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Communists jump off - start a new party without cultural Marxism
The left/socialists are losing big time in Europe, so they are trying to reinvent themselves, make it seem they are more understanding of the people.
This is very very dangerous as the left/socialist never change. Its like the people thinking the Green party is different when in truth its just part of the left.

Quote:[Image: nils_l_1.jpg]
© Press image Nils Littorin.

Communists jump off - start a new party without cultural Marxism
Published December 19, 2019 at 9:39 pm
DOMESTIC. Almost half of the members of the Communist Party in Malmö are resigning.
Instead, they will establish a new workers' party that does not deal with such things as multiculturalism,
LGBTQ and climate alarmism.

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Quote:Doctor Nils Littorin, a well-known communist who is one of the defectors, believes that today's left
has become part of the elite and that today "dismisses the views of the working class as foreign and

- They do not understand why so many workers do not think that multiculturalism, the LGBTQ
movement and Greta Thunberg is something fantastic, but think that we are in 1930s Germany
and that workers who vote SD were infected by some Nazi sick, he tells the Local newspaper.

Littorin describes the cultural Marxist ideologies as state ideologies that are "pushed down the
throats of people".

The new party has not received a name yet, but according to Nils Littorin, it probably will not have
"Communist" in the name because today it is a word "drawn in the dirt".
The goal is to enter Malmö City Council in 2022.

The Swedish Democrats' continued increasing support among worker voters has recently further
highlighted the problem of how the incumbent left today relates to real workers. But the issue is
a hot potato.

On Monday, the Leader pages published a well-publicized text by Marxist Markus Allard, who leads
the left-wing populist Örebrop party. In the article, Allard accuses the Left of having completely
replaced its class base, from the working class to parasitic grant-funded "layers within the middle

"Layers whose status in production could be defined as redundant in order for social production to roll.
These layers tend to depend on a state that can subsidize its existence. Transfers from the public are

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