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Are Anti virus programs privacy policies a "must read"
I have had a little time to look at different anti virus privacy policies. What I have done is look at firms that are giving away free one year licences.
First I read the PP then I look at the country they are based in.

Zemana seems to be a good program but when you combine there PP ( and the country there main office is in, (also over the years they have done very many free licences) I think one needs to be careful. Is Turkey and its leadership the sort of country you want to have your info, can you trust any firm based there not to put spy ware on your PC if ordered by the "government".

Next is kaspersky, read its PP ( think about where it HQ is ( Russia), is that a country you want to have your info, will this firm hand over all your info and put spy ware on your PC if "asked" by the government.

Heimdalsecurity, read its PP ( its not so good but on the plus side it cannot be controled by the government as its based in Denmark, so I would say its safe (ish)
What im trying to say is always read a firms PP ( REMEMBER THAT AN ANTI VIRUS TYPE PROGRAM HAS FULL RUN OF YOUR PC) and look where the HQ is based. I never use any programs such as VPNs that are based in GB.
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All we use are free programs, from our anti virus to system care and cleaning tools.
We never pay for a product Lic. when if you use what they have, keep it updated and use often, we've never had a problem.

But, you're Absolutely Correct, the country of origin is Very, Very Important. Our free antivirus is Avast it is a Czech multinational cybersecurity software company headquartered in Prague.
Seems to work very well for the last 10 years.
The free antivirus programs from the US or EU & UK are slow and use way to much processing power and they are found in every file and program on your computer.
Norton is the Very Worst, very intrusive and big.

OK, the Czech Republic,,,, could be questionable, I agree, but their program has the highest rating for actually blocking viruses and phishing.
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