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The Wealthy San Francisco Residents
This should upset you a little if you're not part of the Elites or mainly the San Francisco, Ca. Elites.
If you are the average citizen in S F, Ca. then the Homeless need to move to YOUR Neighborhood. 
Quote:San Francisco: wealthy opponents of new shelter claim homeless are bad for environment
Yes, homeless people pooping and urinating on the street is bad for the environment, it is smelly and makes walking a hazard, but I don't believe Poop or Urine cases Climate Change.
Does It?  tinysurprised If I was a Rich Liberal I cause it does.
Quote:The wealthy San Francisco residents who launched a crowdfunding campaign to block construction of a new homeless shelter in their waterfront neighborhood are employing a new tactic: arguing that homeless people are bad for the environment.

In a lawsuit filed against the city of San Francisco and the California State Lands Commission, the residents called for the project to undergo an environmental review before breaking ground.

“This project will have a significant effect on the environment due to these unusual circumstances, including by attracting additional homeless persons, open drug and alcohol use, crime, daily emergency calls, public urination and defecation, and other nuisances,” the lawsuit states.
So,,,,, the S F, Ca. Elites don't want a new Homeless Shelter Built in THEIR part of the city,,,,,, BUT,,,, it would be Okay in someone else's, that is how I'm understanding this.

Anyone want to come on here and Take The Side Of The Rich and Powerful Citizens and tell me I'm WRONG?
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
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