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What is the true Tommie Lindh story
Here I would like to share the story of Tommie Lindh. If you dont know the story its about a 19 year old Swede who tried to stop a Sudanese man from raping a Swedish girl, the man killed Tommie for doing this. Seems that is all, but this happened in Sweden and the Swedish government protects its image of been a "multicultural utopia" very aggressively, lying and deceit are the norm for the government. Anyone remember how the Swedish government reacted to Trump telling about the no go areas in Sweden ?

All was well in Sweden as the government controls the news media the story was kept under control, but when it went world wide and started to threaten the "multicultural utopia" picture and Swedish women's groups started to support the Tommie story did the Swedish government attack dogs step in. 

So the Prosecutor releases a story that yes the Sudanese man had been at the party/after party, had attacked people and threatened people, raped a woman and killed a man but the rape and killing were done hours apart and Tommie was not killed trying to stop the rape.
How can the Sudanese man run bat shit crazy for several hours and no one phone the police, and when the police arrive they arrest him and charge him with everything.

Next the right wing ass holes groups say that Tommie is a hero, the left wing ass hole groups say that Tommie is a violent nazi, this seems to imply that in the eyes of the left if a native tries to stop an non native from raping a native he is a Nazi.
This leads to Tommies family having to face the news papers to try and clear his name, think of the level of stress.
Women in Sweden and around the world show support Tommie ( silly women dont understand that for the big picture they and children must be raped by non natives ).

One thing I do know is the truth about Tommie might never be told as long as the Swedish government controls the media.
This is the best I can make of this story, could be I have got it wrong, for me this story just shows how much of a mess Sweden is.
So I ask people to hunt the information out and check facts.
Im old enough to remember when the Left did try and do good some of the time, but now it seems that the left has been taken over world wide by evil, and to be honest I cant see good in the left, just evil and less evil.

Some links here but people can also find there own
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