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Mysterious radio signal from space
These will be a two part thread, because, we have a Very Mysterious Low Frequency Radio Signal from Space being pickup.
This is interesting because there has also been a Giant Planet or Dwarf Star found very close to us. Now what if this isn't a Planet or Dead Star but a Huge Space Ship?

Quote:Mysterious radio signal from space? Astronomers aren’t sure of origins
Not Sure!!??  tinywhat
Quote:A mysterious radio signal has been spotted by a telescope in Canada, and it's one of the lowest in frequency to date.

Details of the signal were posted to The Astronomer's Telegram, a website where accredited astronomers can post observations.

An observation posted last week by Patrick Boyle from Canada's McGill University finds a radio telescope called the Canadian Hydrogen Mapping Intensity Experiment (CHIME) discovered a fast radio burst, which are short bursts of radio waves coming from beyond the Milky Way Galaxy.

The FRB was detected at frequencies as low as 580 megahertz, the lowest frequency detection to date. 
The last paragraph says.

Quote:Fast radio bursts were first discovered in 2007, but their origins are still unknown. Earlier this year, astronomers claimed they were close to determining the sources of these bursts. However, they could not rule out the possibility is a high-powered signal from an advanced alien civilization.
Now this so call Rogue Planets Discovered supposedly in 2016 that is about 13 times the Mass Of Our Own Jupiter and only 20 Light Years From Our Own Earth!
This Rogue Planet also has a Magnetic Field that is more than 200 times stronger than Jupiter's!!!! Holy Shit!
Quote:Bizarre Rogue 'Planet' with Incredible Auroras Puzzles Scientists
Now I ask you, could the above mentioned Mysterious Radio Signals be coming from these? it is only 20 lights years away, yes in Astronomical Terms, that is Close.

Quote:A rogue, planet-size object 20 light-years away from Earth has stunned astronomers with its incredibly powerful magnetic field.

The scientists found that the object's magnetic field is more than 200 times stronger than Jupiter's, which, in turn, is between 16 and 54 times stronger than Earth's, according to NASA. How the object, which scientists call SIMP J01365663+0933473, can maintain a magnetic field so strong, as well as generate spectacular auroras, is still unclear.

"This particular object is exciting because studying its magnetic dynamo mechanisms can give us new insights on how the same type of mechanisms can operate in extrasolar planets — planets beyond our solar system," lead study author Melodie Kao, an astrophysicist at Arizona State University, said in a statement from the National Radio Astronomy Observatory published Aug. 2. [The Strangest Alien Planets We Know in Pictures]

And it's not just the magnetic mechanism that's leaving scientists with questions right now — there are plenty of other mysteries about the object, which scientists first discovered in 2016.
Could this be a Craft, like I believe our own Moon is. Could this be space faring colony of aliens in Cryo Sleep waiting to be woke when their ship has discovered a new life supporting planet for them?
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=936]
I hadn't seen that news. Thanks! 

I too tend to think our moon was a spaceship that was placed here by ETs long, long, long ago. 
So, who knows?  Maybe this IS another one.

Very interesting.   minusculethinking

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