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Most Corrupt Administration in History. Wants you to forget.
[Image: obama-administration.jpg?fit=987%2C576&ssl=1]

Impeach for what again?
[Image: impeachment-1.jpg?fit=987%2C576&ssl=1]

Who is the Party of Obstruction?
[Image: democrats-trump.jpg?fit=987%2C576&ssl=1]

Which party wants to help women achieve their life goals?????
[Image: women-abortion.jpg?fit=987%2C576&ssl=1] Not the Democrats!
Yes, who Caters to the Latest Generation of,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
[Image: socialism.jpg?fit=987%2C576&ssl=1] Snowflakes.
An Joe Biden running his mouth saying, " there was not a whisper of scandal in the eight years of Obama’s presidency" ! The whole 8 years of him and Obama was one scandal after another... Give me a break..
And again the Truth in a Cartoon,,,, to bad the Left Comprehend a Simple Cartoon!
[Image: democrats-trump.jpg?fit=987%2C576&ssl=1]
[Image: lisa_benson_current_cartoon_2019-06-11_5_.jpg]
[Image: david_hitch_david_hitch_for_06142019_5_.gif]
[Image: fbi-comey.jpg?fit=987%2C576&ssl=1][Image: comey-leaks.jpg?fit=987%2C576&ssl=1]
[Image: steve_kelley_steve_kelley_for_sep_01_2019_5_.jpg]
[Image: trump-biden-media.jpg?fit=987%2C576&ssl=1][Image: iran-obama.jpg?fit=987%2C576&ssl=1][Image: chip_bok_chip_bok_for_sep_06_2019_5_.jpg] [Image: gary_varvel_gary_varvel_for_sep_04_2019_5_.jpg]
(06-14-2019, 08:21 AM)727Sky Wrote: [ -> ]An Joe Biden running his mouth saying, " there was not a whisper of scandal in the eight years of Obama’s presidency" !
The whole 8 years of him and Obama was one scandal after another... Give me a break..

One can only ruminate on what sort of organised system was in place to ensure no 'scandal' surfaced during those
eight years. Promises of protection of agencies and their antics, joint-activity between sections of political parties,
judicial personal and security departments to manage any possible instances of wrongdoing... to say everyone was
involved would be too 'triggering' for many!

Think Germany between 1920 to 1936 and you'll see how it was done.
By the way, large sections of that propaganda machine is still in there!
Quote:NYT columnist discloses 'insomnia' she's had since 'cursed night' of Trump's election
GiantThumbsUp  Fantastic!

YEAH!!!! Michelle Goldberg,,,, [Image: Michelle-Goldberg.png] Get Over It, YOU Lose, Thank minusculehail GOD and the American People With a Working Brain.
Quote:[/url][url=]New York Times columnist Michelle Goldberg indicated on Friday that President Trump's election was so upsetting that it gave her years of insomnia.

That tidbit came in a column about Democratic pollster Stanley Greenberg making what she calls a "thrilling prediction" that 2020 will see a "blue wave" that will "crash and shatter the Republican Party."
"His confidence will not be enough to lessen the insomnia that has plagued me since the cursed night when Trump was elected," Goldberg wrote.

Golberg previously claimed democracy was in danger and that "Trump has treated his oath of office the way he’s rumored to have treated a Moscow hotel bed.
" She's also called the president a "professional racist" and decried the "moral and psychic cost to participating in the fiction that people who work for Trump are in any sense public servants.” Source

tinylaughing Haha, better that she have insomnia than me... I've slept like a baby since that blessed night. GO TRUMP!!!!!

She looks like an Anorexic Bipolar Pixie Snowflake,,,, so no surprise.
Looking forward to reading about her next 13 years of insomnia.  5 more years of DT and then another 8 from Donald Jr. or Ivanka.  smallgreenhurray
[Image: democrats-guns.jpg?fit=987%2C576&ssl=1] Liberal/Progressives HATE our Constitution! They Despise the Words, "We The People" in their mind it should say "We The Sheeple".

[Image: jagger.jpg?fit=987%2C576&ssl=1]
[Image: democrats-climate.jpg?fit=987%2C576&ssl=1]
Fucking Morons,,,,,,,,[Image: gary_varvel_gary_varvel_for_sep_10_2019_5_.jpg]

[Image: david_hitch_david_hitch_for_09132019_5_.gif]

You know this is a FACT! [Image: andy_marlette_andy_marlette_for_sep_11_2019_5_.jpg]
[Image: 4cf80070-a19e-4993-b85e-4b1711d9330d-Unh...&auto=webp]
YES, Just the TRUTH!!!!
Under Bush we lost Bob Hope, and Johnny Cash.  Under Obama we lost Steve Jobs. Before Trump we had
No Hope, No Jobs,  No Cash.

