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Fatal parasitic disease from the Third World is increasing in Sweden
Im posting this because its the first time I have seen a news paper anywhere telling and showing proof that mass immigration can and does bring dangers of infection with it. What if these people carried something much worse ? I wonder if Greta Thumberg will start tell us of the real dangers to humanity and not the made up ones of the world getting too warm.

Quote:Published May 1, 2019 at 19.38
DOMESTIC. The number of cases caused by leishmania, a tropical parasite infected by bites of sandy soils, has increased in Sweden as a result of immigration. The most serious form usually leads to death

Sara Karlsson Söbirk, an infectious doctor at Helsingborg's hospital, has surveyed the disease's presence in Sweden for over 20 years. The study shows that the number of cases has more than doubled in the last ten years.
"We have in a collaboration with the Public Health Authority looked at the number of cases between 1993-2016 and see a peak of 35 cases in 2016, probably a direct consequence of the large refugee wave the year before, when most people are sick from Syria and Afghanistan," says Sara Karlsson Söbirk in a press release.
The 3 mm small sand moss that carries the parasite, and which by bit infect man, is found in Asia with the Middle East, South and Central America, Africa and in Mediterranean countries. However, not in Northern Europe.
- Those who have been diagnosed in Sweden have either immigrated or been traveling in one of the hundreds of countries in the world where infectious sandy gulls occur, says Sara Karlsson Söbirk.
Most people who become infected with leishmania do not get sick, but some develop disease soon after the bite. For others, the infection may be latent for many years, ie living parasites may remain in the body without giving symptoms. Only when the immune system is weakened is it activated.
The attack on internal organs is the most serious form of the disease (visceral leishmaniasis) and usually leads to death if it is not detected and treated in time.
source  ( use google translate with both)
Oh I'm quite sure the Governments of the countries that welcomed mass-immigration took this
possible disaster into consideration when they made their decisions.

Or maybe the 'extinction' to the unaffected people was such a small amount of collateral damage
that merely importing more cheap labour would just counter it.
tinyhuh tinyhuh

Feelings and the sale of a false inner-guilt are more important than wiping out centuries-old culture.
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