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How about a sea monster ?

Can't beat the Master storyteller.....

[Image: 12b3790417d729b08ab8d8fd4cb32eab.jpg]
I don't think these sounds were made by sea monsters, I think they are some sort of machine, man made or more likely Alien.
Only 11 1/2 minute video.

 If you think this is a sea monster down in the abyss let me know.
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=936]
I remember back in elementary school, when I read a few books and became engulfed in the loch ness mystery. 

It was great, I'd grab any book I could at the school library and read it. This was just one the verge of the internet, so all there was were books at school and the library(I was born in 80). 

Truly a great time where there was still a bit of mystery and a sense of possibility. 

Then the internet ruined all that and years went by as tech advanced and just ruined all of it. 

Still one of my favorite subjects, sea monsters and by extension crypto zoology. I never got too deep into the ET stuff(still enjoy it though). But I just remember very vividly/fondly that elementary school library as I scoured for books on sea monsters.

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