With Trump's MAGA agenda we have the best economy in decades, lowest unemployment ever, lower middle class income growth.  
Hope, Jobs and Cash are back.  minusculebeercheers

I now fly TWA first class.
Trump Wins Always ! tinylaughing   
My The Gods Continue to bless the USA
[Image: auto-strike.jpg?fit=987%2C576&ssl=1]
[Image: beto-orourke-gun.jpg?fit=987%2C576&ssl=1]
[Image: david_hitch_david_hitch_for_09202019_5_.gif]
[Image: lisa_benson_current_cartoon_2019-09-20_5_.jpg]
[Image: d97a3f59-35f4-471d-a01d-8b3d0f568ff8-Sha...&auto=webp] [Image: 66008210-a200-4c17-9a43-e962d55526c3-Gre...&auto=webp]
[Image: a15e0375-323d-406f-8940-38d292ba5399-Med...&auto=webp] [Image: e8717653-6eb4-4f03-8af8-57a732258147-too...&auto=webp]
Come=On Boys and Girls,,,,, the Truth is Out There,,,,,
[Image: aoc_pelosi_tina_toon-web.jpg]
[Image: heres-commie.jpg]
[Image: democrat_party_wall-1.jpg][Image: ocasio_cortez_bar.jpg]
[Image: ocasio_cortez_the_end_is_near.jpg]
[Image: lifelongdemocratvoter.jpg] [Image: democrats-300x297.jpg] [Image: seetheproblem.jpg]
[Image: republicans-287x300.png] [Image: trumptheman.jpg]
Sept. 27th.
[Image: impeachment-1.jpg?fit=987%2C576&ssl=1][Image: russia.jpg?fit=987%2C576&ssl=1]
[Image: pelosi-impeachment.jpg?fit=987%2C576&ssl=1]
[Image: trump-ukraine-burger.jpg?fit=987%2C576&ssl=1]
[Image: impeachment.jpg?fit=987%2C576&ssl=1]
[Image: ukraine-biden.jpg?fit=987%2C576&ssl=1]
[Image: canada-trudeau.jpg?fit=987%2C576&ssl=1]
The second page for Sept. 27th.
[Image: lisa_benson_current_cartoon_2019-09-26_5_.jpg]
[Image: mike_shelton_mike_shelton_for_09262019_5_.gif]
[Image: gary_varvel_gary_varvel_for_sep_25_2019_5_.jpg]
[Image: gary_varvel_gary_varvel_for_sep_23_2019_5_.jpg]
[Image: schiff-ukraine.jpg?fit=987%2C576&ssl=1]
[Image: california-fires.jpg?fit=987%2C576&ssl=1]
[Image: trump-democrats.jpg?fit=1024%2C576&ssl=1]
[Image: lisa_benson_current_cartoon_2019-11-01_5_.jpg] [Image: gary_varvel_gary_varvel_for_oct_29_2019_5_.jpg] [Image: gary_varvel_gary_varvel_for_oct_31_2019_5_.jpg]
[Image: medicare-elizabeth-warren.jpg?fit=987%2C576&ssl=1]
[Image: terminator-impeachment.jpg?fit=987%2C576&ssl=1]
[Image: impeachment-inquiry-pelosi.jpg?fit=987%2C576&ssl=1]
[Image: chip_bok_chip_bok_for_nov_06_2019_5_.jpg]
[Image: david_hitch_david_hitch_for_11062019_5_.gif]
[Image: david_hitch_david_hitch_for_11052019_5_.gif]
And to Continue,,,,,,,
[Image: ginsburg.jpg?fit=987%2C576&ssl=1]
[Image: 9d5e20e7-05a3-4fc1-adae-b16cc4bbc1d5-thu...width=1280]
NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am Not Done!!~!
[Image: 267323_image.jpg] [Image: 267295_image.jpg]
[Image: bloomberg-meager-768x551.jpg]
[Image: 267186_image.jpg]
More Truth,,,,, Can YOU Handle The TRUTH?????
[Image: frozen-impeach-nadler.jpg?fit=987%2C576&ssl=1] [Image: adam-schiff-impeach.jpg?fit=987%2C576&ssl=1]
[Image: salvation-army.jpg?fit=987%2C576&ssl=1]
[Image: trump-impeach.jpg?fit=987%2C576&ssl=1]
[Image: steve_kelley_steve_kelley_for_dec_05_2019_5_.jpg]
[Image: chip_bok_chip_bok_for_dec_06_2019_5_.jpg]
[Image: wise-men.jpg?fit=987%2C576&ssl=1][Image: greta-thunberg-time.jpg?fit=987%2C576&ssl=1]

[Image: pelosi-impeachment.jpg?fit=987%2C576&ssl=1]
[Image: brexit-boris-johnson.jpg?fit=987%2C576&ssl=1]
[Image: democrats-impeachment.jpg?fit=987%2C576&ssl=1]
[Image: adam-schiff-3.jpg?fit=987%2C576&ssl=1]
[Image: fbi-spy.jpg?fit=987%2C576&ssl=1][Image: carter-page-fbi.jpg?fit=987%2C576&ssl=1]
Yes, this is a continuation from the todays cartoons in the post prior to this one.
[Image: gary_varvel_gary_varvel_for_dec_16_2019_5_.jpg][Image: steve_kelley_steve_kelley_for_dec_20_2019_5_.jpg][Image: chip_bok_chip_bok_for_dec_19_2019_5_.jpg]
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