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MisterSpock movie review.....Patriots Day
A long time favorite series of that, umm, other place and now my first installment here. 

So lets kick it off......

Opening the sense that I just watched this today. My how fast times have changed.

It's a loose retelling of the story of the boston marathon bombings.

Why did I watch it? Mark Wahlberger, I actually like most of what he's in. 

Not really much to comment on the story, because most pretty much know the outline. Even though I knew the real life events, it was actually still entertaining and was pretty solid with regard to acting and pacing throughout most of the film.

The awkward part? 

Casting police in not only a positive light, but actually "celebrating" their sacrifice and dedication....My god...what a difference a few years make. 

This movie today, would be all but verboten. The way it highlighted(in a positive light) the service of law enforcement was sickening(2020 sickening). I'm actually amazed Netflix(where I watched it) even still has it available on it's platform.

There is almost no excuse to allow such a divisive film to still be available to the american public...

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