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Men and women are different - don't try to force men into be nurses
I wonder what would of happened if this was printed in a news paper in the UK or USA ( Finnish has no sex   tinywhat so he and she get mixed up in translation, Minttu is a woman's name )

Quote:Today at 11:01

[Image: 0ea58a10deb7245df860081a0eea590628bdc6de...cd2464.png]If Minttu wants to be a nurse, he should be encouraged to do so, not try to force him into an engineer, writes Sanna Ukkola, a columnist for Iltalehti.

I’ll tell you a secret now, because no one else is afraid to do it again . I have a sufficient number of twitter - kohussa marinated, so there is no longer afraid and go boldly to the fire : Men and women are different . Hah, that's where you heard ! Cut me off, I can handle it like a man .
Helsingin Sanomat had a long story ( once again ) about gender stereotypes . The story deplored the fact that gender-based generalizations limit the lives of children and young people . They guide perceptions of what is possible for anyone, even influencing career choices .
The story highlighted the 2016 Youth Barometer, according to which, for example, young people's career choice aspirations in Finland are still divided by gender . 93 per cent of the boys hoped to work in the telecommunications industry, 82 per cent of girls health - and education sectors . In working life, men often placed superiors - and leadership positions, women auxiliary tasks .
Isn't that awful? Well not terrible at all .
Sanna Ukkola's column: Timo Haraka's presentation on the “truth committee” is outrageous - the media is already too one-eyed

I went once international IB - high school in Oulu . We were able to choose six subjects we studied - three according to the long formula and three more narrowly . I studied long economics . In addition to me, there was only one girl and twenty boys in the group . The same gender division in long mathematics .
No one told the girls not to choose long math or economics, they chose completely freely, according to their own interests . So I did too . I later became a policy journalist .
Sanna Ukkola: Sauli Niinistö offered a fist, Sanna Marin showed a middle finger - why?
[Image: bce40db77a8d989d2c7fbf7794e60f74740bd402...94f940.jpg][Image: bce40db77a8d989d2c7fbf7794e60f74740bd402...94f940.jpg]
Nurse and doctor. 123RF.COM
On Tuesday, I interviewed two policy journalists . They were both men . I could have chosen a woman just because I had an interview of both sexes, but I didn’t . There is still a huge over-representation in political journalists . No one is forcing women not to go into politics, there are only fewer of them there now .
In journalism, I don’t believe in gender quotas because they distort the world . I choose the best interviewees for the interview on that very topic, regardless of gender . The task of journalism would be to mirror the world as it is, not to try to shape it to their liking .
Women can study the stem - agents ( natural sciences, mathematics and technology ) , or take engineers, ministers, or even the Prime Minister, if you want to, and adequate skills . They just have to want and do something about it . Wailing from invisible structures doesn’t help, studying helps .

Young people themselves choose which check they put on the application form, which schools they apply to . The occupational distribution is the inevitable outcome of these choices .

And what about even though men have more engineers and women have more kindergarten teachers? Finland is one of the most balanced - Madam countries, we have a woman can yes exactly, as far as he wants to . If a woman wants to be an engineer, she can become an engineer . Katri Kulmuni did not write yo - the writings of mathematics, now he is the Minister of Finance .
But what if a woman doesn’t want to be a boss? What if she wants to give birth, to focus on his family and head to the care - sector? Is it somehow wrong or inferior? It is after the free choice of an individual along with the world's most democratic and balanced - Madam States?
In fact, what gender - pluralistic country, the more differentiated are the professions for men and women . Attitudes and educational choices diverge in men and in women it is farther away from each other, what is more prosperous and more equal - Madam inhabited the country .
[Image: 38b452030590f648fb2836079fa54b48cdfaaec1...d790b9.jpg][Image: 38b452030590f648fb2836079fa54b48cdfaaec1...d790b9.jpg]
Mother and child. SIMPLEFOTO
DC - shameful countries, girls have the opportunity to choose freely what they want to study . They are also encouraged to break traditional gender stereotypes . Yet, for example, the Nordic countries, women engineers venturing into less than uneven - shameful countries .
When women and men are free to choose, they choose different jobs .
Sanna Ukkola: An enjoyable weekend, cheerleaders - why does a woman have her own menstrual blood?

No differences in talent and average intelligence have been found between men and women, but the differences in areas of interest are large .
In Finland, only 20 per cent of those with a degree in science, technology and mathematics are women . In Albania, Indonesia and Turkey, for example, there are many more, and in Algeria up to 40% .
In Finland, only 7.4 per cent of nurses are men . Only 16 percent of engineers are women, and their share has hardly changed in a decade .
Gender differences are growing according to scientists because of the prosperity and equality - the value of giving women more space to express themselves . They focus on areas that genuinely interest them . When choosing their profession, they can consider other criteria than, for example, salary .
[Image: 374aa596cbc0b65ba822ff66b403e1a2b100a90a...01c45d.jpg][Image: 374aa596cbc0b65ba822ff66b403e1a2b100a90a...01c45d.jpg]
And there is nothing wrong with that . Not everyone needs to be top leaders . The organization has risen to become the top is extremely tough duunia : it has to give up largely on their own free - time, shared time around with family and fellow human beings and to work on the clock . Not everyone needs that kind of work . There are other quality criteria in life than a salary bag .
After all, the most important thing is that individuals are free to realize themselves without obstacles or retardations . If Mint wants to be a nurse, she should be encouraged to do so, not try to force her into an engineer .

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