads up" as to where the picture was taken. Ideally we could do this more frequent than monthly but the logistics of shipping merchandise around the world may cause the contest to experience a bit of "jet lag" so to speak.

After having a little chat with DuckforcoveR, it's been decided that the contest lasts a month, instead of a week.

Reason being that there needs to be more participants and so far, Mystic & Allusion have submitted answers as to where DFC's picture was taken.

It's a bit complicated to find exactly where he is BUT you may supply as many guesses as you wish !!

And since members come and go and then come and go, well, having it last a month gives a chance to everyone to guess an answer...

The question being "Where am I?"

Now...for the incentives:

A reminder that anyone who's submitted an answer to 2 of the mods - which are then transferred to DFC for compilation - may win one of these:

Rogue-Nation T-Shirt for him or her, Rogue-Nation tank top for her...with different sizes available and different colors available...

Such as:

[Image: TAWw6L4.png]


[Image: 548JHwU.png]


[Image: 92ufKCJ.png]


[Image: idnvVC2.png]

OR maybe you just don't feel like advertising for Rogue-Nation next time you go out to the mall...yeah...we can understand that 'grin'


How would you like to drink your next coffee or tea in one of these ?

[Image: MdrUPnF.jpg]

[Image: FjXV7yL.jpg]

That's right !!! A Rogue-Nation Coffee/Tea Mug !!!

Best part? Absolutely FREE and delivered to YOUR door, directly from the shipping department so that your name and address remain incognito to all of us !!


Where's Waldo....errrr..... DFC ?????

in this link HERE !!!