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Climate-Greta kicks off journalists after a brawl
Its all starting to fall apart

Quote:Published August 13, 2019 at 10.56 am
FOREIGN. After German press reported on internal quarrels between climate activist Greta Thunberg's disciples, the 16-year-old chose to expel all media from a climate conference in Swiss Lausanne this week, reports the magazine Blick.
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It was during the last day of the climate conference "Smile for Future" at the University of Lausanne that the Swedish climate icon received enough of the media presence, after several newspapers reported that the mood was printed among the teenagers present.
At least since Wednesday, there had been a cry and violent quarrel during the meeting, when the Climat-Greta disciples could not come to terms with each other. Blick reported , among other things, that pure pink-haired girl broke down howls during the conference. And on the last day of the meeting, internal criticism was made.
"There has not been much to structure and it has been difficult to even agree on anything," said an activist at the podium before a joint press bid.
The 16-year-old Swede felt it would be better if the entire press auction left the hall. Thunberg explained that it is time to exclude journalists from the meeting.
"Because they would otherwise describe it as if we had a quarrel," she explained.
It was on Wednesday that Blick first reported on the tensions between the young people at the climate meeting. The reporting was picked up by, among others, American BuzzFeed , and Thunberg was not satisfied with the images of annoyed and crying teenagers.
Among other things, the young people must have disagreed about whether they should abolish capitalism and how radical they should be. The decision to place the conference in swindling Switzerland should also have attracted criticism, since young people from Eastern Europe could not afford to buy food even in large shopping malls.
After the statement, the media was forced to leave the hall


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