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a Democrat says - We Don’t Want Small Businesses That Can’t Afford $15 Minimum Wage
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Democrats starting to demonstrate their real intentions with Marxist-Like statements and emboldened thinking !

One [Democrat] seems to "suggest" that small business that somehow can't afford $15 an hour shouldn't even exist ROFLMAO

Must mean they want only larger "Corporate Style" big business that "can" ?

But "whatabout" localized free markets (not government intervention micromanagement) that have in fact made higher minimum wages work?

Marxist/Democrat long term failures have missed how to "equalize" everything nationwide !!

Forced minimum wages have always discriminated and placed millions out of jobs while encouraging favoritism by employers to hire selectively.

[Image: Karl-Marx-Planks.jpg]
Quote:Representative Ro Khanna (D-CA) declared Sunday on CNN’s “Inside Politics” that we should not want “low-wage businesses” when pressed on small businesses who would struggle under a federal mandate to pay employees $15 an hour.

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office predicted raising the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2025 would cost 1.4 million Americans their jobs over the next four years.

Anchor Abby Phillip said, “I know that you feel very strongly like many progressives about the minimum wage issue. Right now, at the same time, businesses, both large and small, are struggling in this pandemic economy, more than 9 million jobs have been lost in the last year, and they still aren’t back, and the problem is particularly acute in industries like retail and foodservice, which are more likely to pay minimum wage. I think the question that a lot of Republicans are posing and perhaps some moderate Democrats is timing. Is now the right time to increase it to $15? I should say the bill has stages, of course, but immediately it would go up about 30% right now. Is now the right time to do that?”

LINK-->  Dem Rep. Khanna: ‘We Don’t Want’ Small Businesses That Can’t Afford $15 Minimum Wage

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It's all about destroying the majority of the middle class. Can't have people who don't need to depend on government handouts. That just might start a "movement" in the poorer classes. They might think,'if they can do it, I can too'.  

Big government needs it's brain-dead sheeple to depend on them so they can stay in control of their every move.
I think you'll find Representative Ro Khanna (D-CA)  we have a Cali prophecy.
(02-21-2021, 10:07 PM)Mystic Wanderer Wrote: It's all about destroying the majority of the middle class. Can't have people who don't need to depend on government handouts. That just might start a "movement" in the poorer classes. They might think,'if they can do it, I can too'.  

Big government needs it's brain-dead sheeple to depend on them so they can stay in control of their every move.

You are absolutely correct, as far as you take it. I'd like to extend it a bit farther.

See, it is about eliminating the middle class, but we have to ask ourselves why - what's in it for the upper class to eliminate middle class productivity? Why would they want to destroy middle class productivity in favor of dropping everyone into the lower class, which generally speaking has less money to give them? The answer is, of course, the birth of yet another totalitarian Fascist regime, which every single implementation of Socialism to date has devolved to, via communism. YOU do not benefit from this arrangement. Only the Oligarchs benefit. Bigly.

They have to eliminate the middle class producers and independent distributors who trade in the products that the middle class creates. The middle class, both producers and distributors, keep too much of the profit for themselves, and verify the validity of upward mobility. You cannot convince someone to work in State Factories when they are free to do better on their own.

This is why the mega-corporations are all lining up behind the totalitarian agenda. It's good for their bottom line to eliminate the competition so that their mega-status can get even more mega. If you close down all the middle class distribution businesses - "mom and pop" stores - then everyone has to flock to Amazon, Walmart, etc for their "stuff"... and that is where they will deliver their hard-earned cash to.

It gives the greedy-assed mega-corps an even bigger slice of the financial pie.

But you also have to eradicate the middle class producers. No one will work in a State Factory if they can make more money growing their own and distributing it in their pickup truck. They'll have the temerity to charge whatever the market will bear, convert that into hard currency, and bury it in the back yard. Gold that goes into jars in the back yard is NOT going into megacorporation coffers. I'm sure you can see their issue with that.

Have you ever wondered WHY they devalued gold by eliminating the Gold Standard? People were keeping too much of the value of things for themselves, and not giving enough of it to fat cats and governments... and they had to DO something about that! So they changed how "value" was generated, measured, and stored. The end result was more for them, and less for us.

That is why the big push is on to move production onto factory farms. When my grandpa was born, 97% of U.S. workers were farm workers, mostly on smallhold family farms. We raised our own stuff, and enough surplus to sell to the rest to keep them going. Now that situation has gone entirely negative, and only 3% of the US workforce are farmers. The 97% are just eaters, not producers of anything of value.

That goes right down the line for all industries, not just farming. All middle class industries will have to be eliminated in favor of moving production to megacorps, where us peons will have to get jobs instead of being able to do for ourselves.

But wait - of what use is giving megacorps more power and money if you are after a more communist form of government? Why not just give that power to the government? Isn't that what "communism" is?

Enter the "State Factories". Either the megacorps will take over the government, or the government will take over the megacorps. Either way, the end result is the same - a "classless" society of only two classes, the rich oligarchs and the rest of us, with "the rest of us" being utterly disenfranchised, having no say in the doings of the government OR how the factories are operated. That's where it goes, boys and girls, every single time. That is the very definition of "fascism", and it is what socialist societies always and inevitable devolve into. They go from "socialist" to "communist" to "totalitarian fascist", every time. Most folks do not recognize the fascism inherent in that system because production is in "state"factories". It says "state" right in the title - how could that be fascist? After all, the name of the "State" is "the Democratic People's Republic of Upyoursistan"! It's Democratic! It's a Republic! It belongs to "The People", right? How could that possibly be Fascist?

It's fascist because the same people who actually "own" those factories also make your laws, and without your input. Either the State owns all production, or the producers own the State, but it's the same end result either way, You are made utterly dependent on a system you cannot extract yourself from, and YOU are not the beneficiary of that system - the oligarchs are... and they no longer care what you think or what you want, because they no longer HAVE to care. You are completely at their mercy, not the other way 'round.

They sell it as "worker ownership of production", but that is not what it is at all, except on paper, in  book somewhere, at a university. It's actually production's ownership of the workers, when it finally gets implemented.

YOU are their slave labor, with no way out.

So, if you want to opt out of that Brave New World, you'd better develop and implement your plan to do so NOW, not after they've already got the cage locked up with you inside it. There is a way out of it. Maybe several different ways. You do NOT have to be just another cog in their machine.

Think on that deeply. 

ETA: It's a given that cities and urban areas will go that way. They have to. As soon as people start living like ants, piled up in postage stamp sized apartments with no free land around them in urban ant-hills, they give up their ability to feed themselves. All tangible life giving things MUST come from outside their area. In order to get those things, they start producing things that we out in the hinterlands find amusing, but not necessary for life... and then they trade those things to us, for the food that cannot produce for themselves any more. They become useless eaters, producers of fine baubles and trinkets, and nothing else. Even the raw materials for the trinkets they make have to come from elsewhere.

So cities and urban areas HAVE to opt-in to the communo-fascism. They cannot survive any other way. Look at what China has become. Evaluate everything I have said in the light of the CCP model of "commerce".

“The nature of psychological compulsion is such that those who act under constraint remain under the impression that they are acting on their own initiative. The victim of mind-manipulation does not know that he is a victim. To him the walls of his prison are invisible, and he believes himself to be free. That he is not free is apparent only to other people.”

-Aldous Huxley

-- Got mask? Just sayin'...


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