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Living with seven different personalities inside you
This is a sad story for me because this woman has, in my opinion, been a victim of MKUltra as a child. Notice the tattoo of the all-seeing eye on her back. A dead give-away where "victims" are marked with their satanic symbology.

If I'm wrong, then someone traumatized her during her youth to such a degree that her mind fragmented into all these different personalities. She probably doesn't even remember the trauma she endured that made her this way, but it's there, buried in the deepest, darkest abyss of her mind.

I reckon living with her would have nary a dull moment! Just imagine - every instant of your life a party with 7 of your closest friends!

On the other hand, losing her would be a hell of a hit - 7 of your closest friends gone, all at once...

I have no doubt the woman was abused (she bears the hallmarks as I've observed them), but I have a little bit of doubt that she really has all those people in her head. I always thought that when folks had this disorder, none of the egos (alter or otherwise) knew of the existence of any of the others.

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