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BROWN PAPER ENVELOPE: Ex-PM Gordon Brown ‘Let RAPE GANGS Roam Free In Return For Saud
Ok do any of our UK members know anything about this, and is it true ?

Quote:By VOICE OF EUROPE  14 March 2020

[Image: shutterstock_52369225-702x459.jpg]

FORMER Labour boss Gordon Brown allegedly let Muslim rape gangs roam free in Britain in an alleged deal with the Saudis, Politicalite can exclusively reveal.  
City of London finance source exclusively claimed to Politicalite that during Gordon Brown’s short tenure as Prime Minister he borrowed money from the Saudi’s – but the deal had BIG strings attached. 
He urged the dollar-rich Gulf states to prop up ailing national economies through a massive injection of capital into the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and also asked for cash for Britain. 
In return, he allegedly had to let Muslims “do anything they like.”
A source connected finance in The City told Politicalite that “In return for the money, the condition they insisted on, was that Muslims in Britain must be free to do anything they like.”
“In the light of his subsequent repression of reporting on rape gangs, this information might provide the explanation.”
Politicalite reported in 2018 that ex-North West Chief prosecutor alleged that the Home Office ordered police to ignore grooming gang claims in 2008 – though Home Secretary Jacqui Smith had nothing to do with the order. 
Nazir Afzal who reversed a Crown Prosecution Service decision and successfully prosecuted the notorious Rochdale rape gang told the BBC in 2018 that in 2008 the Home Office sent a circular email to all police forces calling on them to not investigate the sexual exploitation of young girls in towns and cities across the UK.
(03-18-2020, 10:25 AM)Wallfire Wrote: Ok do any of our UK members know anything about this, and is it true ?

FORMER Labour boss Gordon Brown allegedly let Muslim rape gangs roam free in Britain in
an alleged deal with the Saudis, Politicalite can exclusively reveal...
Yes, I've seen it before. The 'deal' I heard was as said, give the Muslims some leeway, but whether rape was
sanctioned, I cannot say. Gordon Brown and many other high-ranking politicians knew of the grooming gangs
and that was why the Police were told to turn a blind-eye.

2007 until 2010, that's three years under his governing and the exploitation of vulnerable girls in northern towns
and cities. We have no idea about how long it's been really going on. Plus, there's no guarantee it's stopped.
From what I've heard it's continuing, but now more 'underground' and without the Councils' consent.

But the Muslim community have their people on the inside and have worked hard to change the narrative with
the use of commentary and opinion-pieces. Brown knew, just as Blair knew.

The grooming of girls in Newcastle is not an issue of race – it’s about misogyny
Chi Onwurah

'I am appalled by the men jailed as a result of Operation Sanctuary, but turning this into a matter
of race and religion is an insult to the survivors.

What’s worse, rape or racism? I found myself posing that question after the Operation Sanctuary investigation
was finally made public, revealing horrific abuse of girls and vulnerable young women in Newcastle.

I had been moved and inspired by the courage of the victims, testifying, sometimes multiple times, to the most
appalling and intimate crimes. And I felt overwhelming anger at the men who had done this, men in my constituency,
men who used girls and women as their property without respect for them or thought for their futures.

But I was also angry at rightwing attempts to make this abuse and exploitation an issue of race and religion.
On Saturday the EDL will be marching in Newcastle and I have been told on social media that I was little better
than a pimp for not warning white working-class girls against Muslim men.

And then I was angry at those – mainly men – who seemed intent on turning the rape of girls into a minor skirmish
in the great war on imperialism, talking only of rightwing racism, not rape. Having been raped and abused,
disempowered and exploited, were these survivors now going to be written out of their own story?

And then I became tired of my own anger. It is horrendous that with this recent destruction of so many young lives
there should come a sense of deja vu. But we as a society have been here before. We have seen violence against
women reduced to the crimes of a particular group of ethnic minority men against a particular group of white women,
with everyone else either sidelined or forced to take “sides”.

When I was growing up in the 80s it was the supposedly overpowering lust of African-Caribbean men from which no
white woman was safe, with black women urged to call out the loose sexual morals of “their men”. These were the
racial and sexual stereotypes that had been at the heart of so many lynchings in the United States. Fighting that
stereotyping while at the same time condemning misogyny and sexism wherever it was to be found risked being
called a traitor to both gender and race...'
The Guardian: (There's more of the shite in the link with another link on the page to persuade a reader that
Islam doesn't tell its followers to look on the infidels as pieces of meat and sex-toys.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
In Sweden its much the same

Quote:[Image: Skolan.jpg]Genrebild / The Mosque in Malmö.

Teachers in Malmö testify: "The children learn about Swedes as unfaithful dogs already in the low school"
November 25, 2019


Social news has talked to a teacher who for many years worked at schools in the Malmö area. The teacher describes his work environment as chaotic while the management deliberately darkens the problems: he paints a dark picture of the Swedish school and believes that the future in Malmö looks bleak when the current problems will increase in strength.
You mentioned that the real situation in the schools is estimated by the management. Can you tell us more about it?

