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Samsung mobile stuck sue for 1.8 million
minusculebonker minusculebeercheers tinywhat tinybigeyes tinybigeyes  What can anyone say other than ???????????

Quote:Woman sues Samsung for $1.8M after cell phone gets stuck inside her vagina!
[Image: mail?url=https%3A%2F%2Fworldnewsdailyrep...jwmCgw--~C]
   An  Albuquerque woman is suing Samsung for $1.8 million after she necessitated medical attention after inserting her cell phone inside her vagina and was unable to retrieve it for 96 hours.  Salma Briant, 39, claims her medical bills at the University of New Mexico Hospital amount  to $1,168,000 and that she has suffered from severe psychological  distress because of the whole ordeal.  Briant said she first inserted  the cell phone inside her vagina as a dare from one of her friends but  quickly realized that the phone would not come out.

[Image: mail?url=https%3A%2F%2Fworldnewsdailyrep..._ixe7g--~C]
Attorney Jim McAfee’s claims his client was forced to undergo a cesarean section to remove the cell phone because of the atypical shape of her pelvis and had no insurance at the time. 
A Samsung spokesman said they would not comment on this case at this moment but explained that an out-of-court settlement was still an option on the table. 
“I wanted to see how it would feel to put my cell phone on vibration mode inside 
of me, just for fun
, but it soon turned out to be a nightmare,” she told judge Andrew Peterson in tears. “Samsung is definitely at fault here as they offer no warning about the dangers and potential risks during the insertion of their products inside their clients male or female body cavities or genitals” Salma Briant’s lawyer, Jim McAfee said in court.

Maybe Samsung’s response should be:  Our phone gave you an orgasm, so let’s just call this one a wash.
And they walk among us and Vote!!! 
Don't you wonder just how the shape of her pelvis became "atypical"?  
OK, Liberal,,, it's the Evil Corporations Fault for YOU Being To Stupid To Live,,,,, where do you live anyway, in California or a Tent on the Street?
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
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I think she is the sort of  person that if she was shot in the head she would survive. No vital organs damaged

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