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[VIT2018] Corey and The Thinning Veil
Even though Corey had just turned 17 years old, his parents didn’t want to leave him alone at their house while they left for an intimate weekend together. Not because they were afraid he couldn’t take care of himself, but because boys will be boys, and 17 is a very vulnerable age when it comes to such matters. And in the year 1970 it was important that 17 year old boys not become fathers too soon.

Corey would be staying with his Aunt Alice, who reminded everyone of Aunt Bee from the 1960’s t.v. hit, The Andy Griffith Show. She was a widow who lived in a rural area out in the middle of nowhere in an old 1880’s farm house that was left to her late husband by his parents. Corey was used to living closer to the city and having his friends nearby, so this would be a different type of experience for him, he just didn’t realize how different yet!

[Image: ?]

Corey’s parents dropped him off at Alice’s house after they all ate lunch, and then they headed on their way. Corey looked up at the second story windows from the grounds below and felt something strange flow through his body. What is happening to me? he wondered. He shrugged it off and proceeded inside with his bags.

The living room was large and dark with two small wood-framed windows that prevented enough much-needed sunlight to enter. The furniture was more modern, but the dark colors left the atmosphere a bit depressing. At the back of the room was a staircase that led upstairs where Corey would be sleeping. He thanked his Aunt Alice for having him, and then took his bag up to his room.
Oh no! It’s that spooky room that gave me the creeps from outside, he thought to himself. “Great… just great,” he said out loud. Corey left his bag on the twin-size bed and hurried back downstairs.

After spending some time catching up with his Aunt Alice, and then taking a hike through the woods, Corey made his way to the kitchen for dinner. Alice was a good cook; she prepared a meal from her own garden that consisted of small red potatoes, green beans, onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, a portion of ham, and a big pan of cornbread. Country cookin’ at it’s finest.

“Thanks for the great dinner Aunt Alice. I think I’ll go up to my room and rest for a while, if that’s okay?”
“Sure Corey, that’s fine. I want you to enjoy your time here,” replied Aunt Alice with a smile.

As Corey began ascending the old, creaky, wooden staircase, he thought he felt a shift in… he couldn’t quite put his finger on it. It was like the veil had lifted between this world and another. He entered his room and sat down on the bed. The events that followed were his worst nightmare. It started out with loud demonic shrieks and unearthly moans that seemed to be from “somewhere else”. He wondered if his aunt heard them. He sat almost paralyzed as the evil sounds slowly faded away.

Corey had a land-line phone in his room. He picked it up to call a friend and tell him what had just happened, but before he could dial the number it started ringing while off the hook in his hand, and then suddenly bursts of cackling laughter and wild animal-like growls came through the speaker. Corey almost fainted in terror! He quickly hung the phone up and stretched out on his small bed, dazed and confused, and unable to speak.

As Corey lay on his bed he noticed a light penetrating into his room from outside, but there are no street lights out here, so where is it coming from?

Suddenly, Corey’s body began to levitate off the bed, and as he looked out the window he noticed a large round metallic sphere above the treeline next to the house.


“You aren’t taking me!” Corey shouted. He fought the force with all his might and suddenly fell back on his bed. When he ran to the window he no longer saw the odd craft in the sky.

Visibly shaken, Corey hurried downstairs to find his aunt. She was standing at the fireplace with her back turned to him as he entered the room. The flicker of the spell-binding flames on the wall gave Corey an eerie feeling, which he didn't need right now. He continued walking toward her, but noticed she wasn’t moving, and she never acknowledged him calling her name.
“Aunt Alice, are you okay?” Corey asked as he placed a hand on her shoulder.
Slowly Alice turned to face Corey. What he saw shocked him to his core. His aunt had scales on her face and hands. She had shape-shifted into a Reptilian ET.

“Don’t be afraid Corey. That was your relatives coming to pay us a visit in that craft you saw outside. It is only during the time of year when the veil thins that we can see others how they truly look, and this is us. Here… look in the mirror at yourself,” Aunt Alice said as she pointed to the mirror that hung on the wall over the small antique table.

Corey walked over and looked at the scaly reflection that stared back at him. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. “No, that’s not me!” he yelled.
“Oh, but it is,” said Aunt Alice. “You are seeing your true self.”
“But, what about those scary demonic voices I heard?” Corey asked.
“That was you; a voice of your lower frequency emotions coming through that only you could hear in your head,” Alice answered. “It is only when the veil thins we are exposed to all truths in relation to our true being. It is a rare thing for some to witness; consider yourself lucky. You will be back to what you consider a normal human in the morning.”

Corey spent the rest of that night and the next day in contemplation over what his aunt had shared with him. Could it be true, or was this all just a long nightmare that he would awaken from? He certainly hoped it was.

The next morning Corey’s parents came to pick him up. He was really glad to see them; he wanted to go home!
“How was your trip Mom?” Corey asked as he greeted her.

“It was really great! We went to the Draco star system and visited with some long lost friends, and then we explored the new planets that were discovered recently while touring the universe. We were hoping to see our friend BIAD, but they said he had come to Earth years ago and they hadn’t seen him since. That was a disappointment, but maybe we’ll run into him here someday.”

Corey’s dad continued, “We came by to check on you and see if you wanted to go with us, but you seemed too frightened, so we left you behind. Maybe next time.”

“We knew you needed to be out in the country, away from the ‘noise’ of the city, so that you could have a peaceful place to look inside yourself and discover your true origins during this rare time of the veil thinning. It only happens when people are at a certain stage of self-awareness, and your father and I both agreed you were ready to handle the truth,” his mom continued.

Thus began Corey’s life mission to tell others with a certain blood type about their true origin, but his message wasn’t accepted by most. However, there were a select few who believed him, and their message spread far and wide over the following decades.

As the veil continues to fade, it will soon be your turn.  Are you ready to look in the mirror? 

[Image: Reptilian_header.png]
@Mystic Wanderer   minusculeclap
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
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Damn damn... Good story Mystic !!!!

Cool story, Mystic!

I love the twist at the end... I fully expected the parents to not believe a word he said. HA!
Christ I just wanted the kid to get laid by some fairy princess !! But OK great story anyway !

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