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Insider ET Disclosure - Everything is Connected - Things that Can’t Happen, But Did
Posting this one for your Saturday night viewing pleasure.  The sound is fuzzy in the beginning, but they fix it, so don't click off.

The speaker talks about UFOs, Bigfoot, ETs, and much more in this one, and tells how they are all related, all based on FACTS.  Quite interesting!   minusculethumbsup

Quote:While still on active duty during the 1980s, Colonel John B. Alexander, Ph.D., created an interagency group to explore the controversial topic of UFOs. All members held Top Secret clearance. What they discovered was not at all what was expected. UFOs covers the numerous cases they saw, and answers questions like:
• What was really in Hanger 18?
• Did a UFO land at Holloman Air Force Base?
• What happened at Roswell?
• What is Majestic 12?
• What is the Aviary?
• What does the government know about UFOs?
• What has happened with disclosure in other countries?
• Has the U.S. reverse engineered a UFO?
• Why don't presidents get access to UFO info?

UFOs is at once a complete account of Alexander's findings, and a call to action.
There are no conspiracy theories here—only hard facts—but they are merely the beginning. Serious research is needed in order to understand and anticipate the workings of UFOs, and John Alexander is leading the charge..
Good information in this video, watched it before.
Now if we could get one of our Lurkers to reply, that would be nice.
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
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