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Who is Behind Censoring Information about V...
I leave out the word "vaccines" in my title because, as of today, that word will hide the title, or have it removed all together, in search engines.
You see, Big Pharma doesn't want you to learn the dangers in vaccines. They don't want you to learn that only 2 ingredients in over 20+ ingredients have been studied; they don't want you to know that they paid off the lab researchers to only report what they tell them to report.  And it goes on and on.

Now, Facebook and You Tube are removing any information from their sites that have to do with vaccines. They are calling it "misinformation". 

I urge each of you, especially if you have young kids or grandchildren, to watch this short video below while you can. Then go watch the series titled "VAXXED" before it is taken down.  If you want to know the truth about vaccines, take it from people who haven't been paid off to lie to you; people who have lived with the devastating results of what these shots did to them or their children.


This site has some good links to topics for you to explore before considering vaccinating your child, or yourself.

7 Part Vaccine Series and more
This is a hard one, vaccines have kept me well and to be honest alive and I will keep using them. However after reading about some of the things happing in the USA, example the abortion up to and after birth im no longer sure that vaccines will not be used to control us. But we must remember that vaccines have saved many millions of lives. I know one woman who got polio because her mother never got her vaccinated.
So the question is are people willing to pay the price of not getting there children vaccinated, and should we pay to treat the children. I believe its everyone's right not to vacc there children, but if they do so they should be made to take health insurance out to pay for the childs treatment if/when it gets sick
I haven't watched yet, but just wanted to comment (before I do) that IMHO...

Vaccinations can and do work.
They have treated, prevented and cured many thousands of conditions over the years...


As soon as you introduce the word PROFIT into healthcare, you will run into problems.
When countries (such as the USA) have a profit based healthcare system, driven and controlled by the big pharmaceutical companies and they infiltrate the official departments who are responsible for setting the requirements for mandatory vaccination, then obviously there is a HUGE conflict of interest and the MONEY will drive the narrative.

That's when it is decided that more and more (and more...) vaccines are required (to keep us "safe" or "healthy" and THAT is when the problems escalate.
Individual vaccines can be effective and have been rigorously tested as being safe, BUT no one (certainly in the public arena) knows what the combination of dozens of these different vaccines, with the huge cocktail of chemicals, will do to a human body.

All I'm going to say is this:
IF administering multiple vaccinations is the correct, right, safe, healthy path to take, making people healthier and free from preventable diseases/conditions... then WHY are countries like the USA still so unhealthy?
Why are there so many mental health issues?
Why do MANY other countries, who administer far fewer vaccines, have MUCH healthier populations?

And... what better way to administer WHATEVER chemical cocktail or drug mix that they wanted to... to control or manipulate a population... than to hide "it" in a vaccine... or (more accurately) to get YOU to create it yourself... in your own body... by administering the individual ingredients separately... in a series of "safe" but mandatory vaccines?
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