- The school management knows how to write their reports and what should be omitted or rewritten to make it look good. Had the municipality checked all the schools and the mother tongue teaching, much would have been obtained that is not correct. When the school inspection comes, you select the right staff and the right students, this does not give a correct picture of the business.
Can you give any concrete example of the abuses?
- As an example, one can mention interpreting assistance and associated costs. Many calls are canceled when the parents do not show up, but the cost is still there and depending on the type of school, the cost is placed in another post or at the municipality, which is a cost that should not be done. The fact that you have lived in Sweden for over ten years and still need a paid interpreter is a sign of how unsuccessful integration is in Malmö.
- You should pay the interpreter assistance yourself according to the Moderates' proposal. Most of the parents know enough Swedish, but are so comfortable that they would rather have an interpreter.
- However, it can be even worse when school staff cannot speak Swedish themselves. Many Malmö schools have employees who cannot accept Swedish in an acceptable way. You can easily see the errors out in the classrooms, in the booklets that are distributed or that you do not understand their colleagues or when the children ask what is this or what she is saying. Who thinks that the children can learn good Swedish if they sometimes know more than the teacher? Colleagues are offended when they do not understand what others are saying or saying.
Why is it so?
- You cannot recruit the right staff because they choose better functioning schools that are not in a socio-economically weak area or an extra vulnerable area. The City of Malmö lacks hundreds of competent educators and solves it with spring variants of very varied quality. You do not check that they have a dot-free register extract at several schools. Otherwise, they would not have had criminals or those who know criminals.
- In the case of teacher students, the level has been greatly lowered regarding the knowledge. Malmö University staff acknowledge the very problem with this, but are pressed to bring in more educators. These prospective educators find it difficult to find the right role out in the schools, as they more often become a friend of the students than an educator, leave the mobile, have difficulty with the Swedish or have poor subject knowledge.
- There are also those who show the children how to look after "their culture" or speak other languages than Swedish, even though the situation does not justify this. You have views on the traditions of the school's activities and try to get you to celebrate Ramadan or similar. This also applies to ordinary staff. It is often discussed in terms of now we have to think about the Muslims at school or all are not Christian or we can not talk about the traditions of other countries. The school should teach the children about religions and traditions but not impose any activity linked to the religious.
Can you give some concrete examples of how elements of religion affect school education in Malmö?
- Islam is the religion that oppresses the most in schools, but this is muted in different ways. The children learn about unfaithful dogs / pigs as Swedes and others as non-Muslims - this is already in the low school. During the school lunch, children can only say that we heard this in the mosque or in the Koran school. There, there is hard pressure to succeed and even the family's reputation is at stake, while in the regular school there is no risk of bad reputation or that the educator is avenged on the student in some physical way. Some schools in Malmö do not dare to visit churches as there are protests around this. The reverse of visiting mosques requires no reaction. Schools adapt to a minority that is becoming a majority in certain areas. Children are forced to wear a veil, even though they almost never know why to wear it when asked. This is already happening in the low stage now. At the same time, the boys can look and do whatever they want.
What other cultural characteristics of Malmö's ethnic minorities do you find problematic for the school?
- It is the use of violence against children that is considered a natural part of education in the Middle East. Children run the risk of being beaten at home so that staff do not call home and talk about negative things when they do not want the child to have problems. I have had several parents from MENA, mainly from Iraq and Syria where we are encouraged to hit the kids easily - type an ear file or take a hard arm when the child is not listening. Of course, no educator does this.

- They should be used to this before or that the parent thinks this is necessary as Swedish school is so cowardly. The children hear at meetings that it was okay for him to throw stones or call the other dog / whore or so, because we do in Syria. It will be difficult for the principal to get it right with parents who are so violent.
What practical problems does this lead to?
- That the teachers are afraid that the children will be knocked home by their parents and therefore raise grades. Even that grades should be raised or be at a good level, when considering the child's background. In many cases, for example, newly arrived national exams do not write. You do not want to lower the school's results. We have to make adjustments, but when the adjustments become to help the students with the answers, things have gone too far. To translate individual expressions is okay but not to explain how to solve or draw the solutions.
- I have been supportive during national exams but was suddenly replaced when the students said: "Why don't you say more, the others say more or straight off if my answer is right?" Then another teacher came in or became vacant in the same room and explained more (they didn't think I or anyone else heard this). This has also happened during the international surveys, with the children receiving much more help than is justified, this is because the children have too poor Swedish. This means that Sweden's results in these surveys are still too high - despite falling every year. Because the cheating is so extensive and accepted, the distribution of resources becomes wrong and the wrong students enter different schools / programs. We clearly see the problems in high schools. I've had like many other colleagues in high school, several students who can't read.
Do the criminal violence in Malmö and the harsher social climate also affect the schools?
- Yes, yes. Criminal parents are pushing schools to give their children more power, more help, so that they get free "room" to do almost as they please. Nobody wants to think of going against these parents. Children who threaten, sell drugs or abuse others remain in school as if nothing happened. In one of the larger schools, drugs / tablets were sold by high school students and the middle school children were forced or forced to buy.
- It also affects us, educators. Myself, I have many times got things ruined like many other colleagues happened regardless of where you work in Malmö, received threats that the car / bike should be burned or stolen, serious threat that something could happen if grades or otherwise did not change . For example, you move the car further away from the school in certain areas where grades are to be set.
- On Instagram, accounts are spread where students are asked to provoke educators or other school people - likewise via Snapchat. Many students have been active there.
Are the management aware of these problems?
- Incident reports are not written or the management enters and changes them. Have witnessed this with many colleagues myself. In Malmö you can go to any school and get the answers to what happens when no one cares. We can see the problems already in the preschool class. Many managers in the municipality and school management pretend that they have not received the information. If you think otherwise, you will try to get rid of these educators or principals who want good things.
How do you see the future in Malmö with this development?
- It is a bleak future that we have ahead of us, given that those who attend school today will carry society tomorrow. In Malmö you could see the problems already in the 1990s.
- SVT's reporter Bo Holmström stated as early as 1999 that immigrant youth rob Swedish youths in Malmö.
- You can see how it has become today - 20 years after his warning. We see what happens to the students who fail - considering this, the future looks bleak.

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