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The Old Hag as a Glitch
[Image: 119017a9c06a993a9ca26885fd0bc966c473184f...=800&h=343]
Yes the Old hag had a Mental Glitch yesterday.
Quote:Maxine Waters suffers brain glitch during attack on Trump
Answer,,, don't attack people that think differential and who actually Have Values and Love America.

Quote:“I think that we will take up these issues that have been neglected,” Waters told Joy Reid.

“And Social Security, Medicare and Medi-Cal are very important and (Mitch) McConnell is already talking about cutting these very, very…” she said, before struggling to speak, “programs!” Waters finally blurted out.

It’s not the first time Waters has glitched.
You know these Democrat,,,,, All for them and their Bank Accounts and None For You,,,,,You Voting Democrat, you're still on their Plantation!
Have you noticed the Pattern with Liberal/Progressive Democrats,,,,
[Image: a8e3dff78162a960163c93249c3eb39ef8370836...=800&h=588]

Then they allow another of their brainless Leaders to talk for them.
[Image: f1a06f3d5d437b1535e4e5c2339dc57923020468...=800&h=334]
The Morning After,,,,,
[Image: f6737b1f454b82d4752f753e113e350a65f88934...=800&h=568]
[Image: 0bce90d9b1ae2758be795ef5d497425e20a418c7...=800&h=648]

What I want for Halloween or just everyday to wear.
[Image: cff5cad7d9b15fd8a5590d77b3a88da1d31bcc1d...=800&h=546]
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=936]
They keep mouthing that lie that President Trump is going to get rid of our Social Security and Medicare. 


He has stated at several rallies that I've watched that he is going to PROTECT our social security and Medicare.  He said we wouldn't lose it under his watch.

The dems are such liars; you can't believe anything that comes out of their mouth.  Whatever bad thing they say about Republicans/Conservatives, you can bet your life it is THEM who is going to do it. All they know how to do is projection! 

Why do Liberals seem so confused at times,,,,, could it be that the Leaders They Worship are Confused?
[Image: Dems-Confused.jpg]
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=936]

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