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Renault Kangoo brakes dont work in - temperatures??
I always knew that the French hate the Swedes   minusculebonker minusculebiggrin

Quote:[Image: postnord-renault.jpg]Postnord (Holger.Ellgaard) / Renault Kangoo (Corvettec6r)

Postnord bought 500 cars - unable to drive in snow
February 8, 2020

Postnord has had problems with 500 newly purchased cars - the brakes do not work when there is snow. Now 100 of the cars have been banned from driving and other cars are forced to rent at high costs instead.

- It is expensive to rent vehicles while paying for existing vehicles that we cannot use, says Mathias Krümmel, Operations Manager at Postnord, to Expressen .

It is the Renault Kangoo model that does not cope with our Nordic climate, at least in the north of the country, where the combination of snow and cold temperatures can cause the brakes to stop working or at least severely deteriorate.
Some of the incidents have occurred on major roads at speeds of 70-80 kilometers per hour, while others have occurred in urban environments. Krümmel tells Expressen that no personal injuries occurred because the driver managed to stop the cars with the handbrake or by shifting down, but it has nevertheless been "shocking experiences" for the employees.
Do not drive at minus degrees
100 cars have been taken out of service north of the Dalälven and south of this, the mail carriers may not use the cars if there are minus degrees. PostNord is now trying to find a solution with Renault. The cars that had incidents are analyzed to see what went wrong.

In total, PostNord has 8,000 vehicles and when the 500 cars do not work as intended, there will be problems. One such thing is that now cars must be rented left-handed unlike the mail cars where the drivers are seated to the right.
- This has meant that we have had problems securing delivery times, says Mattias Krümmel.
It is unclear whether PostNord will receive reimbursement for the additional costs, but the company says that they expect to receive what they have purchased.
Renault tells Expressen that they have only received reports of two incidents and at the same time believes that the braking system works as intended and in accordance with international standards. The investigation confirms that the braking system worked in accordance with its design and current international standards, they write.
I'm not sure that the French hate the Swedes - it may be more a matter of technological incompetence. The French are not very well noted for their technological acumen, and this is just another prime example of it. I mean, seriously, the French don't get very much correct at all. Look at their food, for example - you KNOW there is something wrong with a people that will eat things that turn even MY stomach!

The French MAY do wine right - I dunno, since I don't drink wine. Rotted grape juice has never appealed to my palate. I'll just have to give them the benefit of the doubt on that, since I'm not qualified to determine it.

The problem here may be with the Swedes instead. What on Earth possessed them to rely on FRENCH engineering? What were they thinking? They could have bought British cars, or German cars, or even Russian cars, and they would have been fine...

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