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This poem is dedicated to Captain Chaos.
I didn't write this poem about Captain Chaos.
But seeing his avatar reminded me of a humorous (at least in my mind) poem I wrote a few years back.

I used the same picture to illustrate the character in the poem.
Perhaps this poetic tale will make you smile.
If not for the weird humor, at least in pity for my poor soul.

So here it is, a poem I call:

The Sad Party Clown

The sad eyed clown,
at the little girl’s party,
cried all day,
instead of acting hardy.

His sadness spread.
Onto the children it fell.
The girl’s mother said,
“This party's not going well!”

The clown then shaped balloons,
into animals ill.
Then it sang the blues,
in a voice that was shrill.

Then he told them stories.
With much gloom he spake.
Then he coughed and he wheezed,
and he sneezed onto the cake!

One by one the parents,
took their children home.
Until the little girl at last,
was at her party alone.

The clown announced “I have a great surprise!”
Then he tore off his clothes,
which was only a disguise.

Then parent and child,
stood there with eyes wide.
For underneath the clowns disguise,
was the same clown that cried.

[Image: 87dc36ffb19514905a107a72f7a64c49.jpg]


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