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ATS One Hundred Words CAMPFIRE TALES contest entry
The current Short Story Contest on ATS is a word-limited "Campfire Tales" one.

In 100 words or less... tell a short story that contains or relates to the theme "Campfire Tales"

Quite a challenge!

Here is my wee try at it...

There Are No Rules

The wood crackles, with rising hackles... a chill is in the air.
The Witches' cackles, and howling Jackals... contribute to despair.

A tree bough creaks, my knees feel weak... a shiver on my spine.
As circus freaks, and creepy geeks, stalk the neighborhood... just like mine.

A bat in flight, on darkest night, the moon... a merest glow,
Seeks neck to bite, there's no respite, as words (like blood) doth flow.

Hook-Hand, Phantoms, Ghosts and Ghouls... no wonder my face pales.
For it's not random, there are no rules, when it comes to Campfire Tales.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=8240]

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